The Marian dogmas and doctrines of the Holy Church

The Marian dogmas and doctrines of the Holy Church

The events of the Marian dogmas , in this particular the Church has shown several truths that Mary mother of God in a doctrinal way shows us that there are truths in the Catholic temples, and that shows in this case the different doctrines and types of dogmas that we will see their different types and prayers for a respective interpretation for the salvation of humans.

Marian dogmas

In ancient times, the Catholic Church had a specific theological conduct, Mariology for the teaching of the person, sciences were commissioned for this purpose the role and its meaning of the Virgin Mary and her veneration has been modified over the centuries, and it was verified and codified by the situations that arose as well as by the main theologians of the Marian religious orders and universities, the Marian dogmas and the pontifical schools, as well as the Maria who is specifically dedicated to this field of study however, the Marian revelations by individuals are not always accepted by the churches.

The main most important dogmas 

Below we present the different types of Marian Dogmas for our knowledge:

  • Divine motherhood
  • The Immaculate Conception
  • perpetual virginity
  • The Assumption of Assumption.

Divine motherhood: This lies as the first Marian dogma of the Church and, in turn, formulated and taught before being proclaimed and indisputable, by various Fathers of the Church in the first three centuries, It refers to the fact that the Virgin Mary is the true Mother of God. It was solemnly defined by the Council of Ephesus (year 431). Some time later, it was proclaimed by other universal Councils, that of Chalcedon and those of Constantinople.

divine maternity prayer

God save you Mary, you are full of grace; the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Blessed be your purity
and eternally so,
because a whole God recreates himself
in such graceful beauty.
To you, heavenly princess,
sacred Virgin, Mary,
I offer you on this day
soul, life and heart.
Look at me with compassion!
Don’t leave me, my mother!

The Immaculate Conception: The doctrine confirms the expression “full of grace” contained in the greeting of the Archangel Gabriel, this aspect of being freed from guilt by God’s forgiveness, witnessing the special position of Mary as the mother of Christ, and so maintains that the creator preserved Mary from the beginning of her fertilization from all development to the effect of the original fault, which they decided to transmit to all the children of God, and thus the Marian dogmas take an important role because they are the future of Adam and Eve, in attention to the fact that she was going to be the mother of Jesus, who is also God

«We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine that maintains that the Most Holy Virgin Mary, in the first moment of her conception, was by singular grace and privilege of Almighty God in anticipation of the merits of Christ Jesus, Savior of the human race, preserved immune from every stain of original guilt, it has been revealed by God, therefore, it must be firmly and constantly believed by all the faithful.”

Virgin Immaculate Conception Prayer

  Holy and Immaculate,
to You, who are the pride of our people
and the maternal protection of our city,
we welcome you with trust and love.

You are all beauty, Maria.
In You there is no stain of sin.

Renew in us the desire to be saints:
may the truth shine forth in our words,
may our deeds be a hymn to charity,
may purity and chastity shine in our bodies and hearts,
may the splendor be reflected in our lives . of the Gospel.

You are all beauty, Maria.
In You the Word of God became flesh.

Help us to always be attentive to the voice of the Lord:
may we not be deaf to the cry of the poor,
may the suffering of the sick and the oppressed not find us distracted,
may the loneliness of the elderly and the defenseless of children not distract us. leave indifferent,
may we always love and respect human life.

You are all beauty, Maria.
In You we see the complete joy of happy life with God.

Make us never lose our way in this world:
may the light of faith illuminate our lives,
may the comforting force of hope direct our steps,
may the enthusiastic ardor  of love inflame our hearts,
may our eyes be fixed on the Lord, source of true joy.

You are all beauty, Maria.
Hear our prayer, attend to our plea:
may the merciful love of God in Jesus seduce us,
may divine beauty save us, our city and the whole world.

