Do you know the Prayer to start the school year?

Do you know the Prayer to start the school year? Learn all about her, here

A Prayer to Start the School Year will help us start the school year with God’s blessing, hope and optimism. Nothing better than arriving at the classroom with the best attitude and sure that we will give our best

Prayer to start the school year

In this article we will give you a powerful prayer to start the school year, with the best wishes and designs, to feel strengthened and empowered by our abilities, with the greatest optimism to give the best of ourselves and to be able to obtain from our teachers the knowledge that we need. They will allow us to develop as successful people.

Oh Lord, you who have once again given me the opportunity to continue my studies, you who have provided me with the desire to learn, you who give me the gift of the need for knowledge on a daily basis, I ask you, my beloved God, accompany me at the beginning of the school year and throughout the journey that begins today.

I beg you my Lord, because my teachers generate in me the concern to learn, that they be motivating teachers my Lord, just as you have been. I ask that every day, at least one of my teachers generates in me the motivation to continue studying and lets me know that it is worth any sacrifice he may be making to attend my school.

I ask you Lord to bless my school, that special place that will be my home for part of the day, that always provides me with the services and spaces necessary for my learning and recreation.

I thank you my Lord for being able to study and I ask my God that many of those children who today for some reason do not have this privilege, may the miracle occur my Lord and they can also be educated, to follow your word and be men and women of good .

Lord, give me the perseverance and commitment to always be attentive and deliver my work correctly. Help me stay focused and give me the wisdom to keep my activities in order and identify priorities.

Help me Lord to be a good classmate and give me the opportunity to help those who need my support and to receive their support when I need it. I ask you, my Lord, that my fellow students be neighbors, that they accompany me and help me in this new journey, that we have common goals, so that we can make a good group of studies, that they show the teacher that he is not wasting his time.

Keep me away from unhealthy distractions, from frivolities, I know my Lord that we should be distracted but that situations and opportunities fill me with joy and well-being without moving away from your word my Lord.

Help me Lord and protect me every day when I leave my house to attend school, allow me my Lord to stay focused on my studies but without neglecting my obligations at home, and other responsibilities that I must fulfill to support my family.

Remind me in moments of fear that I must remain calm and always trust in you my Lord. Thank you for all the gifts received, I am full of gratitude towards my Lord, my glory and praise will always be to your name, our Father. Amen.

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Prayer is vital in our lives, it is one of the most effective tools we have to have a conversation with God. After a prayer, we will surely feel more calm, confident and secure, because we know that our requests and thanks are heard.

Now that the beginning of the school year is approaching, it is highly recommended that children, youth and adult students perform a prayer to start the school year. It is always good to wake up in prayer, when we are already getting ready to go out to our first day of the school year we can say a prayer, when we are on our way to school we can also say a prayer to start the school year, we should not make excuses. (See also: Phrases of Trust in God )

By making this powerful prayer to start the school year we will be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, he will grant us wisdom, learning capacity, understanding and retention of information, God is kind.

Lord Almighty Father, first of all I thank you for this new day my God

Thank you for allowing me to wake up with renewed energy

Thank you for my beautiful family that accompanies me from dawn to start my new school year

Thank you Father because this wonderful day has come

I ask you my Lord, remove from me the anxiety that the unknown generates in me

Turn it into strength and security to start my studies this year on the right foot

I raise my prayer to you in this humble prayer so that the beginning of the school year is wonderful and the studies fulfill the purpose in me.

I thank you Lord for my beautiful school, for my teachers, for my friends from last year and for the new friends I will make.

Thank you for filling this day with learning and all those who follow.

Join me on this new journey and allow me to be a good student

Committed, studious and respectful my Lord

Give me patience in times of difficulty or urgency

Give me the wisdom to always deliver the best of me . Amen

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Good morning my Lord Father Jesus Christ, I am already on my feet to start this new school year, for which I thank you my Lord. I feel full of your glory and your love, for this new opportunity.

