Delight in the most incredible Bible stories for young people, here

Delight in the most incredible Bible stories for young people, here

If you want to know about the fantastic and captivating stories of the Bible for young people, I invite you to read this article. We usually retell Bible stories for young people with the goal of making them realize that even though they are young they must be brave, striving to stay in the focus of what is pleasing to God.

Bible story for young people

Today we will do the same, how about we see what are these Bible stories for young people that inspire them to be strong, courageous and trust God.

The stories of the Bible for young people are many, the sacred scriptures are full of stories that can serve young people for their mental and spiritual development, in these stories we can find a great development that shows determination, respectability, reliability and firmness as a teaching for the children. (Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are ? Discover them here).

Also in the stories of the Bible for young people there are examples of how they can instruct them to have confidence and faith in the midst of an emergency or trial and not turn away from God and find motivation in the stories of the Bible for young people.

In this article, I will reveal to you in Bible stories for young people the stories of young people that despite their age, God used them in an amazing way, they are the main protagonists of the stories of our ancestors, in addition, they changed entire nations and groups of people with their perfect behavior before everyone.

José: the interpreter of dreams

One of the most told stories of the Bible for young people is that of Joseph.

José was perhaps the youngest child, by the way very loved by his father and thus very resented by his brothers, this child was just a young person when his brothers devised an agreement to get rid of him forever. (see also: The Fruits of the Holy Spirit )

His father and mother loved him very much and he did not go out to the fields like his brothers, he always stayed at home instructing himself with his father.

That day José had to go to the field for his brothers who did not come home, he was wearing his new tunic which made his brothers more envious and angry when they saw him, they mistreated him since he was not under the protection of his father.

 And that was not all they offered him as a captive to certain Egyptians for only 20 silver coins, in truth, regardless of whether it seems to be ruthless, that is what they did, with intention and happiness, believing that with that they could get rid of their brother small and their father would pay more attention to them.

After they arrived from the field, they presented their father in their new blood-colored robes and revealed that a wild creature had eaten him. What an incredible problem for this dad!

His father was totally devastated just like his mother, his happiness was gone and they left him for dead just as his brothers said, his different brothers could not have cared less about little José, since they offered him to one of the workers of Pharaoh.

He was his progressively committed worker and made him head of his household, but one day the spouse of this higher authority began to goad young Joseph into sleeping with her, however Joseph was considering how good his lord had been and ran away and he fled from the temptation shown by the lady.  (Find out what the baptism of the Holy Spirit consists of , and how to obtain it)

She also accused him before her partner for inappropriate behavior since he did not want to sleep with her and obviously the pharaoh believed his spouse, the enraged pharaoh sent him to prison.

There, in the correctional facilities, José also had an impeccable behavior and the guard made him the “chief” of the detainees, there two detainees had some dreams and he deciphered them, this makes him reach the royal residence.

This is because Pharaoh had the same dream constantly and no one could figure out what it meant. However, one of Pharaoh’s closest servants remembered that Joseph, who was in jail, had the virtue of analyzing dreams and deciphering their dreams. meaning.

Joseph was brought from prison, he appeared before Pharaoh and deciphered the important dream, therefore, when Pharaoh saw that it was true, he placed him in his entire domain as second in the direction of all of Egypt since he deciphered the dream he had, Joseph turned out to be extremely surprising. (Also read about the article high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

At that moment, José had the opportunity to feed his brothers and his father. When they went down to buy wheat for their house, José recognized them immediately. However, his brothers never imagined that the person they were talking to was José.

He invited them to eat and realized that he had another younger brother who accused them of theft, put one of his brothers in prison and indicated to the others that they would be free if they brought their parents and younger brother to Egypt.

However a short time later José reveals who he is to his family and discovers his brothers who were surprised where he had originated from despite the fact that they had arranged his ruse for him, however José had no resentment and excused them and he made them live in Egypt with their families and every one of their assets so that they would not need sustenance.

If you want to read the true story and not interpreted, you can find it in the book of the Bible in the section of genesis chapter 37.

This Bible story for young people shows that when God is with a people, the one who is genuine before him regardless of all the horrible things that can happen or have happened always does his masterpiece.

God has everything level, that’s the reason why it’s a perfect story for young people who feel that God just does things with adults nothing more, it’s good that they see that it’s not like that, Joseph was really very young when he started live each of these things.

King David

In these Bible stories for young people, we also locate young David, who, as the story indicates while his brothers were warrior men, he dealt with his father’s sheep, evidently was somewhat despised by his family, one day the prophet Samuel was looking for the sons of Jesse (David’s father) to anoint the next king who would come after Saul.

Jesse called all his sons, the 7 except David, he was in the field grazing his sheep, all the sons of Jesse appeared before Samuel one by one to see which one was going to be chosen by God to lead the people of Israel.

