Powerful Novena to the Blood of Christ

Powerful Novena to the Blood of Christ

The Novena to the Blood of Christ is a prayer that is performed by all Catholic devotees to the blood of Christ in order to obtain the blessing of Jesus, cleansing and purification through his blood. In the following article we will know everything related to this topic.

Novena to the Blood of Christ for Impossible Causes

The Novena to the Blood of Christ is a prayer made by thousands of people who are devoted to Catholicism, since through this kind of novena many come to ask some saints and Christ for their help to solve their needs and problems. So if you want to be healthy from an illness or have your problems resolved, you can perform the following prayers and Novena to the Blood of Christ.

Prayers For Every Day

The prayers for every day are made up of various prayers that are very important to perform before starting with the novena of the day. So take your time and pray the following prayers before continuing or starting the Novena to the Blood of Christ.

forgiveness prayer

This is the prayer of forgiveness that must be performed every day to obtain the favor of God and Christ. The sentence goes as follows:

At this moment I own the word that says there is redemption in the blood of Christ. My Lord, I want you to be the one to redeem me right now, forgive me for all the times I’ve walked away from you because of my attitudes; I want at this moment, my lord, to abandon the kind of miserable and poor life that I have led until today; to refuge in your promise that says:

“But if we live in the light, just as God is in the light, then there is union between us, and the blood of his son Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.”

1 John 1:7.

The precious Blood of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ is the one that cleanses me from all kinds of sin, so on this day I recognize that I am a sinful man and that I repent of all the faults that I have committed to this day, for what I ask of you that you seal me with your Blood, remove from your presence all kinds of evil that I have committed before You doing what you do not like and do not like, thank you for Your liberating Blood my beloved Christ. Amen.

Praises to the Blood of Christ

These are some praises dedicated to Our Lord Jesus which says as follows:

Jesus, author of our salvation.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, you who gave your Blood as payment price for our ransom.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, whose Blood is what reconciles us with God.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, that with your Blood you come to purify all human beings.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, it is with your Blood that you cleanse all our sins.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, by your precious Blood is that we can have access to God.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, you give us your spirit when we drink your Blood through the Lord’s Supper.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, with whose Blood we taste the delights of heaven.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, that with your Blood you come to strengthen our weakness.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, you do not give of your Blood in the Eucharist.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, by which whose Blood becomes the pledge of the eternal banquet.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, who clothes us with your Blood as the garment of the kingdom.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Jesus, by which whose Blood is the one that proclaims our value before God.

  • Blessed be Your Most Precious Blood!

Prayer to the Virgin Mary

This is the prayer made to the Virgin Mary, this is made after having made the prayer of forgiveness before beginning with the novena of the Blood of Christ of the day. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh Virgin Mary, you who came to see how the blessed Blood flowed from the body of Jesus with which Jesus, your beloved son, bought me and offered for the forgiveness of all my sins that I have committed.

You, Blessed Virgin Mary who came to feel the great pain for the Blood that was poured all over his face, for the blood that came to sprout all over his body, for those lashes that he received, that same blood that came to sprout from his hands and his feet at the moment in which the nails were pierced to be hung on the tree, that same blood that flowed from his side by the spear that pierced his flesh.

For all that blood is that I gave you all my concerns so that when they join your pain and that of Jesus I can achieve the grace that I truly longed to obtain from you through your great intercession. (At this time give him your requests) .

Prayer of the Blood of Christ

This is a prayer dedicated to the Blood of Christ that must be performed before the novena to the Blood of Christ which says as follows:

Lord Jesus, in your holy name, and with the great power of your Precious Blood, we seal every person, deed or event through which the enemy wants to harm us.

With the power of the Blood of Jesus on this day I cover myself, we cover ourselves and seal ourselves from all destructive power in the air, as well as on earth, in water, in fire, under the earth, in the abysses of hell and also in the world in which all people currently move. With the power of the Blood of Jesus at this time we break with all interference and action of the evil one.

I ask you, oh my Jesus, to send the Holy Virgin Mary to our homes and workplaces, to be accompanied by the archangels Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, and also her entire court of Holy Angels.

With the power of the Blood of Jesus at this moment I cover myself, I cover and seal my house, all those who live in it as: (Begins to name each one of the members of the family and those who live there) and to the people that the Lord will send to visit her, as well as in the same way to all the food and goods that He Himself generously sends us for our sustenance.

