Prayer to attract a man to your feet

Is there a Prayer to attract a man to my feet? Do you consider that you are not having good luck in love? Then you will be surprised with all the help and prayers that we will leave within your reach, so that you can attract the man you love. In this article we will teach you how to pray to keep the man in his life by your side.

what do we pray for

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have, since it helps us to ask for everything we want and need, through prayer we can communicate with our Heavenly Father and have a sincere and fluid conversation and let him, his saints and angels, of our need.

But prayer is also to thank for all the good and not so good in our lives, on many occasions people forget to thank and only ask, which is not correct, because God always honors and takes care of his children and for that we should be thankful.

With prayer we can ask the universe, but we must also ask our being, this is one of the first practices that we must carry out when praying, be aware of what we want and how much of us we are willing to deliver, so that that request is fulfilled. make it real We can have an answer to our request, but if that person is already with us, we do nothing to make him happy, we will not be able to keep him by our side.

Prayers are a good method to order our thoughts and put our desires in order, to recognize how much we deserve what we are asking for, if in fact it is a possible request, although nothing is impossible for our Father, but neither can we forget that he has a plan.

Knowing why we pray, we are fully entitled to make a prayer to attract a man to my feet, the prayers that we will show in this article will serve to attract a new love or to revive an already established relationship that is cooling. Remember that you must have faith, ask with your heart to attract our requests and draw the attention of our Father and the Universe, that is why we must activate the power of attraction.

How to pray to be heard

All our prayers must be made with strength and faith, we must be convinced that we want what we are asking for, the power of our heart and our mind will make that desire promote the power of asking in the right way, to be heard. We cannot be inclined to pray and let our thoughts be directed to a different situation, because prayer alone will not have the desired effect.

We must then pray putting all our thought and positive energy into what we are asking for, we must imagine ourselves with that loved one and what our life will be like when our request is granted. This type of spiritual preparation will give strength and credibility to our prayer, we must be honest and show that we really want it and therefore we must give it strength.

It is also important every time we pray to be attentive to the signs that our request is coming true, because we must show how much we really want it. Most of the people whose requests don’t get fulfilled is because they don’t persist with them.

It is not just about having the merits so that the requests are granted, it is that if in reality we were granted everything for simply wanting it, without showing how important it is for us and how much we want it, it would not open a balance and it would really be chaos. .

It is clear that only the right thing will be granted, if we are asking for a man who is married, has his family and is happy, it is not right, so it should not be granted, however, the power of prayer is very strong and we must be honest and careful with our requests.

It is important to point out that the results have a perfect time that we do not define ourselves, so we cannot despair or give up, we must persevere in our request. We must be aware that time exists only for humans, but not for the universe and much less for God. So we can’t be impatient, the times will be perfect.

Remember to pray with faith, be constant in request, believe without doubt because God’s timing is perfect. To pray should not be a special or specific place, neither is the time, nor the moment, we remind you that what is truly important is our attitude and conviction that the prayer to attract a man to my feet, will give the expected results .

Therefore, we must prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually, bow down as a sign of redemption and respect, take a deep breath, allow your mind to clear of images that may interfere with what you want, when your mind is clean, then you will begin to visualize your life with that loved one and perform the prayer to attract a man to my feet. We will leave several prayers, all equally powerful, just choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and that suits your needs.

Prayer to attract a man to my feet

Oh my Lord, today I come to you surrendered and full of faith, to ask that (Name of the loved person) come to me, come and be by my side, I am here waiting for him, waiting for him to come closer and give me the chance to talk to you.

He is my perfect man, chosen by you for me, because you are the one who plans my life. Lord, I ask that his gaze rests on me and he can recognize that we are made for each other, I ask on my knees that his love come and meet mine, that he come into my life, that he come closer to me and look me in the face and your look is the one I deserve, with eyes of eternal love.