The perpetual Virginity: It refers to Mary Mother of God during fertilization long after childbirth is an apologetic work written by Saint Jerome where it is a dedicated response and this in turn was the author of a writing around the year 383 against the belief in the perpetual virginity of Mary (the mother of Jesus) The deepening of faith in virgin motherhood has led the Church to confess the real and perpetual virginity of Mary even in the birth of the Son of God made man. Indeed, the birth of Christ “far from diminishing, consecrated the virginal integrity” of his mother.

Perpetual Virginity Prayer  

Pray for us, Holy Mary, Immaculately conceived without sin or guilt.

Pray for us, Holy Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us, Holy Mary, ever Virgin

before, during and after childbirth. Pray for us, Holy Mary, assumed into heaven body and soul.

The Assumption of Assumption: is the belief, according to the tradition and doctrine of the Catholic Church and some Protestant denominations such as the Anglicans, that the body and soul of the mother of Jesus were sent the Marian dogmas until after finishing their days on earth.

It should not be misunderstood that Marian dogmas that refer to Jesus Christ himself have raised innumerable requests to God and invoked the light of the Spirit of Truth, to the glory of Almighty God who gave his particular goodness to the Virgin Mary, to honor his Son, Immortal King of the centuries and winner of sin and death to increase the glory of the same august Mother, and joy and rejoicing of the whole Church, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.

assumption prayer

Rejoice and be glad Daughter of Jerusalem
look at your King who comes to you, humble,
to give you your part in his victory.
You are the first of the redeemed
because you were the advance of faith.
Today, your Son comes to look for you, Virgin and Mother:
“Come my love”
I will put you on my throne, the King is captivated by your beauty.
I want you with me to consummate my saving work,
you already have your “house” ready where I am going to celebrate
the Marriage of the Lamb:

Temple of the Holy Spirit Ark of the new covenant

 Clay oven, with bread to the point of a thousand flavors.

Woman clothed with the sun, you give birth to the Savior
that pushes towards the new birth
Blessed are you who have believed, because what you have been told
from the Lord, in you it has already been fulfilled.
Maria Assunta, sign of hope and consolation,
of new and redeemed humanity, give us of your Son
to be like you filled with the Holy Spirit,
to be faithful to the Word that calls us to be,
also like you, sacraments of the Kingdom.
Today, your yes, Mary, your fiat, meets God’s yes
to his creature in the realization of his covenant,
in the embrace of a single yes.

These doctrines, the Marian dogmas, play an extremely important role because they lie in the faith that each of us human beings must have to make all prayers and supplications be heard by the Dogmas that represent the most reliable way to approach God.

It is important to point out that certain rules or guidelines that the Catholic Church dictates, for example the Pope himself in the form of or the local bishops, do not become obligatory or are placed as dogmas. Private revelations do not constitute dogma either.

The truths pronounced do not obtain their formal synthesis of Marian dogmas, until they are indicated as purposes by the Church after intensive knowledge. In times of now a certain hostility has been pronounced towards religion and dogmas, referred to as a body of confessions arbitrarily defined by the Church derived from Marian dogmas.

Even more so when it can be considered that it is the Pope who describes them on his own, all of us at some point have had a certain taboo regarding the fear of falling into hell because it is a possibility due to our freedom.

God made us free to love him or to reject him. and the Marian dogmas if you don’t remember them if heaven can be presented as a great purpose where everyone lives in full union with each other and with God, hell can be seen as loneliness, division and absence of the love that causes and sustains life . It should be noted that God’s will is life and not death of all that is. Jesus came to save and not to condemn.

This is why the theory of Catholic Marian dogma presupposes the acceptance of the doctrine of the office of teaching (Magisterium) of the Catholic Church and of the Roman Pontiff, usually with these dogmas the most direct path through supplications that are made with faith because they are the direct vehicle to reach the creator of the earth.

