The most effective Prayer to the Guardian Angel

The most effective Prayer to the Guardian Angel

If you want to have a Guardian Angel for your protection, to take care of your family or especially your children; then you are in the right article. Since here we will teach you some prayers that you can perform at any time to ask for the protection and care of a guardian angel. We also tell you who it is and what is the best time to perform these prayers.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Below we will indicate some prayers to the Guardian Angel, so that you can pray and request his protection for you, your family, friends, any other person and especially for children:

Guardian Angel Prayer

Without a doubt, this is one of the most used prayers to request the protection of the Guardian Angel. Ideal to be prayed with young children before they go to sleep:

« My guardian angel, sweet company, do not forsake me, neither night nor day, do not leave me alone, that I would lose myself, until you put me, in peace and joy, with all the saints, Jesus and Mary, I give you my heart and my soul, which are more yours than mine. Amen « .

Another version of this prayer is:

« My guardian angel, sweet company, do not forsake me, neither by night nor by day, if you leave me alone, what will become of me, my little angel, pray to God for me « .

You can choose to repeat this prayer about three times.

Angels Prayer

This prayer can be dedicated to your guardian angel:

« O holy miraculous angels! You who fight tirelessly for the welfare of mortals.

Today before the figure of the Lord God, I place my future and I beg you with all my devotion to allow me in every aspect of my life to enjoy the happiness of the prosperity of the kingdom of heaven.

Do not let bewilderment be a part of me in the dark hours. I also ask you; that seek the protection of those who surround me daily. Amen « .

Additional Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Here we leave you with another prayer to the guardian angel:

« Sovereign spirit to whom my guardian belongs, please; that the divine will that is mercifully taking care of me, distribute the hierarchies of the angels for the protection of men. You, who are an enlightened part of his eternal militia for the grace with which you remained, without losing the seat that so many angels lost, I beg you to guide me and defend me from the evil of my appetites, from the weakness of my nature, from the insolence of my will, from the malice of sinners, from the example of the wicked, from the power of tyrants, from the revenge of my enemies, from the envy of mutinous spirits who did not persevere like you and want me to fall like them.

O holy angel! I don’t know your name to call you by it; but I know your trade and I know I can use it. Take care of me and give me luck so that my soul achieves your care and my life your inspiration. In this way you will be able to restore your glory and get the place that your partner lost, so that you can enjoy the fruit of your warnings and I the fruit of obedience. Because with you and thanks to your inspiration, I will be able to deserve the kingdom of peace and glory.

May it be granted by him who raised you with his power and redeemed me with his blood. Amen « .

The Lauds Hymn to the Guardian Angel

Another prayer dedicated to the Guardian Angel:

« O holy guardian angel! companion of my life, you who never abandon me, neither night nor day.

Although you are an invisible spirit, I know you are by my side. You hear my prayers and count all my steps.

In the shadows of the night, you defend me from the devil, stretching out your wings of mother-of-pearl and gold on my chest.

O angel of god! may he have the grace to listen to your message and follow it, may he always go with you in the direction of god.

Witness of the invisible, you who are the presence of heaven friend; Thank you for your faithful custody, thank you for your company.

In the presence of the angels, our song goes up to heaven. For glory to the father, glory to the son and glory to the Holy Spirit. Amen « .

Who is the Guardian Angel?

According to Catholic teachings, each person has a particular guardian angel who accompanies us at all times, being a heavenly companion who is always by our side ready to protect us and watch over our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. He also lends us support in difficult situations where we find ourselves with no way out or no solution. Whenever a child is born in the world, God assigns a guardian angel to care for and protect him, so that they are closely linked to each other. Although commonly we do not realize it.

Guardian angels are also known as “guardian angels”. Since, as the name implies, they take care of the child while he grows up, he becomes an adult and then for the rest of his life.

When is the best time to pray the Guardian Angel Prayers?

In reality, there is no specific or ideal time when it is better or worse to pray for the guardian angel. Since it is by our side at all times, so you can always hear our prayers, requests and requests for help. Many people usually make a prayer to the guardian angel at times when they are invaded by anxiety or stress.

But the most common and traditional is to perform the prayers of the guardian angel during the night; especially with children before going to sleep. This prayer allows them to remind children that they are not alone, that they always have the support of their guardian angel and that with him they will be able to face any fear that afflicts the child. For example, the fear of the dark (which is very common in young children), of being alone or of monsters that appear at night.

Another ideal space to pray to the guardian angel is when children and adolescents go to school, high school or high school. They can also make a prayer to ask for help when presenting an exam or to allow them to calm anxiety and nerves.

These sentences are very useful when we are faced with an unknown context or situation. For example, when we attend a camp for the first time, when visiting a little-known relative, when we attend a private class or our first training session in a sport that we want to practice. In short, these prayers are excellent to help us comfort ourselves and as a tool to overcome fears and separation.

How to help the Children so that they can get closer to their Angel?

The fact that we always have our guardian angel with us accompanying us at all times, does not mean that we are capable of perceiving it. The same happens with children, so they must be reminded that it does not matter if they cannot see or perceive it at first, this does not mean that your guardian angel has left; since regardless of the situation or what happens, he will always be by your side.

One way to help a child connect with and feel for their guardian angel is by asking them to draw it. To make this more effective, he may be asked to make two drawings, one of his guardian angel and one of himself. Once he finishes them he can color them and place them anywhere in his room or near his bed. It also works if he draws these pictures in his notebook. The important thing is that the drawing is in a place where the child can see it frequently so that he remembers that he is never alone.

It is also useful to perform role-plays where you have to imagine your guardian angel. This type of game is excellent if the father or mother is included in the game, in this way they can guide the child during the game, asking for details about their guardian angel: what they look like, what they say, how they act and how it has helped you in the past.

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