With the power of the precious Blood of Jesus I cover myself on this day, we cover and also seal all people, animals, objects, the air we breathe, and with great Faith I place a circle of Blood around my entire family.

With the power of the precious Blood of Jesus at this moment I cover myself, cover myself and seal all the places where I go and go with my family to be on that day and in the same way to the people, companies or institutions with whom we are going to deal with, for example a: (Start naming the places and people you are going to deal with on that day).

With the power of the precious Blood of Jesus on this day I cover myself, cover and seal my employment or material and spiritual work, the businesses of all your children, the vehicles, all the roads, the air, the tracks and any type of means of transport to be used.

With your Precious Blood at this moment I cover myself, just as I cover and seal all the acts, the minds and also the hearts of all the inhabitants, the leaders and governors of our Country and also of the Church so that your Peace and may your heart reign in them.

For which I thank you oh Lord for your Blood and also for your life, since thanks to both I have been saved and am preserved from all kinds of evil. Amen.

Sealing Prayer

This is a prayer that is performed so that the person is sealed by the blood of Christ before starting with the Novena to the Blood of Christ. The prayer is done as follows:

I (will say his name and surname) place myself at the feet of my Lord Jesus Christ and in this way I surrender to his Lordship, I also bind myself to his holy will, I tie myself with the enormous ties of his great mercy, so that I open my heart wide so that it penetrates and also invades my entire being completely.

In the name of Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ who died and rose again, at this moment I cry out and claim His Precious Blood over me, over my life, over my family, over all my goods, both spiritual and material. So on this day I seal my heart so that with his powerful Precious Blood it can be cleansed of all kinds of hatred, resentments, fears, anguish, loneliness, sadness, pain, and above all any kind of negative feeling.

So on this day I (will say your first and last name) seal my entire spirit with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

I (will say his first and last name) completely seal my soul with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

I (will say his name and surname) seal my mind and will with the Precious Blood of Jesus in the same way.

I (will say his name and surname) seal all my past as well as my present with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

I seal on this day with the Precious Blood of Jesus each one of my children or my son: (You are going to name him or each one of them) so that before the powerful seal of the Blood of Jesus all kinds of force flee. of evil

Therefore, I also apply the Blood of Jesus to my entire house, and to each one of those who live in it. Lord Jesus, I shed your precious Blood in my work, employment or my business so that each and every one of them is sealed and that no kind of power of the evil one can harm me. Amen.

Blood Bath Prayer

Oh Jesus, my eternal savior, who presents before the father who is on his great white throne, by virtue of the Holy Spirit that was poured out by the immense love you have for us. I ask you to purify me of all my sins through your sacred blood, and that I may obtain through it the grace that I find myself asking for through this Novena to the Blood of Christ. (At this time you present your petitions). Amen.

Prayer to the Lord Jesus

After the Sealing prayer, the prayer to the Lord Jesus is performed, which reads as follows:

O Lord Jesus, I ask you to give me to drink from the torrent of your delights. Since I know that your Precious blood will quench my thirst for you. Your precious blood is the one that washes me of all my sins and stains.

Your precious blood is what strengthens me in the midst of my weakness. Your precious blood is the one that assures me eternal life. Oh Lord, blessed are you for that precious Blood that you came to shed for me! In the Eucharist you give me Your sacred Blood so that through it I may be intoxicated with heavenly joy.

Joys for each day of the Novena

Before starting with the Novena to the Blood of Christ, day by day, after the previous prayers, the Joys for each day of the Novena will be performed, which is as follows:

  • The Chorus: Oh! adorable Blood of Jesus which cleanses my mind and my heart. I ask you to break any kind of tie that prevents my blessing.

On this day I cover myself with your Blood and at the same time seal my whole being, free me from hunger and any scarcity.

  • Chorus…

Your Precious Blood has power, your Blood is what heals my whole being, your Blood is what cleanses my soul and also protects my whole being.

  • Chorus…

Come Oh redeeming Blood, which transforms my home on this day so I want to be freed from all evil influence.

  • Chorus…

I ask you, oh Jesus, to sprinkle me with your redeeming Blood. I give you all my debts to be able to achieve victory over any kind of bondage that afflicts me and destroys me, bringing all kinds of bitterness to my life.

  • Chorus…

Flow redeeming blood, I ask you to flow over my life, removing from my business and my home all kinds of oppressive force that does not allow me to sleep or be happy.

