Learn how to pray the protection prayer for the job you need

The daily work that is provided to a company is what allows generating the income required to support a home. Hence, it must be executed as best as possible. However, it is also required to protect it spiritually. In this post, we will review what job protection is all about, what necessary qualities and abilities one must have, how to ask for divine protection to preserve it, how work is seen in the Bible, and an example of a protection prayer for work.

How to ask for divine protection to keep your job?

The convulsed reality of modern society makes it an odyssey to keep a job, due to the bankruptcy of many companies, hostile environments due to criticism, envy, discord, jealousy and rivalry. This has generated the emergence of bad intentions in order to achieve a position, discrediting another person.

This has led to people being in danger of losing their jobs when they no longer have integrity, responsibility and professional ethics in their daily work. However, through prayers you can go to divine providence to seek guidance, wisdom and momentum and thus be able to undertake any undertaking, project or task at work.

By addressing the Holy Father in prayer with the request, you can achieve the proper direction to follow if you are attentive to the message that He sends. We all know that God is a person of integrity, honest and merciful with all his children and expects the same from them.

As we know, at the level of the church, several protection prayers have been raised for work to solve any adverse situation that may arise. But to make that prayer you must:

  • Thank you for starting the work day.
    Say thank you at the beginning of the workday
  • Do it with the full conviction that God is listening to each and every one of the words that are said to him.
  • Tell that God is in control of any adversity or controversial situation from the moment the word Amen is pronounced.
  • Activate and strengthen faith.
  • Be humble in the way you ask.
  • Ask, not only for your own work, but also for the well-being of the entire country.
  • Humble one’s pride to the Word of God.
  • Trust that He heals.
  • Pray for co-workers, which leads us to fulfill God’s command to pray for one another.
  • Do not allow the evil one to steal the sacred moment of conversation with God.
  • Have the blessing of the Lord.

On the other hand, it is advisable and healthy for the spirit that, when leaving the working day, say a prayer to bless the work done that day.

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In this regard, the Bible says ” Put all your works in the hands of the Lord and your projects will be fulfilled .” We find this in Proverbs 16: 3, which gives us the certainty that if he asks God for his blessing for what he has done, he will comply and bless.

It is not necessary to get involved in the difficult moment that has been had during the day, that must be let go, leave it in the past and this way it will be seen how everything will begin to flow and go well, because the hand of God works in our favor.

It has happened to all of us that sometimes the working day can become cloudy, annoying and, sometimes, even violent. The good thing to think about is that we always have God and cry out for help from him. That can be done through prayer for protection at work.

Circumstances arise in which you may run the risk of being fired, or perhaps in which you have to face tense situations with co-workers due to gossip, misunderstandings or bad intentions and even in which you may suffer an accident at work.

All this we can counteract by praying for the protection of work. In this way we are allowing the Holy Father to cover working life with his protective and divine mantle and to eliminate any danger that may arise from the attack of Satan.

So by requesting God’s intercession with this prayer, it is possible that anyone who seeks to cause harm at work will stumble and fall, as Psalm 27:2 says.

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How is it considered in the Bible?

The Bible describes work in the book of Genesis, since from that very beginning it is said that God is the first worker. He was in charge of the entire process of the creation of the world (Genesis 1: 1-15). If you want, you can say that he was the first worker on planet earth, because he dedicated himself for six days to his work of creating the earth and the universe and only rested on the seventh day. After that he continues to work for each of us.

In this regard we can point out that, by virtue of the fact that God is good by nature, work is also naturally good and we have expressed this in Psalm 25: 8 and in Ephesians 4:28. On the other hand, we also find that Genesis 1:31 says that God pointed out that the fruit of his work was “good” when God saw it finished, because he knew that what he had created was made with love and care.

This implies that all work that is done must be well done, it must be useful and beneficial for the one who does it and for the one who receives it. And this brings as a consequence the reward for the work done, which is the honor and satisfaction for the duty fulfilled.

The Bible also expresses in Psalm 19 that thanks to his work God revealed himself to the world, showing through him his motivations, ability, character and personality.

