Prayer to San Benito to ward off bad neighbors from your premises

Prayer to San Benito to ward off bad neighbors from your premises

Offering a Prayer to San Benito to ward off bad neighbors, whether from premises, houses, neighborhoods, etc. It is of very high benefit, given that Saint Benedict is considered one of the most protective saints of humans, in history. Being that he gave himself completely to God, and he was the pioneer in the creation of monastic life in history. He knows all the benefits that he offers, even with his powerful legacy such as the Cross of Saint Benedict. You will be amazed at the power of it. He continues reading and you will see.

Who was Saint Benedict?

His formal name was Benedict of Nursia. He was a Monk, who was a Christian. And that, in addition, he was considered as the one who started everything related to monastic life in the West. In the same way, he was also in charge of the foundation, as for the Benedictine order.

Being its sole purpose, the establishment of various monasteries, which would be based on autarchy. The same means, that they would be self-sufficient. And in a common way, they were organized around what would be the church that would contain a basilica-type floor plan, as well as a cloister.

He was also considered the patron of Europe, and was also indicated as the patriarch of western monasticism. Also, Benito, was in charge of writing a rule, which would be applied to his monks. And that was later known, with the name of the Holy Rule. For which we also pray the Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad neighbors. Being that it also served as inspiration for a large number of religious-style communities.

It is good to point out that San Benito, had as his birthplace, the town of Nursia, in Italy. Fact occurred in the year 480. Likewise, he had a sister whose name was Scholastica. She herself also consecrated her life to God, and after this she managed to be elevated to Saint.

the first miracle

As for the first miracle performed by Saint Benedict, it was through the help he provided to a poor woman, who was lamenting, because she had broken a vase, which did not belong to her.

So Saint Benedict, without even imagining what his destiny was assigned by God. He felt deep compassion, and so he began to pray and bless that desperate woman. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, that vase, which had been completely in pieces, was practically like new. Hence the importance of, for example, praying to Saint Benedict to ward off bad neighbors.

After some time had elapsed, he then decided to isolate himself completely. And she proceeded to live then, in a secluded region. It was uninhabited. It is there that she then devotes herself entirely to prayer. And it is also where, several men. The same, also were fleeing from life in the city so sinful, they met San Benito. And they proceeded then, to be faithful followers of the teachings that he himself gave. However, evil was in charge of constantly stalking San Benito.


So on a certain day, some of those, who had become followers. They proceeded to offer him a glass of wine, and also a piece of bread, both of which were poisoned. However, Saint Benedict wanted to make the Blessing of the food, before it was eaten. So it was at that moment, when the cup, proceeded to fly into a thousand pieces. So, to keep those bad people away from our path, the Prayer to Saint Alejo is recommended to keep away undesirable people and bad guys, it is very convenient to have it at hand, I invite you to know it.

After this attack, Saint Benedict then proceeded to move together, with those who considered themselves as his true disciples, to what is known as Monte Casino. And after fasting, which lasted 40 days, he made the decision to build the monastery.

There was the place where he founded what is known as the Community of Benedictines, an event that occurred in the year 530. Likewise, a series of miracles performed by the saint were not long in coming. And after a life which was filled with so much wisdom and total dedication, then he is called Saint Benedict, to the house of his own father, in the year March 21 of the year 543.

Saint Benedict Medal

So then it is said that, for the year 1415, some manuscripts were found. They gave an explanation about, of all the meaning that has, the symbology that is inscribed in the medal of San Benito. Another symbol that is extremely important for Catholics turns out to be the Christian Rosary , so you will be able to know everything about it, if you agree to go through this recommendation. It will surely help you a lot.

However, it was precisely in the year 1880, when the fourteenth centenary of the birth of this saint was commemorated. The moment when, who was the superior of the Monastery, named Abbot. He was in charge of making known the Saint Benedict medal and its real meaning. Which, for many years, had turned out to be quite a mystery. So the details that have been known so far are:

The meaning

A Cross can be seen on face I of the medal. In the same way that the initials of the vertical stick are: CSSML Which indicates Crux Sácra Sit Mihi Lux, this means that the Holy Cross is my light .

