Learn How to Pray the Thousand Jesuses and why is it done?

Learn How to Pray the Thousand Jesuses and why is it done?

Learn How to Pray the Thousand Jesuses , it is one of the most important religious traditions that exist, it is about invoking the name of Jesus a thousand times, in this way it is possible to defeat the forces of evil and obtain divine protection in each area of ​​the life. Learn about this and much more.

How to Pray the Thousand Jesus

It is a simple prayer, based on invoking the Name of Jesus a thousand times in this way it is possible to overcome the forces of evil. As part of this sacred tradition, many of the devotees make a cross of wood or olive branches or any other that they have in their homes.

The Name of our Lord Jesus means Savior. It comes from heaven. Saint Joseph was manifested by an angel in a dream as stated in the book of Matthew chapter 1 verse 21 and the Archangel Gabriel was presented to the Blessed Virgin at the time of the Annunciation can be read in the book of Luke chapter 1 verse 31 to 33.

You can get to the Prayer of the Thousand Jesuses in the following way:

We cross ourselves. By the sign of the Holy Cross…

In silence we ask for the grace that is wanted for us. Then the prayer of the Act of Consecration is made and we culminate with the prayer of the Our Father.

At the beginning of the ten is said

“Oh Most Holy Cross, you must be my lawyer, in life and also in death you must favor me. If at the time of death the devil comes to tempt me, I will tell him firmly: Satan, Satan, you will not count on me nor will you have a part in my soul, because I said Jesus a thousand times.

All the beads of the rosary that are held in the hand are passed saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… For about 50 times and when a complete rosary has been counted, 1 Gloria, 1 Our Father and the final prayer are said. When the 20 rosaries have finally been counted, the thousand Jesus are finished.

We pray the Act of Contrition

My Lord, Jesus Christ, God and true man and my Redeemer; for being You who you really are and because I love you with all my heart, I regret all my being for all the bad things I have done and what I have stopped doing. I offer you my whole life, in satisfaction of my sins. I promise not to sin again with your help. Make a good and very sincere confession of all sins without omitting any. Give me your grace to never offend you again. Amen.

Closing Prayer

We adore you, oh, my Lord Christ, and we bless you, that, by your Holy Cross, you came to redeem the whole world. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Christ. Oh my Jesus, my Jesus forever. Jesus, Jesus in my life, Jesus, Jesus in death. Sweet Jesus, be my Jesus and save us.

Origin of the Day of the Holy Cross

The historical background related to this sacred religious tradition mentions that an emperor named Constantine I the Great, in a difficult time of his reign in the sixth year, had to face a very battle with an enemy army, which were characterized by being superior. in number.

According to a legend, “During one night Constantine had an important divine revelation, that is how he saw the Cross of Christ in the sky, this symbol contained an intense and brilliant light and the following words were written on top of it: “In hoc signo vincis ”, whose meaning is (with this sign you will win)”.

It was in this way that the emperor dedicated himself to making a cross, which he placed right in front of his army and in this way he achieved victory by easily defeating his enemies.

Devotion of the Thousand Jesus

In general, it can be prayed on May 3, even prayers can be made on any occasion.

Why do we pray the Thousand Jesuses?

The historical background based on the Archdiocese of Bogotá indicates that the origin of the day of the Holy Cross is related in a very particular way to the discovery of Santa Elena de la Cruz where Christ is considered to have died, “Although some historians indicate that popular roots of the festival is linked to various celebrations of the Romans”.

“For this reason, it is considered that this important devotion is about invoking the Name of Jesus a thousand times in this way the devout faithful can defeat and completely remove the hosts of evil from houses,” according to the archdiocese. In this sense, a question arises: How is this particular prayer prayed?

The steps to pray the ritual of the thousand Jesus, are the following: first, the act of contrition is prayed, then the believer must pray an Our Father and finally, using the help of a camandula, the name of Jesus begins to be repeated with great faith. , Jesus, Jesus, it is also important to point out that in each decade one of the following phrases must be repeated:

“Resign Satan, that with the faithful devotees of Jesus you will not count, since on the Day of the Holy Cross with faith we said a thousand times Jesus, Jesus…”.

“If, at some point, the devil wants to tempt, faithful believers will say you have no part in us, because on the day of the Holy Cross we said a thousand times: Jesus, Jesus…”.

“Oh great and Holy Cross, symbol of justice, you who are considered by each of the devotees as a lawyer, we know that you will help us at all times. That is why at all times we confess that you deliver us from evil and that the enemy has no part in us because with faith we said Jesus a thousand times.

“The houses of the faithful of the Lord will be protected at all times and the evil one will not be able to enter them, nor into our hearts because on the Day of the Holy Cross we will say with determination a thousand times: Jesus, Jesus…”

As for the paisa traditions and customs, related to this sacred prayer, many of the families use very specific ways to pray the thousand jesuses, that is how they use grains of beans or corn, which serve to keep count in each one of the 20 laps that must be prayed with the camandula.

There are also other devotees to this important tradition who make lines with pencil and paper counting from 100 to 100, in this way keeping an exact control, although in general there is a person determined to keep the count so that the faithful can reach up to 1,000, without any inconvenience. This religious tradition is usually carried out in various cities of the country. These are some ways on  how to pray the Thousand Jesuses .

let’s pray

Oh, my God, that, when we come to remember today the discovery of the true cross, for which you renewed the miracles of your passion, I ask you to grant us that by the value of that sacred wood of life we ​​can reach effective help and also help from heaven for eternal life. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives with you and reigns sitting at your right hand forever and ever. Amen.

Final Blessing with Holy Water

The Lord be with us all. And with your spirit. The blessing of Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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