Learn about the protection prayer for children and grandchildren who left the country

Learn about the protection prayer for children and grandchildren who left the country

Performing a Prayer of Protection for Children and Grandchildren will strengthen our faith and help us feel confident and calm, because after praying they will have God’s protection that will accompany them everywhere they go.

Protection prayer for children and grandchildren

My Lord, my God, Eternal Father, you who sent your only son to save us from all our sins, you who know the love that we feel for our children and grandchildren, I ask you in the name of Jesus for protection for my children and grandchildren.

I ask you my Lord that your beautiful guardian angels are always by your side, keeping away any stalking that could harm you. May your sweet and loving but brave angels protect you from any human who wants to put their life at risk.

Today that my children and grandchildren must leave my side to try their luck in another country, I ask you, Lord, to fill them with wisdom so that they understand that they must stay together, respect the culture, the laws, the name of the country where they are going.

I ask you, Lord, that those who receive them and can help them recognize in my children and grandchildren that they are good people, that they will help build and that they will never have the intention of harming anyone, because they are your servants, my Lord.

I place them under your wings, confident that it is the safest place because they will be protected from the elements of abandonment, that when they must leave your shelter they are always accompanied by some of your victorious angels over evil.

You who saw your son suffer on the Cross, guide them on the right path my Lord, may you always recognize your purpose in their actions my God, that they may be your church in that new place to which they must depart. Make my children and grandchildren loved people, distance from them the neighbor who does not feel love because they come from foreign lands, allow their humility and good intention to always be recognized in their actions, so that they make good friends and do not feel so much nostalgia. keep us away.

Help them to overcome the distance that stands today through constant love, we thank you my Lord for all the advances that exist today that allow us to look at each other and love each other from a distance, may their well-being be so much that their departure to that new country is worth it. for them and receive them with arms full of your love my Lord.

I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ, your protection, your love and mercy for my Children and Grandchildren, they take your word to other borders and with it, their love for others, their kindness and generosity will create new churches in your name my Lord. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The united family always protects and cares for each other, but when the children and grandchildren must move away for whatever reason from the family nucleus, they never leave without God’s blessing and seeing them when they move away we always stay in prayer for the children and Grandchildren leaving.

The culture of the different nations varies, however, to a greater or lesser degree, with greater or lesser fervor they always wish for the good and protection of their children and grandchildren when they leave home. In Latin cultures, the religiosity and faith with which parents and grandparents ask for the well-being of their loved ones is very evident. (See also: Prayer for rebellious children .)

We should never doubt that when we say a prayer of protection for our children and grandchildren, they will leave our house with that divine protection, which will also make their path and obtain the objectives easier. God in mercy with all of us and our faith in his love and power, gives us the confidence to know them well.

Here is another prayer of protection for the children and grandchildren who must leave our home and go to another country. God the Almighty Father creator of heaven and earth, first I want to thank you for my beautiful, loving and obedient children and grandchildren. Today your plans that are always better than mine have marked a new path for them and I come before you on my knees to ask my Lord for the protection and shelter of him.

Today my Lord that they must leave, I ask my Lord to intercede for them before all those who request documents, requirements and may they advance calmly and without anguish during their journey my Lord. I ask you Lord with fervor, do not turn away from them, may your mercy always be with them and may your power always be with them so that they can recognize all evil and can stay away from it.

Keep away from my children and grandchildren all the people who want to hinder their path and when they reach their destination, keep away the Pharisees who wish to take advantage of their innocence Lord. Keep away from my children and grandchildren all illness, all evil my Lord.

Lord you listen to me carefully my Lord, you know my fears and my anxieties and that is why I come to you in prayer, after speaking with you my Lord I feel the tranquility of your embrace and I see how your protection bathes my children and grandchildren, because I trust in you fully my God.

In these new lands they will sow your word, because they are good and obedient children of your purpose Lord, listen to their needs, listen to their pleas, they are your faithful children my Lord, make their new journey prosperous, their happiness is mine Lord. Thank you for listening to me my beloved God and protecting my children and grandchildren from all evil. Amen

Life is changing and we must always be aware of the possible changes that may arise, sometimes these are sought by ourselves, on other occasions they are third parties or situations unrelated to our purposes that force us to make changes.

In most developing countries, there are moments of political instability that cause unfavorable changes in the economy of those countries, the most vulnerable social strata are affected, therefore, social imbalances are also produced, which in many Sometimes they generate the migration of its inhabitants to other countries, in search of a better quality of life.