Then on the horizontal stick are the initials NDSMD indicating, Nón Draco Sit Mihi Dux, which translates as the devil not be my guide . Likewise, on each of the sides, there are the letters CSPB that indicates the reference of the Holy Father Benito’s Cross .

Likewise, and in a clockwise direction, bordering the medal, is the translation of the different inscriptions, with the letters:

  • RS Vada Retro Satan. stay away satan
  • SMV Non Suáde Mihi Vána. do not advise me vain things
  • MQL Sunt Mala Quae Libas. It’s bad what you offer me
  • VB Ipse Venene Bibas. Drink your own poison

The other side

On the other side of the medal it is possible to observe a figure of Saint Benedict, where he is carrying a cross, which he does with his left hand. Then in his right hand he is holding The Holy Rule.

This being a regulation, very famous. Which was written by him, and which is made up of the laws, which were inevitable to be fulfilled, by all those religious communities, which belonged to the Catholic faith.

As for the phrase that is located around the medal, it says: Eius in óbitu nostro preséntia muniámur. Taking this for meaning: that at the time of our death your presence protects us . Even when in certain medals you can only read the inscription that says Sanctus Benedictus.

Likewise, when this face of the medal is observed in detail, it is possible to find that a raven is found in its lower left part. Being that the same, in its beak is carrying a loaf of bread. Which is the sign of the food that was given to Saint Benedict, and that he was poisoned. In order that the life of the saint be ended.

In the same way, in the lower right part, there is a cup that is broken, which alludes to the day, in which the saint blew it into a thousand pieces, after having given him the blessing.

The use of the medal

As for the Saint Benedict medal, a large number of powers are attributed, being that the main one and that has much more meaning is to ward off the devil and also its temptations. It is also frequently used to ward off any type of evil spirits.

Also, for example, we can ask him through the Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad neighbors, when we have that problem.

It is even used by priests when they practice an exorcism. Or also to help scare the subject. That is, it acts at all times, like a shield that fights evil. Taking into account that it is always, that it is cover, with faith and with devotion.

Those who can wear it

This medal can be worn by everyone, since it has been recognized by the Church, as if it were a help for those who are Christians. Because it works, helping in moments of temptation.

As well as, when you are facing some danger and also, at the time of death. Which is a kind promise, for those who carry it precisely in their last moments of life, given that they will have protection in those moments.

As for the devotion towards the Saint Benedict medal, it has to be demonstrated in several ways when it is worn. It is possible to wear it as a pendant on a chain, or also on a bracelet. Likewise, it can be placed on a rosary and the inscription can also be made on a crucifix.

Also, it is not only to carry it with you. But it is also possible to place it in a place that has a lot of meaning in the home. Forming part of an altar. Or also have it both in the office and in the car. As well as place it in the main bedroom of the house.

It is important to clarify that one should not fall into what is known as superstition, due to the miracles that the medal allowed. Well, it is only about the work of God acting from his infinite love for us. Also, from our deepest and most solid Faith.

Well, now that we know the history and kindness of Saint Benedict, we are going to ask in prayer to keep us away from those neighbors who have bad behavior, so that we can live together healthily, and under the teaching of Master Jesus, with all the love, harmony and peace that are necessary to be happy together.

Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad neighbors

Holy blessed my Saint Benito, to whom I give my devotion, you who were the one who did so many miracles, before you left to accompany God. I come to you precisely on this precious day so that you have a sample of devotion for you. My blessed Saint Benito, to my devotion I give, you who with your expertise ward off evil, I come to you to give me the solution.

I expose you here to my neighbors, who every day of my life embitter my well-being. And they have no idea of ​​a good convivial deliver. They also don’t want to leave and go somewhere else. This is why my blessed Saint Benedict, that, from my heart, I ask you to place the desire and the desire to leave in his heart. So that we can live in peace, and avoid putting up with so much bad behavior on your part.

I know very well my blessed Saint Benito, that from my devotion, tolerance towards the neighbor around us is a duty. But these neighbors fail to understand the reasons. They also do not understand the forms of coexistence that exist in community.

That is why I come to you, blessed and dear Saint Benedict, so that you put an end to this situation, that they go to another place, through your intervention.