Guide me by your hand my beloved Father, to start this new cycle that begins today with the best attitude, I approach you humble of heart my Lord Jesus so that you give me a little of your light and allow me to make this journey with my neighbors, without have difficulties, may wisdom always enlighten me so that brotherhood always remains among us.

I ask you beloved Father oh! Lord Jesus that I can from your word find the greatness of human knowledge, that allows me to develop as a productive and worthy man of a society of values ​​and progress in your purpose oh my God.

Allow all of us who today are privileged among many, that we can give you joy from our actions and our learning oh! Lord Jesus, allow respect to be maintained in all our actions and see the teacher as a disciple, who also respects your word my God.

Give us the opportunity to be a testimony of honesty, that lies and falsehood are always kept away from our school. Give us wisdom to recognize evil and turn away from it, but not before having the courage to face it or denounce it. We ask you for the well-being of our teachers, that they can always fulfill their responsibility to educate us and sow in us the seed of the concern of always wanting to learn and know more.

Again I thank you my Lord for this beautiful opportunity that you offer me today, and I ask my Lord that all those children, young people or adult students who do not have the opportunity to start today, your hand, your Glory and your Power intercede to offer them this beautiful opportunity. Take care of us Lord when we go to and from school, keep away from us all evil that may lie in wait for us, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Nothing more fun than the vacation period, it is a time in which life becomes a bit more flexible, especially for children and young people, since they do not have to comply with a schedule, tasks, wear uniforms, etc. But on the contrary they have a period of days where most of the time is games and fun.

That is why when the start of the school year is approaching again it can be a bit stressful for them, when parents begin to set rules to control the time of going to bed and retake the structure of the dynamics of the home to face the most orderly way possible the beginning of classes.

Then begins a preparatory period for parents and children. Parents finish putting together everything the child needs to start the school period, supplies, uniforms, among many other things. As we are all different, it is possible that starting the new school period for some is the most normal, but for others it may be a real crisis.

Therefore, the most advisable thing for everyone is to make a transition between vacations and the start of classes, which of course is a process and to start it in the best way we leave some recommendations that may help you. (See also: Serenity and Tranquility Prayer )

It should begin by starting to recover the sleep routine, as we know in the holiday period the schedules are relaxed, the boys go to bed and get up at times that no one would believe, therefore, it is necessary to start asking them to go to bed earlier and also get up more early.

If you are one of the parents who leave the purchase of supplies for when classes are about to start, this can be used as a motivational activity for the children, invite them to buy school supplies, this activity somehow programs them to go assuming that the start of classes and the end of the holidays are approaching.

After purchasing the supplies, then develop an activity that is often one of the funniest at the beginning of classes, cover the books and notebooks, paste the labels and put the name on them, do not forget to share it with your children.

At present, it is unlikely that children and young students will lose contact with their school friends, but if there is the possibility of generating a reunion meeting for the start of classes, it is an excellent idea, since it will remind them how well they they spend it when they spend time together.

Don’t forget to have a conversation with your child about the beginning of the school year, they may be apprehensive at the beginning for some unknown reason, so talking with them and allowing them to express themselves and let us know their feelings regarding the beginning of the school year new school year is of the utmost importance, as it gives us the opportunity to support and guide them and reduce or eliminate their emotional state of anxiety.

With a week or less to go, it is advisable to make them read a little, write some type of text or calligraphy so that they regain their ability to pay attention and write, which may have been lost a little with so much play.

Let’s not forget to update their physicals to make sure they start off in the best shape so they can enjoy their new school year without any medical surprises.

As an additional gift, we leave you with a beautiful reading that can help you start the children before the start of the new school year, it is metaphorical but it will surely leave them with a lesson that will motivate them to start classes.

Reflection: Lucas the Navigator

“Lucas was a young boy who never liked studying, he preferred to be on the street playing with his friends and seeing how to earn money without much effort, worried parents always insisted that he should study, but Lucas hated school, getting up early and doing homework was definitely not for him.

