Sweetening: how to make a powerful ritual?

If you want to know more about sweetening , in this post we bring you everything you need to know to achieve a good sweetening and the results you need with this particular spell, just do not stop reading the post since you will find everything you need.


The question would be what is sweetening? You should know first of all that white magic is quite extensive, that is why within white magic we can find what we know as sweetening, which are characterized by being very simple procedures to perform and with a specific purpose to dominate or sweeten a person. specific person and the results of said which spell will depend on the enthusiasm that we put into carrying out said process, it is essential to pay attention to how the process is going to be done and how we should do it so that everything turns out in the best way.

Sweetenings usually have a strong effect for those who are applied, especially those that are made for love purposes, and the fundamental objective of this type of white magic spell is to rekindle any feeling that that person you love towards you and that in this way They manage to completely recover their relationship and that this time be forever and all those factors that separated them in the past will not be repeated.

How to make a sweetener?

It can be mentioned that the main reason for sweetening is love purposes, that is to say that your partner returns to your side in its effect that he never leaves and in this way his love is strengthened more and more every day and if he left your side through a sweetening you will see how that person returns to you and with his love totally renewed and stronger than ever to offer it only and exclusively to you.

To perform this type of white magic spells, various types of elements or materials are used, but the most common may be; candles of different colors, it is also very common to use sweet elements, the most common is honey and also cinnamon, one can also mention within these most common materials a photograph of that loved one, plastic or glass containers, needles.

The materials or elements named above should be noted that they are not the only ones that can be used for some type of sweetening, however they are usually the most common to make a love sweetening so that that loved one returns to our side. Once you have the necessary materials depending on the type of sweetening you want to do, you will proceed to place the name of that special person you want to sweeten on a piece of paper.

After you have the name ready, the most common thing is to take a jar and place the name inside and add the sweet elements inside the jar as they are; honey and cinnamon, after we have incorporated the sweet elements, you are going to proceed to place the photograph of that special person inside the jar, you are going to mix well and cover the jar.

After you have finished carrying out these steps that are indicated, to continue with the sweetening, you will proceed to light the candles and you will leave them to be consumed in their entirety. You must repeat this process for 7 more days, you must perform exactly the same steps that were mentioned above.

It is important to mention that depending on the type of sweetening that we want to carry out, the elements and instructions may vary, however the one named above is the simplest and most common, keep reading the post that later we will explain how to carry out various types of sweetening.

Symptoms of a sweetening

How do you know if they sweetened you and it worked ? If for some reason you have the slight suspicion that you have been sweetened with love, since both your family and friends are constantly telling you that they see many changes in you and that they notice you totally different and in fact you notice changes in your mood and you usually experience totally new sensations in yourself.

Knowing if we have been the victim of some sweetening can be very easy to discover, however, some people who are not believers in these procedures simply turn a blind eye so they are experiencing some signs and simply ignore it. It can be mentioned that the main change that can be experienced is emotional, since from one moment to the next one can be easily distanced and for no reason.

We are going to present you below the main symptoms that you can present if you have a sweetening of love, with them you will be able to clearly identify if someone made you some type of sweetening or loving also a mooring or also in this way you can identify if someone close to you are under the influence of any of the aforementioned.

Remember that love can appear in your life at any time since its mysteries are indecipherable and it can come to you when you least expect it, however, the sweetening and moorings are very powerful that you can even confuse it with true love and you come to believe that you are really in love or in love:

