Learn how to pray before reading the Bible, so you can understand what you read

Learn how to pray before reading the Bible, so you can understand what you read

Knowing how to pray before reading the Bible is very important since prayer will allow us to understand the holy scriptures, here we will show you how.

How to pray before reading the Bible?

All those who are scholars of the Holy Scriptures, recommend a prayer before beginning their study or reading, because we rise spiritually, that intimate conversation with God allows us to have a greater understanding and interpretation of the word of the Lord.

When people begin to read the Bible, it is very common for them to express that they understand very little or nothing of what it says. The first thing we should know is how we are going to start reading it after making the prayer, the order and the choice is of the utmost importance to understand the sacred word.

First of all you should know that all the holy men who wrote the word of God in each of the books that make up the Bible were touched by the Holy Spirit, the written word was from the presence of God through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it should be your first request in prayer, to be led by the Holy Spirit.

To pray before reading the Bible we must rid ourselves of any concern or situation that could interrupt our prayer. As good Christians we know that praying is nothing more than having a personal and intimate conversation with God.

So let’s look for a space or a place that allows us to relax, calm down and concentrate, remember that it is a meeting with your Father and you must fill him with joy when you speak to him, you must honor him, praise him and glorify him.

Please take the Holy Book with you, it is also important that you have a pen and paper at hand. It is possible that you ask yourself why? Well, you must pay close attention, God will communicate with you and you must write what he tells you without losing details, do not think that he is imagining things, you just have to be attentive and open yourself to listen to what he has what to tell you.

If you happen to receive messages during your prayer before reading the Bible, take the time to meditate on it. You can also write down your requests to the Most High and that way you can recognize the blessings of him. Do not forget to be sincere, thank and repent of your sins before starting the prayer before reading the Bible, you cannot forget that you are his son and he knows everything about you, therefore, if you are not sincere he will know .

From your heart ask God to allow you to be touched by the Holy Spirit to understand his word and interpret it.


O Almighty Father creator of heaven and earth

Today I come before you clean of soul and heart, I ask your forgiveness for my sins and I am sorry.

I bow to you because it is my desire to honor and glorify you my Lord

And that is why today I ask you my Lord, give me wisdom, allow your Holy Spirit to come to me to understand your word my God and not interpret it my Lord

It is my desire to honor you, praise you, glorify you

And as a respectful Son, it is my heartfelt desire to begin to read your word and understand it in order to become an obedient son, my Father, beloved Father.

By understanding your designs I will be walking the right path my God

I remain silent before you, if it is your will to tell me something I am attentive my Lord

I hear you my God, I hear you my Lord, I hear you beloved Father

Thank you Most High, Father of all heavens for answering my call

Your word will be my way, from today and forever

I promise to read your word to be a son

That makes his father proud and full of joy

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

After your prayer, look in your Bible for the Book of 2 Peter chapter 1 verses from 20 to 21 in which you will read “understanding first this, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of private interpretation, because the prophecy was never brought by human will, but that holy men of God spoke being moved by the Holy Spirit.” (See also: Short Christian Prayer )

Therefore, if the holy men and women chosen by God to be touched and inspired by the Holy Spirit wrote the sacred word, it is the same Holy Spirit who can guide us to understand the word of God and obey it .

It is important then to know that the word of God is one, it is not correct that his word be interpreted, when you hear or read that verse number X means such and such a thing, that is not correct, you must say the verse X says, when we place or prefix he means, we are somehow interpreting the Bible. We can compare the Sacred Word with the Human Laws, to finish the importance of what we say here.

Human Laws are interpreted by lawyers by people and are modified and improved, repealed, changed, but not the word of God, the word of God is the same and means the same forever and ever.

Each of the words written by the men and women chosen and inspired by God through the Holy Spirit has a purpose, therein lies the importance of understanding the Word, the importance of praying before reading the Bible and asking to be touched and inspired by the Holy Spirit to understand it, to be able to fulfill the purpose of its message and not do what we as humans consider.

By having that intimate conversation with our beautiful creator we express our desire and our feelings, that Spirit will be present and will now be our inspiration to understand. When we pray before reading the Bible, a number of promises are revealed that are for us and God through the presence of the Holy Spirit reveals them.

In that beautiful communication that we establish with our Creator, he communicates to us and reveals in his Word what he wants to tell us, what he expects from each one of us and we must accept it, meditate on it, understand it and put it into practice.

sentence 2

Oh my God Father and Creator, we thank you in your name for the word sent for our guidance.

We ask you, beloved Father, to send us the wisdom to avoid any mistake when reading it.

Give me Lord the humility to accept what your word requires, it is your will and not mine Lord.

Let me learn from you through its reading make me a humble, respectful, generous and kind person to be able to take your message full of teachings to others
I beg you, oh Beloved Father, allow me the merits of the truth because Jesus Christ your only son lives in me, God and it is in him where all the Treasures are found.

In the name of the one who lives and reigns with you, forever and ever. Amen

Let us always remember to invoke the Holy Spirit, because filled with the joy of his presence we will recognize the truths of the Word. We must be calm and focused on the request that we will make in our prayer before reading the Bible- The Holy Spirit comes to the aid in the weaknesses that we may have.

Many times we do not know what to do, how to start praying, because we invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit will fill us with strength, faith and vigor, whoever prays in him walks with him.

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