  • Chorus…

Your redeeming Blood is the one that destroys all kinds of evil, on this day I ask you to help me in this need that I have.

  • Chorus…

On this day I ask you to build the areas that were affected in my past life, so I ask you to heal the wounds in me that came to leave like waterfalls a force of bitterness, sadness and also pain.

  • Chorus…

Your Blood becomes the source of power and liberation through it we were cleansed to obtain the blessing of Christ.

  • Chorus…

Blood of Christ the ransom price, the great seal that marks us, the guarantee that you delivered us. With that great Precious Blood on this day I want you to come and help me in this anguish that I have.


Now we are going to start the Novena to the Blood of Christ for 9 days, and in each one of them you are going to do the following:

First day

The first step to be able to have victory in your life is to accept the work of redemption of Jesus. In the book of Ephesians 1:7 he says as follows:

“In his great love, God has freed us by the Blood that Jesus shed and has forgiven our sins.”

Ephesians 1:7

Libardo tells that he never imagined that the Blood of Jesus would have such power and that one day when he was very depressed with a desire to die, he invoked the Blood of Jesus so that it would come upon him.

It was something truly surprising since he felt as if something were coming to tear from his chest and also from his heart, so he was filled with full joy, from that very day his life changed completely. He now he is going to continue with the joys.

Second Day

You forgive them must relate to everything that surrounds them with creation, with the people themselves, with those around them and with their relatives, as well as among others.

 “And through Christ he wanted to put the eternal universe at peace with himself, both what is on earth and what is in heaven, making peace through the Blood that Christ shed on the cross.”

Colossians 1:20

A lady named Maritza recounts that she was a very resentful person, who fought with everything, she had a lot of hatred in her heart, she did not even love herself, one day in a prayer she came to invoke the Blood of Christ so that the itself could cleanse her heart completely, so she discovered the great power of the Blood since her heart was able to forgive a person who had done her a lot of harm and within her she was filled with peace from that very day. She now she is going to continue with the joys.

third day

On this day we will accept the forgiveness of all our sins. The book of 1 John chapter 1 verse 7 says as follows:

“But if we live in the light, as God is in the light, then there is union between us, and the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.”

1 John 1:7

A woman named Rocío comes to tell that her life was full of many bitterness since she considered herself dirty, because she believed that God spent her time judging and did not approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation since it was considered as unworthy, however, one day when she read this verse that we mentioned before in the Bible, she came to understand about the love of God and the great power that the Blood of Christ possesses, for which she felt forgiven and at the same time deserving of all the blessings of God.

After having spent some 25 years without going to confession, she managed to find rest within herself and was finally freed from the many ties that came to impede her progress. She finally culminates in her joys.

fourth day

On this day the great power of the Blood of Christ will be discovered. In the book of Hebrew chapter 9 verse 13 to 14 it says as follows:

“It is true that the Blood of bulls and goats, and the ashes of the heifer that is burned on the altar, which are sprinkled on those who are impure, have power to consecrate and purify them on the outside.

But if this is so, how much more power will the Blood of Christ have! For through the eternal Spirit, Christ offered Himself to God as a spotless sacrifice, and His Blood Cleanses our conscience from the works that lead to death, that we may serve the Living God.”

Hebrews 9:13 – 14.

A woman named Eloísa comes to tell that once she came to experience many things in her life but that one day she discovered the great power that the blood of Christ has. Eloísa’s husband was one of those people who was always drunk, every day, so when she arrived at her house, all he did was mistreat her.

It was a very painful experience, so one day she had the conviction of wanting to improve herself and walking down the street she finds a preacher who tells her:

“Every time your husband raises his hand to hit you, invoke the Blood of Christ.”

Not much time passed and that moment came when the man raised his hand to hit her and she only shouted “oh Blood of Christ Protect me” and for no reason the man’s hand turned to him and he began to hit himself, it was a moment surprising and since that same event, her husband named Efraín never hit her again.

From that day forward, at all times and in any circumstance, in the face of any kind of danger, she only says: “Blood of Christ, cover me” and has come to feel the divine protection of Jesus. She finally continues her joys.

Fifth Day

In the book of Revelation in chapter 5 verse 9 it says as follows:

“Because you were sacrificed; and shed Your Blood you purchased for God people of every race, language, people and nation.