Together we human beings must create sincerity with these prayers when reciting them, always and in this way reach direct salvation. In general, God does not condemn anyone to hell, it is our primary option, which will be formed throughout our lives by our thoughts, acts and omissions, which confirms or not our personal desire to be with God forever. Either way, hell should not be used to convince human beings to trust in God or live by faith.

That will help the creation of a childish and clearly external religion. Love should be accentuated and not fear. Only love moves hearts and makes us worship God and love our brother in spirit and life, prayer is the blood of spiritual life and it is essential that we learn to pray. If there is something that all the religions or creeds of the world have in common, it is prayer, the search for a connection with a superior being.

Generally after 20 years of listening to the yearnings of people’s hearts, I am convinced that human beings have an innate desire for God. Whether we all have to be religious or not, this great desire is our own strongest desire and our most precious treasure, and if God exists and we are in his likeness and image, surely one of the ways to fill that great desire is the supplication.

In general, it is extremely important that we keep in mind this phrase points us very fatalistic, but it is pure sincerity, since we only obtain a line of understanding from God and we are in perfect direction through prayer, it will be impossible for us to know what is wrong. what God wants us to do. We have to understand that he tries to do a lot, if not to do what God commanded us to do, to seek his purpose for our lives. It is that “nothing works unless someone prays”, the Moravian missionaries said of Marian dogmas.

When we do not pray, we do not depend on God, since we cannot build empires without prayer and faith, which is why daily communication with God is so essential, and not only when we need him, but when we barely get up, it is what will help us. to feel the real change and transformation

A great difference that we children of God have with respect to the rest of humanity is not the way we dress, nor the job we have, it is the beautiful relationship without hypocrisy with the creator.

The mother of God is in charge of imparting faith and in this way shows people how we should educate our children to improve their communication with God, and Marian dogmas teach us that we must take into account the importance of supplications to honor the father, the son and the holy spirit, if we are in a process where the knowledge of the prayers of the virgin mary the power of that faith is what helps us but if we do it with great dedication of ourselves.

Most Holy Virgin: Just as the Son of God, referred to the treasures of his wisdom, I exalt you and filled you jointly with science and understanding, in such a way that you enjoy the wisdom of the Holy Trinity more than all the saints together, and as sun bright, with the clarity that has embellished you, you adorn the whole sky, just as I beg you to assist me at the hour of death, to fill my soul with the lights of faith and true wisdom, so that they do not darken it the doctrines of the dogmas

Visit to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Blessed Mother of God and our Mother; Beautiful Heart, object of the blessings of the adorable Trinity and deserving of all the veneration and tenderness of the Angels and of men; the most similar to that of Jesus, which forms the most beautiful image; Increased heart of great kindness and that you have so much compassion for our miseries, something like melting the ice of all the hearts of us human beings and make them return to bless us with the Heart of our savior.

The study of the Marian dogmas seemed to me in the first instance, of great importance because here is a sample that God does not need optimal conditions to act, however, I think that God cannot act only because of this is the presence of the Marian Dogmas, who represents along with their prayers words of encouragement and new hopes in order to encourage us a little more in seeking God in knowing that we have a duty to God and it is true that sometimes things happen.

Faith without knowledge is similar to superstition, so that the Jewish people could circulate towards their Exodus because God was with them, I must analyze, without being blasphemous, all the details so that nature behaves in a non-logical way; from the climatic conditions of the time, the levels of the reservoir of the Sea, and everything that happened with the flora and fauna inhabiting its waters, which caused in the environment, all the consequences of the occurrence of this phenomenon, I mean what is the probability that under normal conditions a fantastic event occurs.

In general, we must impart knowledge as a recommendation of some texts and daily prayers of the Marian dogmas and in this way understand that sometimes God leaves behind his actions sequels that may affect other related events.

In humanity there can be many things that generally sometimes make us have doubts about the miracles of God, I consider that the most direct way to reach God is through those closest to God, and the dogmas represent that vehicle that he drives together with your blessings and prayers to that communication to the creator of all your prayers.

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