May I be your refuge, your beloved, may our life as a couple be perfect, may it remain in your heart and in your life. It is not a whim my Lord, it is true, clean and pure love that I want to give him, allow him to come closer and know everything I have to give him, give us the opportunity to discover that I am his beloved, that he cannot resist my charms Come to me Lord, so be it. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Anthony to attract and keep a man

The faith that women have in San Antonio has marked precedents in history, impossible miracles are attributed to him, which is why we indicate below the beautiful prayer to attract a man to my feet, addressed to San Antonio.

Oh glorious holy lord Saint Anthony, I respectfully ask you to grant me the strength to attract the love, thought and will of (say the name of the loved one) fill me with hope so that you give me the patience and persistence that allows me to conquer love and the attention of (say the name of the loved one).

Beloved Saint Anthony, miraculous saint, help me to attract the love, thought and will of (say the name of the loved one). Blessed Saint Anthony intercede for me, so that I can achieve with your help and intervention what I want to achieve, which is the love, thought and will of (say the name of the loved one) Amen.

At the end of the prayer, pray an Our Father. This prayer must be repeated 13 times a day for 13 days in a row starting on June 13. It is important to give strength to the prayer, that is why a red candle should be prepared, to which we are going to place a paper on which they will write their name and that of the loved one, this paper will be placed around of the candle

If you put cinnamon powder on it, the request will be stronger. You light this candle the first day you start praying. After 13 days, what is left of the candle can be buried in a pot with roses. That day you must take to the church of San Antonio, seven coins of any denomination and make the request in his presence.

Prayer to Saint John to attract a man to your feet

Saint John is another of the saints to whom it is requested, to dominate a man and keep him surrendered with love at our feet, he will recognize your love and your charms and nothing can separate him from you. Below we show the prayer to attract a man to my feet addressed to Saint John.

Powerful Saint John of the conquests, you who were daring to enter each of the houses of ancient Jerusalem, to turn off each of the lamps of the most holy sacrament. Today I ask you to enter each of the senses of (you must say the name of the desired man), so that he can recognize in me all my charms and virtues.

You, my beloved Saint John, make (you must say the name of the desired man), not stop thinking about me, that he falls madly in love with me, that his mind and heart be mine forever, that I become his safe place , serene and calm, so that you always want to be by my side. Amen.

Prayer to attract a man

If your case is that your partner has left the house and you want to recover your relationship and keep him by your side, the prayer asking the souls is very powerful and will make you attract that loved one again, as we have indicated previously, you should be done with faith.

It is also very important to introspect and try to identify what caused that loved one to leave your side, sometimes we trust ourselves and we can neglect aspects that are important to that person and we must recognize and correct them. Next we leave the prayer to attract a man to my feet who has left his house.

Blessed and powerful souls, bearers of good designs, you Patron Saints of good and faithful listeners of the requests of believers in God. Today before you, I kneel to beg for attention in the face of the lack of love that overwhelms me, I find myself alone and vulnerable. The being I love has left my side and since his departure I only feel hopeless.

But my faith has kept me standing and I fully trust that with his mediation, he will return home. I ask you blessed and powerful souls that he return to me, intercede in his heart so that love flourishes and you are participants in the happiness that will surround us. Amen.

Prayer to attract my husband

Father you who were a front row witness of our love and our union. You who blessed her in holy matrimony, today I come before you to ask you to intervene in my husband’s heart and allow him to recognize that our love is still in him. I ask you my Lord to guide our lost hearts and allow them to come out of the misery generated by being separated. Fill the path with light for the reunion of the love we have for each other, because darkness has been created apart and they cannot see each other.

I ask that your mantle that covers lonely souls and your ever-attentive ear listen to my prayers, please, Lord, I beg you to help those who speak to you, I find myself prostrate before you, I ask forgiveness for my sins and mistakes, so that you find my soul that pray for the return of my husband, to continue building our life together. You know better than anyone that our souls are destined to be together, my faith is whole that I will get an answer to my request. Amen

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