In difficult times a prayer to ask God

In difficult times, a prayer to ask God

Prayer in difficult times represents, in many cases, relief for thousands of people who know that God can do everything and that He never tires of listening to us.

In this article you can find some prayers for desperate moments and when we feel that the difficulties are beyond us, do not stop reading it.

prayer in difficulties

We know that changes always occur in our lives and circumstances arise that seem to overcome us, however, when these difficult times knock on our door, it is important to remember that we have someone to turn to.

Prayer is a way of cultivating our relationship with God, a dialogue between the human being and his Father, which allows us to open our hearts and expose our most longed-for desire, our joys.

But also our fears and concerns, so remember to say a prayer in difficult times.

Through prayer glory is given to God and we are ready to receive all the spiritual benefits and love of the Father.

how to pray correctly

It is important that we take a special time and place to pray, certainly we can pray when we need it and in any place.

But it is important that we take some time to talk with our father without haste and calmly and not just pray in difficult times.

Turn off the television or radio, put your cell phone on silent and find a place where no one can disturb you.

You can pray out loud or mentally, but if you are one of those people who find it difficult to concentrate, you can write your prayers.

Begin by acknowledging his greatness and thanking him for listening to you, for life, for his love and for everything you want to thank him for.

Ask forgiveness for all your sins and mistakes, search your heart for your weaknesses and weaknesses and put them at his feet, ask him to give you strength and keep you away from evil.

Tell God all your problems, your concerns, your conflicts and desires, ask for the wisdom to understand his designs and act according to his desire. Always remember to include in your prayers those who are also in need.

Always ask God the Father to help you understand his answers, thank again and end your moment of prayer.

Prayer in difficult times

Never stop turning to God, especially in complicated situations, here we remind you that a prayer in difficult times is a relief for the spirit:

To ask for help in confusing times

Beloved God the Almighty Father, on this day I come to you, to ask you to fill my soul, my being and my life with your clarity, transparency and wisdom.

I ask you to help me lead a life with honesty, righteousness and happiness, according to the principles of love and grace that you teach us. 

My Lord, I ask you to stay in my heart and in my life, that I may serve others with pleasure and passion, however you wish.

May my attitudes and actions be complete and faithful to your teachings, that those who surround me and have contact with me, may feel you for your glory.

Help me to be honest with myself, to act with serenity, wisdom and justice in the decisions that I must make every day of my life.

Help me Lord to radiate the light of the Holy Spirit, away from corruption, hatred, envy, rivalry, rancor and the desire for revenge. 

I ask you Lord, that in these moments of great anguish, you are the one who takes control of my life, the one who acts and gives me solutions to the problems that I have not been able to and do not know how to solve: (Mention your anguish or problem) .

Listen, Lord Jesus Christ, to this prayer, because I do not have the wisdom or the strength to resolve my problems and conflicts, but I know that if you act in my life, everything will be resolved in my favor.

Lord, give me peace of mind, courage, patience, wisdom and charity, in the face of what I cannot change.

Glorious and eternal Father, guide my actions, my thoughts and my words, may my life be pleasant in your eyes and may I never lack your love, your comfort, your help and your blessings. Amen.

for desperate situations

God Heavenly Father today I come before you in search of your help, these are difficult moments in my life that only you can understand, because only you know me and only you can answer my problems.

Lord you are good, great and merciful, for you there are no impossibilities, even when everything becomes difficult and impossible for me.

Even when it seems to me that I am facing a giant and impenetrable wall, even when I feel my hands chained and dark and negative thoughts that make me feel defeated, I am sure of your love, I believe in you and in your power.

Lord you know me and you know my situation, I put before you my pain, my conflicts and my feelings, so that you heal me and give me your help.

Lord you are my shepherd, you are my coat, you are my Father who can do everything and I declare that I will lack nothing, because you have a wonderful plan for us.

Today I praise you Lord, because nothing surpasses you, there is no difficult moment, no serious problem, no impossible situation for you, because you can solve everything. I know that this test will be for my growth and the good of my soul.

Thank you Lord Jesus, because yours is the power, the honor and the Glory forever. Amen.

