High Level Intercessory Prayer for Mercy for your Country

High Level Intercessory Prayer for Mercy for your Country

High-level intercession prayer for mercy for your country, it has to be a strong and forceful prayer that heals and asks for the forgiveness of the sins of all the inhabitants of your country, so that the mercy of God fills their hearts.

High Level Intercessory Prayer for Mercy for your Country

The high-level intercessory prayer for mercy for your country must be a strong, powerful, sincere, redemptive prayer, it must be a prayer made with strength and from the heart in which we must ask forgiveness for all the sins we have committed by action or by default.

It is important to recognize the sins of our communities, so that God the Father sees the repentance and fervor of the request we make and turns his gaze towards us. We must pray a heartfelt, true and honest prayer.


Lord, today we ask you to worship at your feet, shower us with humility and wisdom to make this prayer of intercession a word worthy of your listening and attention, my Lord. Show all of us who live in (say the name of your country) how we can create true alliances of solidarity to help all those who suffer today, those who, due to the absence of adequate policies, today suffer the consequences of some type of violence, injustice, terror.

Lord bathe us in your blood and protect us all my Lord, we do not forget Abraham who interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah, today we come on our knees to intercede for (say the name of your country), do not allow us to forget all the people who have been stripped of their dignity, their freedom, their food, their roof, their economic independence, their clothing and footwear, their health, but teach us Lord to forgive those responsible for causing so much pain.

Lord, if we must face those who oppress an entire country, give us Lord the strength to break the chains that bind us, give us your wisdom to face them without causing harm, we do not want to resemble them my Lord. Oh! You Jesus who rose and are victorious sitting at the right hand of the Father, help us, intercede for us, free us all, Lord, free those who oppress us from evil and free us from fear.

Allow my Lord that we can reconcile as brothers and develop a prosperous country for our children and grandchildren and let us be the example of what is possible in your love and mercy Lord. Amen.

When we pray from the heart and ask for the good of an entire country, we should not pray without asking for the liberation, forgiveness and mercy of those who are oppressive or responsible for the situations that negatively affect the majority of the country’s inhabitants.

How to do it?

When making a high-level intercession prayer for mercy for your country, we must pray with sincerity in our hearts, with a soul clean of anger and resentment, we must pray to be heard and for the Glory and mercy of God to touch us. everybody.

We must begin by decreeing that times of Glory are coming for our entire country, the church is the first responsible for this happening, we must remember that we are the church and we are the ones who cause the miracle to take place.

Currently, many people speak that we are in the end times, that the judgment will soon come because the world is convulsed, oblivious to the path and purpose of the Lord, however, we must analyze very well when we speak of the judgment.

We must always keep in mind that Jesus came down to earth converted into a man and sacrificed himself for us and our sins, so if we repent of all our sins as a country, Jesus will not hesitate to intercede for us before God the Father, but we must repent of heart, so that Jesus can have valid arguments and save us as a country. (See also: Prayer of Faith )

We have the responsibility as a church to intercede for everyone, for our loved ones, for our Pastors, for the servants who fight strongly against evil, we must pray for them to be strengthened. We must be disciplined and consistent in prayer so that God can answer us.

When we ask for a country we cannot ask intermittently, we must ask fervently, without pauses, be persevering in the request, it is time, it is time for the church to unite in a single cry and make an intercessory prayer of high level for mercy for his country.

An intercessor is that person who assumes the responsibility of being a mediator for others who need a favor from God, they give their time to ask for those people who need help, who need God’s love and mercy. The intercessor prays fervently for the need of others, in this case for a country.

This person knows the qualities that must be had to pray and has the ability to pray, loves and believes in God, honors, adores and praises him, suffers the pain of others and wants the good of all and therefore has the strength to carry the burdens of others and makes them his own.

Those of us who are church have these qualities and therefore we intercede to ask for the salvation of others. It is the duty of all of us who know the word of God to make a high-level intercessory prayer for mercy for their country.


Almighty God, be omnipotent, You who gave us this beautiful land, full of riches and potentialities, before you we kneel and full of humility we beg you full of wisdom to this people when they go to elect the rulers who direct the political, social destiny and economy of the country Lord, because in your hands is your people full of love, generosity, a humble and submissive people depend on them at your service my Lord.

Bless this land full of your Grace my Lord, fill your people with respect, culture of good and healthy customs. Take care of all those who only see its riches in this country and forget your people my God. Defend our sovereignty and our freedom, that never comes to power whoever wants to enslave your people my Lord.

Cover the whole country with your blood so that no one is left outside your Divine protection my Lord. May there always be justice, prosperity and development in the laws of man and may there always be praise, gratitude and honor in yours my Lord. Make us strong in faith, we beg you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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