However when he got to the end Samuel said that none of them were, despite the fact that they were huge strong men Samuel asked Jesse if he had another son and then remembered that David was dealing with his sheep and sent for him. He was just a young person, attractive despite the fact that he wasn’t as strong or as big as his brothers.

As soon as he saw him, he called out to him and blessed him as the future ruler of Israel before the astonished gaze of his father and brothers.

However after that, David stayed on as a shepherd despite the fact that he had just been blessed as a ruler yet it was not his time to occupy this position, one day when his father sent him to take care of his brothers.

David discovered that a huge man was shouting against the God of Israel and this annoyed him a lot and he tested the monster Goliath by challenging him in a battle before the confused look of the entire armed force of Saul and the army of the Philistines, I imagine they would say that that kid was crazy. They could barely handle it! in the event that an army could not with that Goliath, much less could a child.

Be that as it may, David did not speak to anyone, he knew it was for the good of Jehovah, the armed forces looked at him and saw that he only intended to defend himself with a stone, while they set his sling in motion while the giant Goliath looked at him with contempt, but David was intrepid, he could not allow that Goliath to insult his God and leave as if nothing had happened.

David executed the monster with a stone that stuck in his forehead, snatched his own sword and executed Goliath before the shocked looks of all those present. (See Article: The power of prayer )

If you want to read the original story and not the one interpreted by me, I invite you to go to the book of Samuel in chapter 17 from verse 49 to 50.

This is also a Bible story for young people that leaves us really perplexed and with the moral that we should not be carried away by appearances and trust faithfully in what God has prepared for us.

With these Bible stories for young people, we see that God does not require you to be very old to be someone who stands out in his work over others with strength.

Continuing the story after David executes the giant Goliath, the leader of the Israeli military, takes him to Saul the king of Israel at the time, Saul makes him a military leader and makes David live in his house.

Many were the battles that David led on behalf of his king Saul, however he was already becoming very famous in the kingdom and the people of Israel saw him as their savior.

One day when the soldiers return from fighting the Philistines, the ladies sing “Saul has killed thousands, but David has ten thousand”, Saul hears this and ends up envious, in light of the fact that David was given more respect that to him who was the king, and Jonathan the son of Saul is not jealous he adores David and David also appreciates him very much in this way, they guarantee to be constant companions.

Saul was very angry and envious, however David plays the harp very well and he does it to encourage King Saul and King Saul on the other hand enjoys the music he plays.

But one day Saul’s incredible jealousy leads him to a horrible demonstration against David, while playing the harp, Saul raises his spear and throws it at him, while saying I’m going to nail David to the divider! But David evades the spear, then Saul does it again but Saul fails to throw the spear at David.

David reminds him of the guarantee that Saul promised him when he said that he would give his little daughter as a wife to the man who executed Goliath, finally, Saul reveals to David that he can have his little Michal, however, he must first execute 100 Philistines Imagine! What Saul hopes is that the Philistines kill David, but that does not happen, David executes the 100 Philistines and Saul gives David his little daughter as a wife. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

One day, Saul tells Jonathan and each of his employees that he needs to kill David, at which point Jonathan lets him know that he shouldn’t hurt David, since he had never done anything wrong to him and rather, he had always helped him. he risked his life by slaying Goliath.

Saul listens to his son and promises not to hurt David, they bring David once more and he serves Saul as in the past, however at some point while David is playing music, Saul again throws the spear at David, David evades him , and the spear comes to rest, that was the third time, and at that moment David realizes he needs to run away!

That night, David goes to his own house, but Saul sends men to kill him, Michal understands what his father needs to do and tells David “Go today around afternoon or tomorrow you will be dead” that night Michal allows David to escape Through a window, for about seven years, David has been fleeing from Saul and wanders from place to place without a fixed point so that King Saul and his men do not find him.

If you are interested in reading this story, you can find it in First Samuel chapter 18 verse 1 onwards in the book of the Bible.

In this Bible story for young people you can see the example of the friendship between Jonathan and David and the love between Michal and David, which are values ​​that are currently being lost in society.

Continuing with the story David’s brothers and the rest of his family come to him, about 400 men come to him and David becomes their pioneer, at that moment, David goes to the ruler of Moab and says “Please , let my father and mother stay with you until you see what happens to me” and later, David and his men begin to hide in the mountains.

Some time later, David meets Abigail, Nabal was her husband who was a very powerful man, a rich man who had numerous lands and had 3,000 sheep and 1,000 goats, Nabal is brutal, however, his wife Abigail is extremely charming. In addition, he realizes how to make the wisest decision.