For very difficult or impossible causes

Lord, today I come to you, to pray for those very difficult and impossible causes, because I know that you are the Lord, the God for whom everything is possible. I come to you or Lord Jesus, do the impossible in my life!

O Heavenly God! you who parted the red sea, tore down walls, raised the dead, healed the sick and made paralytics walk again.

Today I bring you an impossible cause for me, but not for you and that is why I put it in your hands, because I know that with you this cause is won.

In the name of Jesus Son of the Father! Let all evil in our way, get out and go away! And may all good and your blessings come upon me, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen.

To free us from fear and anxiety

O Almighty Father, when I feel defeated by my worries and sorrows, I ask you to give clarity to my mind and help me to see the truth.

When fear tries to catch me and I feel like I can’t continue, help me not to fear, to take one step at a time and make me free from my fears, give me freedom.

When the pain oppresses my heart and makes me feel like I’m about to pass out, give me comfort and peace, calm me with your sweet love.

Today Lord I choose to trust you, every hour of the day every, every moment of my life, I trust you. Because I know that I can entrust my burdens to you and that you will calm all my anxiety, because with your death on the cross you have given us freedom.

Lord I choose to trust you, every hour of the day, every moment of my life, I trust you. Because I know that I live in your grace, that you forgive me and restore me, with your sacrifice you broke the chains of anxiety.

Today Lord I choose to trust you and I thank you for always being by my side. I know I can be at peace because you have set me free. Amen.

For difficult economic times

The prayer in difficult times that is made to San Vicente Ferrer is used for desperate moments in economic matters, it is said that if it is done with faith it is very effective:

Glorious Saint Vicente Ferrer, good and generous man, with a big heart! 
You who achieved the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit, who are loved by God and men, who with your prayers and examples have brought comfort to the souls and lives of people

That you have the authority and power that the Lord gave you to relieve afflictions, difficulties and shortcomings, receive my prayers and requests and help me get what I ask for in this prayer.

O Saint Vincent, my lawyer and protector! Today more than ever I need your help, I come to you to beg for a change in my life and overcome this difficult situation in which I find myself.

Pray to Almighty God to pour out His blessings and goods on me. I (say your name) entrust myself to His mercy and I know that through your intercession I will be able to alleviate my economic needs.

I ask Saint Vicente Ferrer, with all faith and trust, to give me your blessings and relief for my afflictions. Your divine shelter gives me shelter, protection and help in this difficult situation (you must say the favor that the saint requires).

Saint Vincent, you who were kind since childhood, who are attentive to our needs and never forsake us, you who give help and grant goods to those who hopefully ask you for it, I put my afflictions, needs and problems in your hands.

Clear my paths to abundance and prosperity, I want to give my family a prosperous and better life, that’s why I ask you to intercede for me and help me as soon as possible.

Please make me find good people on my way who offer me their help, put at my disposal and reach the necessary means so that I have a good economy.

Please remove everything that prevents me from moving forward and free me from the evil and danger that surrounds me, and remedy all my shortcomings, needs and my ills.

Oh beloved Saint Vincent, model of charity towards others, help me to achieve the grace to become a better son of God and to serve him until the day of my death.

Help me  to achieve a heart full of compassion and generosity, that is merciful to others and loves God above all things, 

Saint Vincent may I obtain the forgiveness of my sins and the blessings and treasures of eternal Glory. Amen.

For a woman who suffers

Thank you Heavenly Father, for everything you give me, for your mercy and for your love.

Today I come to you full of regrets, for a day that was not good for me, I have had inconveniences and family problems, (mention the one that worries you)

I ask you Father, full of humility to protect us and keep us from evil always. May we make the right decisions, may you give me the wisdom and patience to bear this burden, only you comfort us, only you lighten the weight I carry on my back.

My God, take care of my family, make the solution to our problems appear before our eyes and we can solve them.

I trust you and I know that you have prepared something better for me, because your designs are just. Amen.

For difficult and urgent cases prayer to the Holy Trinity

When it comes to difficult and urgent cases that cannot be resolved, they suggest doing it with great faith, since it is very effective.

Next, I invite you to watch this video that teaches you how to recite a prayer to the Holy Trinity in difficult moments:

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