Prayer to the Divine Child God for a Very Special Request

Prayer to the Divine Child God for a Very Special Request

The Prayer to the Divine Child is one of the prayers made by Catholic believers to the child Jesus, in order to obtain from them divine help from heaven. In the following article we will know everything related to this icon of the Catholic Church.

Prayer to the Divine Child Jesus

This is a prayer recited to the Divine Child in order to obtain special protection from him. The prayer of the child is the one that he comes to say in the following way, he does it as it is and he will receive the answer from him in his favor:

Oh kind Child of my life, you who are the consolation of all Christians, the grace required by those who place their requests in your blessed hands. Oh our Lord you who know all my sorrows, since all your devotees put their trust in you, you who are the one who gives peace to the troubled of heart and at the same time relief to the broken heart.

God save Mary and despite the fact that her love truly does not deserve, your believers are not going to appear before you in vain since you are the son of God and the help of Christians. Glory to the father, I ask you to remember, oh Holy Child, that it was never heard that he was asked for help and you did not respond, for that same reason with great faith and trust, all your repentant and humble devotees, full of love and hope. They ask you for this great favor on this day:

(Ask for the grace that is needed and pronounce it about 7 times:) Divine Child Jesus I ask you to bless us at all times

Three Prayers to the Divine Child Jesus

These tend to be one of the very ancient miraculous prayers made to the Divine Child Jesus in order to get a request made to him to be fulfilled, which he responds no matter how difficult it is. The sentences are as follows:

Prayer to the Divine Child Jesus for Difficult Times

Oh great child Jesus I have many kinds of problems, so I ask for your help. Help me from the enemies of the soul, I ask you to save me from mistakes, so I ask you to enlighten me in my doubts and my sorrows, so I ask you to comfort me in my loneliness, to accompany me in illnesses and strengthen me. 

When they come to despise me, encourage me in temptations, I ask you to defend me in the most complicated and difficult situations, so I ask for your consolation from all your paternal heart that you love me with your immense power and protect me with your powerful arms at expire, receive me. Amen.

A few minutes with the Divine Child Jesus

This is a prayer to the child Jesus which is performed in order to obtain his favor and help in the things that are needed.

I ask you, oh Divine Child Jesus, to pray for all your devotees without ceasing, to keep sin away from all of them today and at all times, if they stumble, that it be you extending your hand to each one of them. If they fall 100 times, please pick them up 100 times, if someone forgets you, you don’t forget.

If you manage to leave them, divine child, what will become of them, within the dangers of this cruel world, for which many need your assistance. They want them to always be sheltered under your care and die under your hand, they want their life to be only to make you happy, I ask you to look at them all with those eyes full of compassion, and in the end they are received with you may it be your blessing the one that accompanies them at all times of their lives. Amen.

Prayer to the Divine Child Jesus

Oh divine child Jesus , God took the hearts of believers and also a model of human behavior, I ask you to always be present to separate your devotees from evil and that they be brought closer to you, making them grow at all times. in abundance of wisdom and grace before God himself and men.

Oh sweet little Baby Jesus, your great followers will love you forever with all their hearts! Divine Child Jesus, I ask you to bless and listen to your faithful followers, Amen.

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