A powerful prayer to sell a lot in my business

A powerful prayer to sell a lot in my business

You have problems in your business, you want your sales to increase and you want to have much more customers. And the question arises, is there an option to sell a lot in my business? The answer is yes  do not stop reading this post and you will find some prayers that can help you, you just need to pray them with great faith and devotion.

Prayer to sell a lot in my business

You want to attract more customers in order to sell a lot, perform with great faith and devotion the prayer that you will find in the following lines  and you will see  how the results are immediate. The economy of your business will improve, many clients will arrive and your sales will increase rapidly.

You just have to have a lot of faith when saying the prayer and visualize what you want, that is, a prosperous business, where you manage to sell a lot and have thousands of customers daily, and your sales never stop, on the contrary, they increase much more every day.

Now we are going to know this powerful prayer:

San Mateo this and every day, I put my business in your hands, help me to increase my sales and always ensure that all my customers are totally satisfied.

San Mateo also help me so that many more people know my business, fall in love with it and always want to return to it. And in this way day by day my sales increase much more.

I ask you to bless my finances and my business San Mateo blessed, that my profits increase and my business manages to grow and customers always want to return.

Intercede for me before our Lord, to bless my business, my sales, my finances and to cover it with his precious blood, blessed Saint Matthew.

In your blessed hands I leave, I commend the prosperity of my business. Keep away from my business all envy, evil, any loss that my business may suffer, as well as keep away bad customers who only want evil for my sales.

Saint Matthew give me the necessary wisdom to make the best decisions for my business, that I may have the intelligence and the ability to lead it to always attract abundance and prosperity to my business, to increase my daily sales.

I ask this in the name of the father of the son of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The prayer to sell more works for all businesses

If sales in your business are not going as well as you would like, make this prayer with great faith and always projecting the best for your business and you will see  how you are going to sell much more.

If you feel that your clients have lost interest, that your business is not having the expected success, do not worry, this powerful prayer is the one for you. And for the prosperity of your business and your finances. Just do not forget once it has the desired effect, always thank God and honor him, as he deserves, we should not only go to him to ask him.

Lord, I thank you infinitely for this new dawn for the opportunity you give me every day to be able to move forward, with my businesses and my projects.

I do not ask you for facilities for my business, I only ask you to instill in me the peace, intelligence and balance necessary to manage my business in the ideal way.

Lord, give me the necessary wisdom to understand between good and evil, to act honestly in the face of adversity in my business.

I ask you, Lord, to give me the inspiration to value my days as if it were the last of my life. Also, sir, I ask you for the energy and motivation necessary to move my business forward and for my sales to increase much more.

Lord, please help me to understand each one of my clients, that they enroll in my business that they always want to return to it , and that I manage to satisfy their needs through my sales. Lord may my business flow to the satisfaction of both sellers and buyers.

My God, I pray for the protection of my business, as well as that of all the people who are directly involved with it, I ask for your blessing for my sales and my finances.

My Father, never abandon me and bless me always. Amen !

Seller’s prayer to sell a lot

If you are a faithful believer and you are looking for a prayer that can help you sell a lot, then I will leave you an effective prayer, so that the seller can sell much more. You just need to have a lot of faith and project great goals for your sales. You just need a lot of faith and say this prayer out loud and with great devotion:

My Father, first of all, I want to thank you infinitely, for giving me the opportunity to pray on this beautiful day, this precious and powerful prayer that will help me  increase my sales.

Almighty God, here I am talking to you to help me increase my sales, to be successful in my professional life, especially in my work as a salesperson.

This work is of great importance to me sir, my family and my own livelihood depend on it. Guide me sir to be a good seller and that many customers are satisfied with my services and want to return to compare me.

I ask you, Lord, for the courage and strength to understand each one of my clients, I ask you to instill in me  the intelligence to find better opportunities and be successful in my professional life.

My  Father , I ask you for the strength so that every day I can work with great enthusiasm and will. Help me to have faith and believe that everything will get better and that everything will run as I am expecting.

Lord, I ask you because in my job as a salesman, that I can sell more and more every day!

Thank you Father God, thank you. Amen.

At the end of this prayer, pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary with great devotion to our Lord, do it with great faith and with the conviction that everything will turn out well and that everything will get better every day.

Prayer to improve sales

Almighty God I come to you at this very moment to ask you to help me with the sales of my business, since I am in a difficult situation.

Lord instill in me all the necessary strength, as well as dedication and determination. So that I can captivate, understand, help and satisfy each and every one of my clients.

And so sir, achieve the objectives set in my business and my sales can improve in great dimensions. My God.

Lord, I ask you not only for my professional life, but also for my personal life, give me the wisdom to be able to manage my business in the best way, but also my family, help me, Lord, so that the adverse situation that my business is going through will not affect my personal life

Help me balance my time, be able to control my schedules so that my personal and professional life never fails, my father .

Lord give me serenity, skill and wisdom. To be able to entertain each one of my clients and to be able to provide them with what they need and to be totally captivated by my business and in this way my sales improve daily.

I ask you Lord for protection for my sales and my finances, keep away all evil that can negatively interfere in my business, Lord, due to the envy of third parties.

Lord, I ask you to free me from all the spells, from all the moorings and from all the bad energies that may be ruining my chance of being successful in my sales.

With great faith I beg you, Lord, to cleanse my soul and my aura, as well as that of all the people who are connected with my business. Lord clean my workplace so that peace and harmony reign and the work environment is adequate.

Lord help me to be strong, so that I can meet each of the objectives set in my business, help me not to decline and on the contrary my sales can improve. I beg you sir Amen.

Prayer to increase sales

My Father, since you gave yourself to fulfill the designs of our Lord, you defeated death by rising from the dead, and you gave us a new life.

I ask you my God, that in my business I can sell much more every day, that all my plans can come true. May I have the wisdom to be able to manage my business in the correct way and may the result, sir, be to your total satisfaction.

Lord, instill in me the goodness to help my neighbor in what is within my reach, keep away from me all vice that could fall and harm me.

Lord, help me so that the sales in my business can improve, since my business is my livelihood and that of mine. Lord I ask you to achieve the desired professional success.

Make the request with great faith.

My God, I beg you to grant me the request that I make of you to be fair, what I ask of you is for my good and that of my family, as well as that of my clients and workers. And to the glory of your name. Amen,

Pray an Our Father, an Ave Maria and a Gloria. And once the request is conceived, light white candles in gratitude for the favors received.

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