David and his men have been kind to Nabal, they have secured his sheep and one day, David sends his men to approach Nabal for help, they come to where Nabal is while he and his helpers are trimming the fleece of the sheep and Nabal has numerous good things to eat, so David’s men say ‘We have considered you we have not stolen any sheep, however, we help you deal with them, it would be ideal if it currently gives us some sustenance’.

I’m not going to offer food to men like you, says Nabal, he speaks barbarously and criticizes David, the moment the men express this to David, he gets angry. Put on your swords! and they go out to assassinate Nabal and his men.

One of Nabal’s men, hearing Nabal’s unrelenting words, reveals to Abigail what has happened and Abigail quickly prepares some food, puts it for David’s soldiers and leaves, when she meets David, she gets off from the cart and tells him it would be ideal if you, sir, don’t focus on my husband Nabal, you’re stupid and do stupid things, here’s a blessing, accept it, if you don’t mind and forgive us for what happened.

“You are cunning”, replies David, you have prevented me from murdering Nabal because of his savagery, return home now in harmony, Later, when Nabal dies, Abigail ends up being one of David’s wives.

If you are interested in the end of David’s story you can find it in its entirety in the book of the Bible in the Samuel section.

Jonah and the will of God

In a city in Assyria, there was a place called Nineveh and the people who lived there were extremely terrible, Jehovah told his prophet Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell the people that they needed to change, however, instead of going to Nineveh Jonah fled to the opposite side and boarded a ship headed for a place called Tarshish.

At the time when the ship was adrift, a considerable storm arose and the sailors were exceptionally alarmed and appealed to their divine beings and asked themselves: For what reason is this happening? in the end, Jonah let them know that it was his fault since Jehovah was angry that he was not fulfilling his mission.

Jonah tells the sailors I am escaping so as not to do what Jehovah ordered me to throw me into the water so that the storm calms down, the sailors had no desire to throw Jonah, he got into the water in the boat and then Jonah demanded that they do so, so they threw him into the ocean and the storm stopped.

Jonah thought he was going to die however when he sank deeper and deeper into the ocean, he implored Jehovah and at that moment, Jehovah sent a great fish that swallowed Jonah, but did not kill him, inside the fish, Jonah appealed to Jehovah and I guarantee that he would obey him constantly, Jehovah kept Jonah alive inside the fish for three days and then had the fish spit Jonah out on dry land in Nineveh.

Jehovah sent him once again and now Jonah obeyed, he went there and told the hated individuals “Jehovah will crush the city in 40 days” then something happened that was not anticipated, the Ninevites focused and changed for the better and the ruler of Nineveh He told his family to pray and seek God, maybe he will not destroy us and when Jehovah saw that the people had apologized and changed, he did not pulverize them.

Jonah however was upset in light of the fact that Yahweh did not destroy the city, Yahweh was tolerant towards Jonah and showed benevolence towards him despite his disobedience but on the other hand, Jonah was not kind to the individuals of Nineveh.

Rather, he sat outside the city in the shade of a pumpkin beet plant and sulked, at which point the plant evaporated, and Jonah was furious, so Jehovah said to him “You care more about that plant than you do. for the Ninevites, I showed kindness to them, and that is why they were spared.”

If you are interested in reading the original story of Jonah in the bible with much more detail you can find it in the book of Jonah.

This story is not about a child, however it is one of the stories of the bible for young people since in large part it could be called fantasy and that is something very attractive for young people, it also leaves the moral that Jehovah left Jonah and a beautiful Christian value and that is to be compassionate.


Noah had a wife and three children, the young men were named Shem, Ham and Japheth, each child had a spouse, so there were eight individuals in Noah’s family.

Currently God made Noah complete something strange, he guided him to make an ark since he warned him that he was going to see a great flood to destroy the earth since it was infected with much evil, the ark was as big as a ship, but instead it It looked like an enormous box, which was three stories high, God said, and with many rooms.

The rooms were for Noah and his family, creatures and food for all, God advised Noah to make the ark so that no water would enter, he told him I will send an extraordinary wave of water and eliminate the entire world, the one that is not in the ark will die.

Noah and his sons obeyed God and began to build the ark however different people just laughed at him, no one accepted when Noah revealed to them what God would do.

As great as it could have been, it put aside a long effort to make the ark, after numerous years, it was finished, at which point God advised Noah to put the creatures there.

He led him to put there two kinds of creatures, female and male in any case, from different creatures, likewise, Noah unequivocally did what God said.

Later, Noah and his family also entered the ark and at that moment God closed the entrance, inside, Noah and his family heard how the incessant rain began and it continued for many days, then sending a dove that brought in its beak a leaf of olive tree these realized that the earth was already habitable and they were the ones who were in charge of repopulating the earth again.

These are just some of the most relevant stories in the Bible, but by reading the scriptures we can find many more stories for young people.

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