Valuable reflection on family and brotherly love

Valuable reflection on family and brotherly love

Reflection on the family , contains a series of positive thoughts that seek to promote union, cordiality and the bonds of love between all the members of a family nucleus, learn more about this interesting topic by reading the following article.

Reflections on the family

Reflection is an analysis of the situations, thoughts and actions that we carry out at a certain moment in our lives, focused from a family point of view, leading us to invest several hours of thoughts where we appreciate the adversities and the positive things that have the union between members of the family..

The reflection on the family allows us to observe the role of each member, parents, children, grandchildren, uncles, great-nephews, etc., which allows us to invest a lot of time in this beautiful institution that is considered the basis of any Christian home.

It also allows to solve the adversities, differences and problems that may be present in the entire family environment, the family union allows to achieve diverse objectives, such as spiritual, sentimental, and material, in each action love and kindness must be involved, unique tools to achieve peace and well-being among all members.

The family

The family is the center of any society, its stability is essential for the survival of man, God establishes the family as the spiritual center, which allows to carry out love and kindness, teach the primary virtues to children and offer a future worthy to each member.

They have different actors who perform different functions, as time goes by these functions and actions are modified, parents play different roles over time, starting as friends, parents and later as grandparents, children are under the orders of their parents until they reach a certain age and their role changes completely.

Each one establishes their activities and responsibilities to maintain the family nucleus as a system where, and with the help of all, great objectives are achieved, the family was made to share, enjoy and spend pleasant moments, parents must show love towards their children and These show the respect they deserve.

Some reflections on the family

We will describe below and as a way of suggesting to the reader, how to establish the reflections on the family, we begin by saying that the ties in the family are established through respect and joy, the feeling of kindness where love must be constantly in the mind of each.

The members of a family are not measured by their number but by the communication and union that exists between them. It cannot be established that the union is subject to money, although it is very necessary today, it should not be the main reason for joy in a house, the real engine should be represented by love.

It is important to maintain family traditions, each family has a series of customs that identify it, such as having breakfast and dinner together, going to mass on Sundays, visiting grandparents at home, holding meetings and conversations with other members of the family. family etc

Growth should be encouraged through reflections on the family, this allows children to be supported when forming their own family. By having a child we are not only obtaining the title of parents but we are establishing a bond and a commitment for life.

There is nothing that can replace a failure at home. Nobody can reject their own family, since they would be rejecting themselves. You must love the family are conditions from the beginning to the end.

the love of the family

The gift that every parent can give their children is to give them a little time every day. Many look elsewhere for what they lack when they actually get it in their family environment.

Crying as a family represents an act of strength and having a noble spirit. The brothers represent the branches of the trees, although they grow in different directions, they are connected to the same root, so that each one is part of the other.

The mother is a part of God in the family and is an angel that must be protected by all members. She must invest time to establish communication with God, going to mass or praying before eating and sleeping.

Each family member must grow as a family, with the support of all the established goals can be achieved. The reflection on the family for children allows us to value the little ones in the way they are, for what they are, and not for what they have, so that it is an institution that does not underestimate any member.

The reflections for the family , allow to keep it spiritually healthy, get positive relationships, instead the family full of vices and perversion maintains problems inside and outside the home. Maintaining equality is important in order not to foster differences, favoritism is not recommended.

Each member of the family nucleus establishes its future function of family priorities, the origin of it is based on the good actions that are developed within the nucleus. During childhood, love and kindness, justice and understanding, teaching and reprimand must be offered, they are norms to be formed in values ​​to those who are rising.

The character of a child is formed in the early years, patience and understanding represent important elements in order to foster the noble feelings of each child.

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