So you, who are in the vicinity of Christ, I ask that through your intervention in his presence, he wants to give me that support that I now ask for. For what Blessed Saint Benedict, I trust in you, and on this day I know that you have already heard my request.

I am sure that you never stop responding to your faithful devotees, and therefore my confidence is that those bad neighbors have already moved away from my door and around me. Amen. So it is, thanks

After the Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad neighbors is finished, three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories are prayed. This prayer is required to be prayed for three consecutive days. Likewise, when you feel devastated, and believe that you have committed very serious, unforgivable sins, I recommend you discover How to get God’s forgiveness? , there you will get the answers to what now overwhelms you. I invite you to stop by, you will not regret it.

Prayer II

This prayer is prayed to Saint Benedict, to ward off bad people, envy and bad influences. And he says:

Glorious and Holy Saint Benedict, who shows your fervor and who is my kind and kind great protector. And also of all those who come to you begging in prayer. I ask you to keep away from me any type of influence considered evil. As well as all evil and enemies who want to harm and annoy me. Deliver me dear Saint Benedict from all the dangers of both my soul and my body.

May all my sorrows and sufferings be relieved by your intercession before the Lord for my sake. And also those serious difficulties that you know and through which I am going. Therefore I ask you to set aside, condemn and be rejected, through the power of the Cross. All that bad, malicious person. And all the malice that is directed towards me, as well as towards my family and also to all my relatives.

Likewise, Saint Benedict, deliver me from all that is fatal heresies. As well as any intention through magic, or also by spells or sorcery. Keep away from my path all that person who is an enemy. Anyone who practices violence, lies, envy. That he is also a bad neighbor. With selfish and treacherous behavior. Protect me then Saint Benedict, from everything that manifests as anger, hatred, jealousy and resentment.

Deliverance from evils and petition

My blessed Saint Benedict, that no bad language can entangle or defame me, and that I can never receive any attack, either physically or mentally. That is why he then removes from my surroundings and from my side anyone who has the pretense of harming me in my daily life. Just as in my work, at home or in love. I ask you Saint Benedict, to free me from any kind of harm and perversity, especially what worries me so much today, (Make the special request).

So with all my confidence I ask you, because I know and I am sure of your magnificent goodness, for your valuable life given before Christ, and your dedication in prayer. Grant me that gracious intercession. For that unlimited power that you provide over harm, give me your protection and shelter. And defend me from everything bad that wants to attack me. Give me your assistance and protection. Amen. So it is, thanks.

After the prayer is finished, three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories are prayed. This Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad neighbors must be prayed for three days in a row. And it can also be used to make a novena to San Benito.

Prayer III

I come before you, oh Saint Benito, to tell you what causes me sadness and sorrow. You who have fought all the evils of the world, and also all those bad people and those who are in doubt with you, because of their bad behavior, and who then put them in their rightful place.

I expose my regret here, since I have some neighbors who have been in charge of downloading expletives and bad words. In addition to disastrous actions on my person. That is why blessed Saint Benedict, I ask you to place them very far from me and from my home.

So they can’t get close to my neighborhood. For what I suffer a lot from all their wickedness and their insolence, I ask you, O Blessed Saint Benedict, to keep them away from me, from my surroundings, from my life, and from my neighborhood. I ask you to reach us all the tranquility, which we need so much. May my ears no longer listen to your words so unfair, so hurtful and full of evil.

It is because of your great power and goodness that I come to you, my blessed Saint Benedict, to pray all my anguish, so that through your intervention peace may come again, to my life, to my home, and to all my neighborhood. And that these bad neighbors, move away and finally leave us in peace.

Trusting in your wonderful and miraculous intervention. I put this situation in your hands, believing that you have already given it the solution. And now we are at peace. Giving you my love, my trust, and my faith. I relax and know that you have already solved it. Amen. That’s how it is. Thanks.

After this prayer is finished, three Our Fathers, Three Hail Marys, and three Glories are prayed. This prayer is required to be prayed for three days in a row. Likewise, when moments of tribulation take hold of a mother, because her children are far from her, it is necessary to know the Prayer for mothers who have her children far from her. Which happens constantly, so it is required to know it and share it with much love. Don’t miss it, you will be comforted.

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