Revelation 5:9

Then in the same book of Revelation chapter 1 verse 5 it says:

“And also from Jesus Christ, faithful witness, who was the first to rise from the dead and has authority over the kings of the earth. Christ loves us, and he has freed us from our sins by shedding his Blood.”

Revelation 1:5.

A woman named Claudia tells that previously she did not believe in the power of the Blood of Jesus, but one day she found herself in a big problem in her life, her husband had gone with another woman and at the beginning he rebelled against God, from At that time she hated her husband and also the person with whom she lived.

He began to seal the girl and her husband with the Blood of Christ every day, when he got up he covered them with the Blood of Christ and a few months later that same relationship was destroyed by the same power of the Blood of Christ. Christ and at the same time her husband returned home with her. She now she begins with the joys of the day.

Day Six

On this day it is to accept entering into the blessing of Jesus. So the book of Acts chapter 10 verse 19 says as follows:

“Therefore, brethren, now we can enter without any fear into the sanctuary through the Blood of Jesus Christ.”

Hebrews 10:19

A testimony of a woman named Alicia is that she believed that only holy people were the ones who could enjoy the full blessings of God, however, one day she came to hear one of the sermons about what the Blood of Christ is and He managed to discover that through the Blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross of Calvary, he could approach God with great confidence in order to acquire the blessings for his life.

In a prayer he began to give thanks for the Blood of Jesus and from that moment on his whole life changed completely, he never felt more fear for the situation, which he learned to trust in God and from that day he testifies that all those problems came to be solved as he came to repeat: “thank you Jesus for the Blood you shed for my salvation and liberation, Your Blood has power”. Now it can finally culminate in the joys.

day seven

On this day you must accept that the Blood of the Lamb is what expels the devil from your life, your home and your business, among many other places. In the book of Revelation in chapter 12 verse 9 to 11 he says as follows:

“So the great dragon was expelled, that ancient serpent called the Devil and Satan, and who deceives the whole world. He and his angels were cast down to earth.

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven saying: salvation has come, the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah; for the accuser of our brothers has been cast out, the one who accused them day and night before our God.

Our brothers have blessed him with the Spilled Blood of the Lamb and with the message that they proclaimed: they were not afraid of losing their lives, but were willing to die.

Revelation 12:9-11

This time a man named Rodolfo comes to tell that ruin had come to his home, every day that things happened in his life, things went from worse to worse. He began to do every day what was the sealing prayer that comes to appear in this novena to the blood of Christ , every day he got up from his bed and began to perform this prayer in the various places of his home and the ruin of his life completely disappeared.

The fights came to an end in his home, peace came completely, all those who did not get a job managed to get it, the appliances that were damaged frequently were never damaged again, everything thanks to the power of the Blood of Christ and all kinds of evil influence came to be expelled from her home.

Since then he and his wife have attended a Catholic church in their parish and have been committed to the church. After having read this testimony he will continue with the joys of each day.

Eighth Day

The book of Hebrews chapter 11, verse 28 says as follows:

“By Faith, Moses celebrated  the Passover and ordered the doors to be sprinkled with Blood so that the angel of death would not touch the eldest son of any Israelite.”

Hebrews 11:28

Just like the book of Exodus in chapter 12, verse 13 says that:

“The Blood will serve for you to mark the houses where you are, and thus, when I mortally wound the Egyptians, none of you will die, because I will see the Blood and pass by.”

Exodus 12:13

People have the blood of Jesus, yet only a few truly understand the value of it. There are a few who know how to use their power to protect themselves and all their belongings, it is like the person who has a car, however, if he does not know how to drive it as it is, he will never be able to arrive as far as you need to go.

It’s the same as having a great alarm system, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s never going to provide you with the protection you need from burglars.

day ninth

The book of Matthew chapter 26, verses 27 to 28 says as follows:

“Then he took a cup in his hands and, having given thanks to God, passed it to them, saying: Drink all of you from this cup, for this is my Blood, with which the covenant is confirmed, which is shed to favor of many for the forgiveness of their sins.”

Matthew 26:27-28

A large number of people never thought that the power of the Blood of Christ was truly impressive, the same during his last supper, declares that his blood becomes shed for the good of all humanity in the world and future generations. . Jesus himself is the one who instructs the Sacrament of the Eucharist and every time people take communion they find themselves drinking his Blood.

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