  • Uncontrollable desires to be next to that person : The first symptom that can be mentioned and the one that can probably be the most relevant or is the one that is most noticeable when you are the victim of some type of sweetening of love, is that from one moment to the another you begin to feel a great interest in that person that you constantly rejected and did not attract you in the least, however overnight you begin to feel an innumerable desire for that person that you only want to tie to the side if you do not have any peace and it is That is why you can deduce that you are stopping even the sweetening of love.
  • Sudden changes of mood: The second symptom that can be mentioned is a drastic change of mood, you become a totally unstable person since every day you wake up with a totally different mood and attitude and for no reason, this totally indicates that You are under the effects of a sweetening of love.
    You feel nervous for no apparent reason, more tired than ever and irritable. You have stopped talking to your friends and family or have less contact with them. You only feel calm and peaceful next to that person.
  • Depressive state: A person who is under the effects of some type of sweetening will always be thinking that life has no meaning if he is not close to the person who cast the spell on him, his life is usually totally boring and they do not find any type of emotion the activities that they previously liked to do do not make sense to them if they do not do it with the person they think they love.
    You will frequently find yourself in a state of frustration and the fear of losing that person who is always on your mind will consume you, so much so that you are willing to do anything to always have her by your side. It can be said that when you are under a sweetening if you are not close to that person you think you love with love you feel totally without energy, without the will to live and total desolation.
  • Constant fatigue and insomnia: You will always feel total exhaustion and great fatigue that will consume day by day and over time it can increase much more, you will present a state of insomnia which means that you will not achieve for any reason fall asleep and you will only have peace and a rich dream if you are sleeping next to that person with whom you think you are in love.
    You always have horrible nightmares that someone is inside your room stalking you and that is why bedtime becomes a great torment for you and this is another symptom of a person with sweetening.
  • Total indifference: If you are under the effect of a sweetening you will be in absolute indifference with the opposite sex or even with the same sex, that will depend on whether the spell is heterosexual or a homosexual spell. A clear example is if you are a married woman and a man who is not your husband sweetens you, you will lose all interest in your husband and you will avoid an intimate approach with him at all costs and you will be totally indifferent. In this way You will only want to be with that person who cast the spell on you, all desire and attraction will be directed towards that man and only he will be able to satisfy you intimately, nothing else.
  • Problems at work and lack of concentration: It is normal that when you are in love (or) you are a little distracted (or), however, a person who is under sweetening distraction is more exaggerated and the infatuation can be said to be in a serious state of intensity. It is because of her that the person sweetens does not pay any attention to her work or studies as the case may be since she only spends her time thinking about that person who thinks she is in love and cannot concentrate since her mind is only focused on your love for that person and this can result in dismissal or loss of school year.
  • Bad health and alcoholism: This symptom can be considered one of the most serious since most people who are under sweetening tend to fall into alcoholism as a way of refuge since the constant mood swings that they usually present in their day by day they look for some easy way out and what better way to forget about life for a moment than to find themselves drunk (or) and in this way they forget sadness and all the problems, it can also be mentioned that a side effect of a sweetening is that if you have any chronic disease with sweetening it can come to light.

Now that we know what a sweetening is, how it can be done and what symptoms a sweetening brings about, we are going to know what types of sweetening exist:

effective sweetening

If you are looking for an effective sweetening, pay close attention to the materials and steps that we present below:


  • Three candles (red, white and pink)
  • two red roses
  • two pink roses
  • two white roses
  • Lighter or match

Step by Step

To start with this sweetening, the first thing we must do is take all the candles and we are going to make a kind of triangle and the top of it must be the red candle, after the triangle is ready we are going to say the following words clearly and strong:

Red for love that will grow in him, pink for innocence and romanticism that will exist between the two, and white for purity and honesty in this relationship.

Then, to continue with the spell, you are going to take the roses and place them inside the triangle and, as in the previous case, we are going to repeat the following words loudly and clearly:

Scented roses always so sweet, a symbol of love and attraction that he will feel for me, the next time and every time our eyes meet.

Pala culminate with the sweetening, let the candles be consumed in their entirety and you are going to take a vase with water to place the roses inside until they wither and you will see how that person you love her on time as soon as possible, it is important mention that at all times we must be thinking about this person and project and imagining what we want.

sweetening for a man

You want to sweeten that man in your life that you want so much by your side but he doesn’t pay any attention to you, don’t worry that next we will describe a sweetening for a man that is quite effective, you just have to do everything to the letter and you will see how effective and powerful it is:


  • two pieces of paper
  • Three tablespoons of honey.
  • three tablespoons of sugar
  • A jar with a lid
  • a black pen
  • a red candle
  • Lighter or match

Step by Step

To start the process, the first thing to do is take the candles and light them, then you are going to take the paper and write the full name of the man you love, his date of birth, and also the same information about yourself on the same piece of paper.

You are going to take the paper and you are going to fold it so that your data and his are face to face and you are going to take the jar and you are going to place it at the bottom and you are going to proceed immediately to place the sugar and the honey respectively.

Once you have placed these materials to continue with the sweetening, you are going to take the bottle with your right hand and carry it clearly and strongly, and above all with great confidence, you are going to repeat the following words 4 times:

I invoke the power of Mother Earth in these elements that she provides us so that they become transforming forces and change (Name of your partner) into my ideal partner.

