Mirror Hour 18:18 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

If you come across the double hour 6:18 p.m. on a billboard, on your digital watch, or on your cell phone, it is a time out of the ordinary, it is called a mirror hour. It is an hour by which you receive a celestial message, which carries information about your future. To interpret this message, you must rely on divinatory supports such as guardian angels, numerology, and Marseille tarot cards.

Meaning of 6:18 p.m. with guardian angels

Doreen Virtue is an American doctoral student in spirituality at the University of California, according to her the mirror hour at 6:18 p.m. is revealing of many things. First of all, she describes the difficulty of the ordeal you are going through at this moment.

It speaks of upheaval and imbalance, which makes you very pensive and very distant. You prefer to stay away in order to question yourself. Therefore, the angels invite you to communicate with them through energies and meditation to support you in this course. You don’t have an idea of ​​the skills you have in the field of spirituality, especially esotericism.

You have the possibility of receiving vibrational waves emitted by angels, which you can exploit in magic practices and rituals. Know that you are in the process of spiritual maturity, that is to say, you are growing little by little. But beware of falling under the spell of someone trying to deceive you. Finally, the mirror hour 6:18 p.m. says that you are very strong when it comes to a romantic relationship, you find it difficult to tolerate each other’s faults, despite the fact that you have them too.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 18:18?

The guardian angel who will guide you at this mirror hour is called Mebahiah. You recognize the importance of moral values ​​in life. Mebahiah bestows wisdom on his proteges. In addition, you are a meticulous and careful person. It drives you to achieve your goals. by combining the message of this guardian angel with the benefits of natural stones, you can only increase things tenfold.

Indeed, the number 36 refers to your greatest quality, your benevolence towards others. Mebahiah gives you an overflowing imagination and creativity. You are a person very concerned about those around you. You fear disappointing people, which can curb your ambitions. Gemstones help you get rid of negative vibes. There is a test to do to find your ideal stone.

Angelic interpretation of the hour 6:18 p.m.

The guardian angel who coincides with the mirror hour at 6:18 p.m. is named Mebahiah. It has a holdover time of 20 minutes from 6:00 p.m. to 6:20 p.m. ‘intuition. It’s most noble of missions is the help it provides you to evolve in the field of divinatory arts and in the study of religions. Mariah makes you a square person, i.e. you do things meticulously. Also, moral values and education are very important in your life, you are a person with many principles and moral qualities.

It is an angel who grants you a lot of wisdom, your thoughts are rational and prudent, you take into account the consequences, which makes you a good adviser to the people around you. As soon as someone has a problem, they come to you to benefit from your reasoning. Something that is valid even in the field of spirituality, you have the power to spread a rich divinatory knowledge. Finally, cherub Mebahiah recommends that you dedicate prayers and invocations to him. If you want to conceive a child, he will help you carry it.

Numerological meaning of the hour 6:18 p.m.

36 is the value of the mirror hour in numerology because quite simply, 18+18=36. The 36 qualifies you as a beneficent person, you like to help others, and for you humanism is something extraordinary in life. Your selflessness is greatly admired by the people around you. But you have to be careful of people who seek to abuse your best for their own interests. In addition, this figure speaks of your sense of creativity, you are overflowing with it! Your imagination is very fertile, which makes you a cesspool of beautiful ideas that amaze those around you.

You were also born under a lucky star, luck is always your faithful companion. And to say that your inventive spirit is linked to your luck, they result in unparalleled success in all areas of your life. The mirror hour at 6:18 p.m. indicates that your most desired wish will be granted. She congratulates you for your positivity thanks to which you attract good things such as your luck. The family is sacred in your life. You like to share moments with your loved ones. Finally, angel number 36 tells you “turn your tongue 7 times before speaking” words can destroy sometimes.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 6:18 p.m. with the tarot

The tarot card that responds to the mirror hour 6:18 p.m. is the moon. It is the eighteenth card of the Tarot de Marseilles. It symbolizes apprehension, fear, anguish, and worry, that is to say everything related to insecurity. It is a card that is qualified as mystical, it designates intuition and clairvoyance.

It gives you a fruitful imagination and thus develops your spirituality so that you can feel the feelings of others. The moon guides you to evolve in the field of divinatory arts and telepathy. And if you are considering specializing in such a field, she advises you on dream interpretation.

Positive points of the arcana

The moon brings good and bad, and this is relative to its position in your draw. If it is placed favorably and accompanied by good cards, it indicates that you have experienced beautiful things in your past , especially your youth and your childhood, since it is a card that refers to the past of the person. The night often brings advice to the pensive person, it brings inspiration to the artist and it brings you innovative ideas to you, which strengthens your creativity. Finally, the blade of the moon also speaks of the family. Probably you will find your own family cocoon.

Negatives of the arcana

As stated above, the moon blade is a bringer of good and evil, and this depends on its location in the draw. When it is misplaced, it refers to feelings related to suffering, so it is fear, grief, and melancholy. If you are in a relationship, it signals the end of your relationship, you will be so disappointed by this separation which will cause you a lot of sadness. Finally, she advises you not to live too much in utopias and the false, be realistic, and accept the truth as it is, good or bitter.

Summary and advice of the arcana

What the moon card says about your emotional life is two opposite meanings. It can designate inaction, that is to say your partner does not take the step to give meaning to your story. As it may refer to, formalizing and building your home. She then says that you are a hit in your work, and your ideas are sublime. Continue with the same benefits. Finally, she warns you about the management of your finances, there is a certain imbalance that appears, review your management and especially your expenses. Go slowly!

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