Lucas and his family lived in a city that had one of the most visited ports in the region, ships full of merchandise that they brought from other countries always arrived. Lucas always saw the movement and was struck by how the merchants carried out transactions and always left with pockets full of money.

On one occasion a large ship arrived, different from all the others, Lucas immediately approached, he was impressed with the size of that ship and to Lucas’s best luck they were looking for a crew.

Despite the fact that his parents advised him not to leave and insisted that he should better study, that he didn’t need to, Lucas reached an agreement with the captain of the ship “El Ciclón” who in a thick voice told them “We are searchers of Treasures, but for each gram of gold, pearls and other garments you will have 30% of its value “

Lucas didn’t think twice and accepted, he didn’t ask the conditions, nor how long they would be out at sea, he didn’t mind not knowing the crew either, only the money caught his attention. Two days later they sailed from Puerto Wisdom and Lucas only laughed at his friends who preferred to stay in the city. When releasing the moorings of the boat, Lucas was heard shouting at his friends in a mocking tone: “Goodbye losers, let’s see who earns more, if you study or I bathed in gold when I return.”

Arriving at High Seas, the Captain’s first request to his crew was no distractions, everyone has a mission here, to keep the ship neat, the food on time, the sails hoisted and permanent vigilance at sea, to visualize other ships and islands, which would be thoroughly explored until the treasures were found.

So it was that Lucas became a navigator, he would never have imagined that being a sailor was so difficult and much less the enslaving treatment that the crew received. They were not given the opportunity to write a letter to their family, they were not given time for anything other than work. They traveled leagues and leagues of sea, each island found was a great illusion, but there were no abundant treasures, there was always almost nothing.

With each passing day he felt poorer, he had lost his true wealth, his family, his friends, and he had almost forgotten how to read and write. Lucas began to regret having made that decision, marked by greed and laziness to study. (See also: Prayer of Faith ).

On the ship there was a closed cabin, in which no one could enter, not even the captain. It was said of that place that if its door was opened a terrible curse would be released and they would never find solid ground again, that’s why no one dared even try to open the door of that place.

One night when Lucas had to stand guard, he passed by the cabin and heard voices inside, without making a sound and full of fear he peeked through the lock and saw the Captain and the second on board, studying and reading huge books full of information. 

Since that night Lucas always secretly visited the cabin that became for him the greatest of treasures, he read about history, geography, cartography, meteorology and all the sciences and theories that made him the best of navigators. So entertaining were the moments in which he hid to read, that without realizing it he had arrived at Port Wisdom, he was home, he was finally home.

He jumped out of the boat and ran through the people to his home, where he hugged his parents, told them everything he had lived through, asked their forgiveness, because his parents were right. Lucas told them that he had studied a lot and that he had all the knowledge to be the best navigator and find all the treasures before that Captain, cheat and liar of the Ship El Ciclón.

His parents had some savings and they trusted Lucas so they bought a boat and on the first island he found an immense treasure, it had arrived before the Cyclone boat who, when they arrived, only found a book without pages in a trunk. From that day Lucas and his Ship “Knowledge” arrived first to the treasure islands and the Captain who wanted to keep his crew in ignorance found a trunk with a book without pages, as a reminder that “The Knowledge” had already passed through over there.

Lucas paid his parents what he had lent him for the Ship, he became very famous for his success in the search for treasures and everyone wanted to work with him, because he had become an honest man, a good Captain who shared in fair proportions the treasures he got.

You will see that this beautiful and funny story will encourage children to study, it will show them that ignorance even keeps us from the right path, and being a studious and honest person will make them successful people.

Always guide them on the path of the word of God and do not forget to pray to start the school year, which will give them peace of mind, protection, understanding, tolerance and much more.

I wish you the best and the greatest success in this new school year.

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