By the power of these sacred elements I sweeten you (Name of your partner) so that you are my ideal love and that our union is an inexhaustible source of sweetness and love. So be it.

Finally, to finish with the sweetening you are going to proceed to take the jar and without covering it, you are going to place it in front of the candle, once the candle is completely consumed you are going to proceed now if you cover the jar very tightly and you must keep it in a totally safe place where no one sees it, much less touches it, and if you don’t see results in approximately 9 days, it’s because you did something wrong, you should do the ritual again with great caution.

Sweetened with honey and cinnamon

Sweetening with honey and cinnamon can be considered one of the simplest, however it is also one of the most effective and powerful. If you carry out all the steps to the letter, you will have great success with this sweetening and you will see that white magic is very powerful, below you will observe the step by step of this effective spell:


  • two red candles
  • A piece of white cloth tape
  • A toothpick or toothpick
  • honey bees
  • Cinnamon powder
  • a white plate
  • Lighter or match

Step by Step

To begin, the first thing you should do is take a candle and the toothpick or toothpick, you will proceed to place the full name of the person you want to sweeten, this you will do throughout the length of the candle starting with the wick, that is, top to bottom, also write your name on the other candle and with the same direction as in the previous case.

Then you are going to take the white cloth ribbon and you are going to proceed to tie the two candles together and you must make three knots once they are ready you are going to rub them with honey.

To continue with the process you are going to take the cinnamon and you are going to spread it all over the candle, you should try to cover the candle as much as possible with cinnamon after it is ready you are going to take the plate and in the middle of it you are going to place the candles and Clearly and strongly you will repeat the following spell 3 times:

By the power of true love, I invoke the energy of earth and fire so that their creative and renewing energy makes love bloom again in the heart of (Full name of your partner) and the fire melts our hearts as if they were one.
May this creative force be with us every day and strengthen our union and may it endure through time without diminishing. So be it.

To finish with the sweetening you are going to let the candles burn out in their entirety and once they go out the remains of the candles, and the tapes you are going to bury it where no one should get it and you will see how the effect begins to take effect. spell the dish you must return it to the kitchen it is not necessary to bury it or throw it away.

Urine sweetening, spell or very strong tie

Surely you are wondering  is urine sweetening dangerous ? And the answer is no, in fact it is very effective and powerful. Here is how you should make a good tie, spell or sweetening for your partner using urine:


  • a plastic container
  • Photo of your partner
  • your photo
  • a little brown sugar
  • three red rose petals
  • A piece of red cloth ribbon

Step by Step

To begin, you are going to take a photo of your partner or the person you want to sweeten and you are going to place the rose petals on the photo, you are going to proceed to roll the photo as if it were a kind of cigarette, you must be aware that the petals do not come out .

Then you are going to take the tape and you are going to tie the photo so that nothing comes out of it, to continue you are going to take the jar and you are going to add the sugar, the urine and then the photo and you are going to cover it.

Then you are going to proceed with your right hand to hold your photo and with your left hand the jar and in a clear and strong way you are going to say the following words, you must repeat them 3 times:

With this love spell and the moon as its witness and guardian, he sealed our love and bound our hearts for eternity. Today I claim your love and presence and ordered you to come back overflowing with love. May the way back be the fastest. So be it.

To continue with the process you are going to bury the jar where no one can find it and if in a maximum of 7 days you do not see the changes on the person you must sweeten, go where you buried the spell on top of it you are going to light a clothes candle and repeat the prayer 3 times.

couple sweetening


  • A disposable bowl
  • A piece of paper
  • a white candle
  • dried laurel
  • Lighter or match

Step by Step

To start with the sweetening, the first thing you should do is place a plate in front of you, and on the paper you are going to write the full name of both and their dates of birth. Once you have it already written, you place it in the middle of the plate and on it you go to place the dry laurel.
Then on the right side you are going to place the candle, you are going to light it and in a loud and clear way you are going to repeat the following words 3 times:

Just as this urine is hot, so warm is my love for you and I call you now to give it all to you because it is yours, your days will be cold without me, dark and sad without my heart by your side.

I command you to return now so that we can be what we were and desire. So be it.

To finish, you are going to let the candle burn in its entirety and then you are going to throw everything away and you will see how the effects begin to be seen.

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