Prayer to San Cono So that Luck does not Fail

Prayer to San Cono So that Luck does not Fail

The Prayer to Saint Cone is a kind of prayer dedicated to a Saint who gave his life to God from a very young age, and who during his stay on earth always devoted himself to prayer and meditation. So I invite you to learn a little more about the life of San Cono.

Prayer to Saint Cono Asking for Luck in Games of Chance

Father God, clement and merciful, that in your Omnipotent Trinity I truly trust and hope and through the mediation of San Cono I ask you for health over my life, work and union of my family.

Lord, I never want to sin again by asking you for luck in chance, however, when you want and it pleases you, you can attend us through San Cono a hand. Please, I ask you to increase our hope, please strengthen and consolidate my faith. I also ask you to help me achieve what I ask you here with Faith.

(At this time you will ask for everything you want to get)

Please help me in all Games of Chance, I ask you to help me win the prize I want in (mention the Game) and to be guided to find the numbers that will give me the prize. Amen.

Who was San Cono?

San Cono was born on June 3, 1854, and died on June 3, 1872. San Cono was born in the 17th century, in a town in the Province of Salermo that is in present-day Italy, Teggiano, it is the son of very religious parents and in such an environment, this man named Cono felt from a very young age his great vocation from holiness to religiosity.

Becoming the only child, the parents who were always very aware of him, did not approve that his life was fully dedicated to the Lord because they were going to be left alone, however, the desire of San Cono was so great to reach to serve the Lord, who chose without permission from his parents, to go to a monastery as far away as possible from his hometown and incognito he came to present himself in that place.

Upon realizing his parents, they began to look for him until they finally found him, when the young Cono realized, he wanted to hide and the best place he could find at that time, was in an oven where the breads he had were made. the monastery.

According to how much the hours went by, the elaboration and work of the bread began and of course the oven was turned on before, for many it was the surprise when all those who were in that place opened the oven and from the same The young Cono came out, however, he had no signs of being burned or at least his hair.

Prayer to Saint Cone

Upon seeing this, both his parents and the other people who were in that place in the monastery came to the simple conclusion that it was a divine message that God sent them so that they could realize that Cono had a great special mission on earth, and his parents in the end ended up accepting that sign as a kind of heavenly call so that he could fulfill his vocation, for which many certify or assure that this became the first miracle of San Cono .

The Reason for Being Holy

During the few years that he came to live in the Monastery, Cono was dedicated solely and exclusively to prayer and meditation. Fray Cono gets to participate very actively in doing the cleaning work, in the kitchen and also planting.

One summer afternoon, the monk who was not yet 20 years old receives a great and mysterious message “tonight God will call you” and in this way it was fulfilled, that same night San Cono died serenely, very young he gave his soul to God who is in heaven.

His Recognition as Saint Cone

His hometown became the first to recognize him as a Saint in the church of the Annunciata, on June 3, 1871 by Pope Pius IX, the remains of San Cono came to be deposited in the chapel of the town where he was. the Monastery, at that same time there were various types of earthquakes and the city was even invaded by certain warriors, of which only the chapel of San Cono survived.

He becomes known as the Holy protector against the plague, wars, earthquakes and in the same way he is usually recognized as “the father of the cabals”.

Prayer to San Cono to Pray Daily

Saint Cone the divine Saint, who are you who helps the humble, who teaches them the way to have good luck in the game, please help us to achieve everything we want, that we may have good luck in all games of chance, in addition to the businesses that you carry out and that you can acquire a good profit, that you have a great fortune, to be able to help others. Amen

Prayer to Win the Lottery

Money anywhere in the world becomes required and also very important, on many occasions what is earned is not usually enough for the amount of expenses and debts that people have, in short; Situations like these are repeated almost every day, which is why a large number of people seek luck, who takes away!, if you have great faith and also strong confidence in what you do, with great humility, without get to covet, with the help of the prayer to San Cono you can help to win in the lottery.

Of course, the person must have a good disposition, in addition to a good vibration, confidence, invoke “good luck” and it is certain that he will hit the lottery, because he has a helper and the numbers will be awarded and in this way get the money you need to be able to get out of the debts you have, in addition to being able to pay them easily. The prayer is as follows:

San Cono, you are the most powerful saint, on this day I come to you with great humility, to ask you with fervor, that you listen to my prayers, also that you protect my family, that they do not lack anything, please give me the strength and the strength to work.

San Cono, there are many of your devotees who have a great number of economic problems that they must settle, money does not yield what is required. A part is going to be played, so I ask that good luck be with me and that my numbers are the ones that are going to win. Amen.

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