Prayer To Saint Cone:

Prayer To Saint Cone: Wonderful Prayer

You are a very religious person and you pray every day, so you have nothing to lose by reading this article about the Prayer to Saint Cone, a Wonderful Prayer.

Who is San Cono?

This saint was born on June 3, 1854 in the seventeenth century in a small town located in the province of Salerno in Italy, he was the son of parents very devoted to religion, so he felt comfortable and decided to enter the vocation of the great religious holiness. But despite him wanting to have his life given to God, his parents did not agree, so he left home to go directly to the Monastery, moving away from his town in a significant way.

Realizing this, the parents looked for him everywhere until they found him, Cone, knowing that, looked for a way to hide until he found the oven to make bread since they would not think of looking for it there but the unthinkable happened since they turned on the oven and therefore This had to come out in front of all those present, many were impressed since it did not come out burned or with singed hair.

Seeing such a great miracle, everyone came to the idea that this was thanks to the divine God and that he was telling him that Cono had a unique mission in the world, so his parents ended up accepting that their son follow the path he wanted and so fulfill God’s call.

The Reason for Being Holy

As he was inside the monastery, he dedicated himself only to meditating and praying, as well as helping with the kitchen, cleaning and planting tasks. At that same time, on an afternoon, a monk under twenty years of age received a very strange message telling him that God was going to call him that night, and the least surprising thing that happened was that Cono died that same night of June 3. 1872 giving himself very young to God.

Recognition as San Cono

When all this happened, Cono’s hometown was the first to recognize that he was a Saint in front of the church, his remains were buried in a small chapel located in the town of the Monastery, shortly after this there were several earthquakes and it was invaded by pirates but the only thing that remained intact was the chapel where the remains of San Cono were found. That is why he is known as the Saint who protects against wars, earthquakes and all kinds of illnesses, along with this he is also known as the Saint of Luck.

Prayer to San Cono to Pray Daily

For devout people who pray every day, it is very common for them to pray for Saint Cone to guide them on their way and for protection, so they pray before going to sleep and before leaving home with great faith and thus keep him present along the way and sleep. The prayer that is performed is:

“Saint Holy Divine Cone,

you who help the humble, show them the way

to have good luck in the game,

help us to get everything we want,

good luck

in the businesses that you carry out, obtain a good profit, have a fortune,

to help others.

San Cono, give me luck, money and work,

thank you for giving me your blessing, thank you for giving me joy,

to achieve what I want.

Thank you for helping me live

next to the Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for strengthening and consolidating my faith,

and thank you for being so charitable and kind,

Thank you for giving us a good income and living in prosperity.

¡Oh San Cono!

Very young you left and gave your soul to God,

you gave us a message of humility,

you helped financially those most in need,

I am your devotee and I always receive your blessing.

Hear my prayers and pleas, San Cono,

to help me in the game.

San Cono blessed be in heaven and on earth!

I ask you, hear my voice in this prayer,

I am here to ask you for heavenly help, I come to beg you,

allow us to improve in this difficult situation,

help me at work and in games of chance.


Prayer to Saint Cone to Win the Lottery

On many occasions, money is very necessary for everyone and many times you do not usually earn enough to cover all the expenses that you have from day to day due to these situations, people usually seek help in prayers and thanks to it San Cono is unique. Praying to him with great faith, humility and trust, he will be able to answer you in the best way, the prayer that should be prayed is:

«Saint Cono, you are a very powerful saint,

I come to you with great humility, to ask you with fervor,

listen to my prayers, protect my family, that they lack nothing,

Give me strength and strength to work.

San Cono, I have many economic problems

that I must pay, the money is not enough for me.

I am going to play a part, good luck will accompany me and

my numbers will be awarded, the lottery will give me good prizes

and so I can pay.

San Cono, drive away all evil that comes near me,

drive away all bad vibes,

all the negative, remove all the bad shadow,

keep away misfortune, the enemy and/or envious people who get closer.

San Cono I ask you with this prayer

everything positive comes to me, the good vibration comes,

good luck comes and stays, enough money comes

to solve all problems, comes wealth and prosperity.

San Cono, I need you not to abandon me

In this lucky streak, if it’s not for you, I stop winning,

you told me the number, that was the one that came out,

I bet heavily on him, I improved what I won and I already have enough

to look good with people, I will pay every penny

and to you, San Cono, I am going to illuminate you with flowers, I will send a bouquet of flowers for your altar.


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