These people who make the decision to leave their countries for others always do so full of hope and this has no other origin than their love and faith in God. Most of the time they entrust themselves to him and make requests to help them arrive safely at their destination, to help them get a good job to obtain the necessary sustenance for themselves and to be able to help their relatives.

However, on very few occasions these people who decide to migrate to other countries ask for their protection, which is why it often depends on parents and grandparents to pray for protection for their children and grandchildren who leave in search of better opportunities.

So let us put our heart and our soul elevated towards the Lord, ask forgiveness for our sins and ask for the protection of our children and grandchildren who must leave. We are aware that the world is full of dangers and this causes us anguish and fear, in those moments let us remember that God is very close to us, protecting us and this security of knowing that He is close to us must be transmitted in our prayer.

Lord, I pray that my children and grandchildren always stay on your path my God, that they do not forget under any circumstances your purpose Lord. Today I bow before you to ask for the protection of my children and grandchildren who must go to live in other lands, far from my care, Lord.

I ask you, my beloved Lord, to protect them from the challenges they face far from their family and their customs. I ask you my God that your protective hand is always on their shoulders so that they feel your confidence and do not feel fear my God.

I ask you, Lord, to guide them so that they always walk on the right path, on the path of faith and honesty Our Father. I beg you, my Mighty God, protect them from all evil and any disease, keep away from them any temptation that may arise if they have moments of difficulty. You who live and reign in the world, Almighty Father, do not allow them to forget to praise you, to love you, to honor you.

We thank you my Lord for filling them with courage to make this difficult decision and trusting in your protection we support their departure to other lands, because we fully trust you my beloved God that you will always take care of them because they are yours too, but as parents we ask you May you fill them with blessings, take them by your hand and protect them from all evil. Amen.

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Currently moving to another country seems to be fashionable, our children think more easily every day of the possibility of migrating to another country in search of better opportunities, whether they are for study, professional development or improving the quality of life and even simply because They fell in love online and go to the country where the couple is from. (See also: Prayer for the United Family )

We must be fully aware that the children are not ours and they will not live with us forever, they will make their lives, however, the moment of departure will always be painful. The first thing we must do is think positive, they leave to live their own experiences, they leave to be better, they leave to be happy.

Thank God, in the era of globalization that we live in, we have very advanced technologies that will allow us, in most cases, to stay connected, in this way we will feel that the distance is not so great, since we will be able to visualize them in real time and even carry out family conversations of several members who are in different places or cities.

What I want to make them see, that we must first of all stay with the positive of the situation, we must not as a parent get hooked on the fact that nothing will be like before, everything will be different but that does not mean that we lost them and they will never be together again.

When our children and grandchildren go to another country, in reality we are facing a final exam, when our children and grandchildren leave home they test everything we teach them, all the education they received and all the examples and role models they received at home, therefore, we are largely responsible for their success and also for their failure.

To do?

Accept that they grew up, accept that there is a change in our lives and that we must learn to enjoy this new reality that we are going to start living. Most of the time, family relationships grow stronger and there are even cases that are better from a distance.

You must begin to identify in what you are going to invest all the free time that they have left you, therefore, identify what projects you are going to undertake, because your life continues. Now is the time to take time to rediscover love and good times together with your partner, which were so often left aside because the priority was children, then it is time to get back together.

If you are not an expert in this communication and social networks, then it is time to learn, because it will be the way to communicate with your children and grandchildren and to the extent that you know how to manage this type of communication, they will take away the anxiety when communicating with them.

Now you are totally responsible for yourself, get a medical checkup, take control and improve your health if necessary, now you will have time to do an outdoor activity, join groups with similar interests and other activities that keep you active and busy. You will surely meet new friends and of course you will strengthen your ties with old friends.

If you feel that sadness and loneliness are dominating your life, do not hesitate to seek professional help, depression is not a good companion and your children will notice it, which will not help them at all while they manage to get ahead in another country.

Over time, it is likely that the calls will not be so often and so long, this is only an indication that they are well and are busy with many activities, but what if it does not mean that they have forgotten you. When this happens, remember that it is the mark of your final exam and it will mean that you have passed, your education and teaching paid off.

Bless them every day, even if you don’t see them and haven’t talked to them, make your request to God a habit in your life, always make a prayer for the protection of your children and grandchildren, knowing that God listens to you, you will feel the peace of mind knowing them well. (See also: Prayer of Protection against theft and assault )

Do not worry, God will take care of your children and grandchildren, he will guide them on the right path and will always protect them, because they are faithful to his word and God will honor his promise, when you talk to them remind them to comply with God, be faithful and consistent with his words and their actions and you will see that everything will be fine.

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