Mirror Hour 22:22: Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Mirror Hour 22:22 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Your guardian angels tell you through the mirror hour 10:22 p.m. you are about to accomplish great achievements. You have shown so much determination and perseverance, without receiving the slightest recognition. Now you will get what you deserve and expect, you will be highly respected for the great work you do.

It is undeniable that you have a major sense of responsibility, when you have a commitment, whether family or professional, you respect it by performing your task duly. On the other hand, by wanting too much to do everything without needing help, you exhaust yourself. Be tolerant to the thoughts of others, it is essential in life.

The mirror hour 22:22 indicates that your spirit is nourished by the positive energies that the angels offer you. It is the thing for which you have an inventive and intuitive temperament, you have the ability to produce brilliant ideas. The angels appreciate your productive potential, they recommend a career in politics or you can use this gift to bring more to the lives of others. Also, you are a humble and reasonable person, you do everything in accordance with the law in force.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 22:22?

Habuhiah is the angel that corresponds to you at this mirror hour. Placed under the sign of fecundity and fertility, it blesses couples who have difficulty having a child. This Cherub pours out a flood of serenity and relief for those who are plagued by illness. Ask for his help and he will answer you. Amplify this appeal with the help of natural stones.

In addition, financial stability takes precedence in your concerns according to numerology. Also, knowing your weaknesses and strengths will allow you to better protect yourself from disappointments. You have been wandering aimlessly for too long. Refocus on yourself. Do you want to know the natural stone that will soothe you?

Angelic interpretation of the hour 22:22

The angel that responds at the 10:22 p.m. mirror hour is named Habuhiah, having a duration of effectiveness and influence that extends from 10:20 p.m. until 10:40 p.m., so it takes 20 minutes. It is a symbol of fertility, productivity, fecundity, and health. He is an angel who proliferates a spirit rich in ideas, he promotes productivity and creativity in all fields of life. For example, if you want to conceive a child, or you suffer from infertility, Habuhiah helps you regain your fertility and carry a fetus.

As mentioned above, it symbolizes health. Indeed, he is an angel who soothes your physical and spiritual pain, he helps you regain your strength and heal illnesses. Thanks to this mirror hour through which he contacts you, you can strengthen your connection with him, so that he can help you overcome your difficulties. Finally, this angel also intervenes when you are invaded by irrational impulses, which lead you to evil. We’re talking about cravings that are hard to channel or a temptation you can’t resist. Habuhiah supports you in overcoming these vices effectively.

Numerological meaning of the hour 22:22

The double hour 22:22 has the equivalent of the number 44 in the field of numerology, because 22+22=44. The number 44 signifies great talent in the field of work, you have speed accompanied by great efficiency, these two are crowned with unparalleled profitability. This ability to accomplish beautiful things is also due to your ultimate concentration, and your zen character. The mirror hour 22:22 shows in numerology that you have a special interest in the material aspect of your life , i.e. your financial stability matters more than anything else. Your fear of falling into need pushes you to work hard and neglect other areas. Don’t fall into the trap of greed.

The number 44 recommends that you take stock of your strong sides and your weak sides when it comes to your relationships. This is the best way to build your love, family or friendship life on solid foundations. It also indicates that success will be the fruit of your long patience and will, you will attend the acquisition of what you desire. Finally, the twin hour 22:22 tells you that the phone call you’ve been waiting for will be there.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 22:22 with the tarot

The card of the tarot that responds to the double hour 22:22 is that of Mat. It is the only Tarot de Marseille card that does not bear a number. There are those who say it’s the first and others who say it’s the last card. Le Mat designates a passage or a leap into the unknown. It represents a kind of doubt and perplexity of a situation.

Thus, it shows that your thoughts are not reasonable and will lead you to marginalization. In short, the arcana of the Fool means advancement in the unknown, in other words, you live without setting objectives.

Arcane Positives

The blade of the Mat, or the blade without a number, carries absolutely no positive points when it comes out in your draw. As mentioned above, it represents uncertainty and a situation of doubt. Where, a person gets up in the morning, and asks himself: why am I living? A total absence of goals and dreams. In a couple’s life, when the Fool comes out, it indicates that this relationship is limited to passion and pleasure . Realistically, consider discussing this with your partner gently.

Negatives of the arcana

The Mat card is globally negative in a draw. When you cross the mirror hour 10:22 p.m., know that the Tarot de Marseille puts you in a period of confusion where you feel completely lost. It seems that you have made choices or decisions that those around you consider irrational. In addition, this card advises you to act quickly on the mess you live in . You walk in the void, you carry an extinguished spirit, which hopes for nothing. There is a need to put an end to this mess that invades you, and to give meaning to your existence.

Summary and advice of the arcana

On the affective level, the Fool designates confused emotions. An absence of harmony between the two partners arouses ideas of separation. On the professional level, it is necessary that you set a goal and then concretize it to then taste the success, this one does not come from the sky. In addition, you must work on your sense of responsibility . When you are given a task you must perform it duly. About your finances, this card signals major money outflows. Be careful of wasting money, because you will have to deal with a small crisis. Hold fast!

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