How to attend to Elegua according to the Santeros? Details

How to attend to Elegua according to the Santeros? Details

Elegua is one of the most important deities within the Yoruba religion. And the one that most alludes to when he is entering the religion or the first one that is mentioned. He makes sense of him being the first to learn since he earned his spot. But because it is the first, you have to know very well how to attend to Elegua , since this marks the beginning of a healthy formation.

How to serve Elegua?

To be able to enter religion you have to study this saint very well. Have everything in order when you go to him. That we do not lack absolutely anything, so as not to make our ceremony turn out with bad results. Provoking in this way the wrath of this saint.

And even when you’re already inside, because Elegua is the one chosen to ask him for certain jobs. May they help you to have prosperity, so that new work, love and family opportunities open up for you. There is almost nothing that it cannot do for you, you just have to find the right way to attend to Elegua .

The initiation ceremony and the reception of Elegua

If you are going to start in some way beforehand, you will already have a godfather or godmother assigned to you. If you don’t already have one, you will have to get more involved with people of this religion, go to parties that they organize. Look for one or several people who know very well what they are doing, who guides you perfectly on this path and above all people who give you confidence so that you never stumble.

A godfather or godmother is so important since they are the ones who are going to be in charge of taking us with Elegua through his sacred place, his altar. There you will have to be in a state of full security, nothing should be altering it.

You are not going to ask him for anything at this time. Because this saint is the one who has to give you gifts that are only possible thanks to his powers, such as love, fortune and harmony, more than anything to be your guardian in this life, because of his warrior skills.

When you already feel its great power and that you were able to accept it in your heart, mind, spirit and body, everything from now on will be fine. Try to bring with you the necklaces that have the characteristics of the holy Elegua or the elekes and keep them in very good condition at home, so that they do not get damaged.

Attention that Elegua must receive

As mentioned before, having a guide is very important, that is why it is highlighted once again, to find the right godfather or godmother. They are the ones who will choose, with the help of the saints, which is the one that best suits you, your qualities, skills and even your imperfections. Since he is going to be the one who best relates to you.

If they give you the news that your saint is Elegua, you will not be able to change this fact. No one can, for some reason it was selected for you and the saint himself gave his blessing for you to be under his care.

You have to pay close attention that you never question this because that means that your faith is wavering or that you do not believe that it is the right thing for you, when obviously it was something chosen by divinities.

We must remember that everything we believe must be with all our hearts so that things can be possible, so that we have some kind of stability in this life that is so chaotic for each of us.

Once you have that clear, you should always place Elegua behind the main door of your home, on a brown ceramic plate adorned with red jewels, since he is the protector of homes, in this way your enemies will never They will find out that as soon as they enter they will feel the fury of the saint, for daring to step on your house. You can also place it in any other central area of ​​your house but this is not really recommended and the saint does not like it.

From now on everything will depend on your way of being in this life. You have to remember that Elegua can take the form of a child, but in this way you will only have to treat him if you are a calm soul, without any hard or ruthless character. This changes if you are the opposite of calm. You will treat him as you are in this life.

Keep in mind that he is your saint and that you are his. I accept you with all your flaws, characteristics, behaviors, actions, everything. Do not be afraid to be the person you really are with him, since he sees everything that you are even though you want to hide it.

What day is appropriate to provide care to Elegua?

Every day can be appropriate to provide care and know how to care for Elegua , paramount. This means having the responsibility to be very aware of him, every day if it may be necessary. It is not enough that it be once a month or every two weeks, attention should be daily. Of adapting to his needs, not even ours. You have to find a time of day where you can worship.

Most of the children of Elegua take advantage of getting up earlier than everyone in their home and before they start doing their other daily routines, they pray to this saint. It’s all a matter of getting used to. And if we feel full love for him, once we find our balance and comply with venerating him every day, the blessing will not be long in coming. He is good to those people who are good to him. The following are the steps to follow, to pray to him properly:

  1. Try to position yourself correctly. This means that when you go to pray you kneel in front of Elegua, with your head lowered. Without looking at him just feeling the energy of him through our entire body.
  2. With our position already made, we proceed with our hands (which have never touched the ground) to raise them towards the sky and at once we approach the ground.
  3. It will be three times that we touch with the tips of the buds on the ground but each time, we must be thankful for something.
  4. Do not ask him for anything, since nothing more can be asked of the saint.

How to attend to Elegua , it is not so difficult since it does not actually have a date, in which offerings can be made to it. Although many people use June 13 (which is the date of Catholic syncretism to this saint) to make the largest offering to him. Other people perform these acts of veneration on Mondays and sometimes on Wednesdays, but it is not considered completely true. Just as they say that every 21 days it must be done, which represent their routes.

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