Thus, the work of Jesus Christ expressed by the different apostles who gave an account of the work that He did on earth can also be found in the Holy Scriptures. This is how we can read it in Matthew 7: 15-20, which tells us that bad trees only bear defective and useless fruit, while good trees bear good fruit, thereby telling us that the human being as a child of God must strive to do a good job.

However, it can be added, to complement, what is said in 1 Corinthians 10:31 about the work that everything that is done must be done for the Glory of God. There it is noteworthy that when it speaks of glorifying it refers to “giving an accurate representation.” With which it should be noted that all work done by Christians should be done to represent God and give an image of his justice and excellence.

As we know, God created the human being in his image and likeness, as stated in Genesis 1:26-31 and, being similar to God, man must work as He did to achieve his goals and for divine glory.

This God-given mandate regarding work applies to all vocations. That is why a profession must be seen as a ministry before God. This is how we evidenced it in the fifteenth century during the reform through its leaders who committed themselves to carrying out their work as the work of God.

Hence, a job is said to be seen as a ministry or as a mission before God and the workplace as the field in which said mission must be fulfilled.

That is why when God made Eden and placed Adam in it, it was so that he could cultivate it, maintain it and be able to sustain himself from it. That is described in Genesis 2: 8, 15. Through it, God taught man that he should cultivate, improve and make the Garden of Eden grow, through his work, that it was productive and that it was done with pleasure.

However, due to the sin committed by Adam and Eve, as related in Genesis 3, this angered God and caused the nature of work to be changed. This is how it became difficult and now it is associated with exhaustion, struggle, difficulty, problems, challenges and, in addition, man must do it with “the sweat of his brow”, without guaranteeing positive results.

We also find reference to work, how to carry it out and how to entrust it to the Lord in the following biblical principles, which have a more critical character, in:

• Exodus 23:10-11, in Deuteronomy 15:7-11 and in Ephesians 4:28, in which we can read that work is done to benefit the worker, but also for the benefit of others.

• Psalm 104:1-35; 127:1-5, in Ecclesiastes 3:12-13; 5:18-20 and in Proverbs 14:23, where we are told that work is a gift from God to the people, therefore they will be blessed for it.

• Exodus 31:2-11, a verse that reveals to us that God equips his people to do their work according to his precepts.

At present, many analyzes are made regarding the social obligations and responsibilities that must be had towards unemployed people, but in this regard it is pointed out that the Holy Scriptures refer to trades that can always be exercised, that there is always an activity to do and that this is what was practiced in a work system defined in Leviticus 19:10; 11:22 p.m.

So too the Holy Scriptures are harsh and forceful in condemning laziness, which is expressly read in Proverbs 18:9. Similarly, Paul pointed out his views on the work ethic that every Christian should have when he said: “because if someone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his house, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever.” We find this in 1 Timothy 5:8.

Despite the fact that the sin of our biblical fathers perverted the plan of work that God had prepared for man, scholars of biblical themes assert that God will restore work without burdens and without penalties from which we were banished by sin, just as noted in Isaiah 65:17-25 and Revelation 15:1-4; 22:1-11.

Job protection sentence example

Below are some lines as an example to follow to make a prayer for job protection, which may help the reader to make their own, remembering that it must come from the heart:

Lord Father, at this moment I turn to you to present my prayers.

But first of all I want to ask your forgiveness for my faults, faults and offenses, which could have hurt you.

Forgive me for my weakness, but I know that with your help and comfort I will be able to get closer to you and get your forgiveness.

I also want to thank you because you have been very generous with me in each of the requests that I have made in the past.

At this moment I come to you to ask for your protection for my work and for the place where I do it.

I ask, Lord, please, that harmony always reigns there, that positive energy flows, that there is no disunity.

Allow, Blessed God, that all envy and bad vibrations of the evil one move away.

May there be prosperity by the grace of the Most Precious Blood of your Adored Son.

You know, my Father, the difficult economic situation we are experiencing, which is why it is essential for me to have this job and the income it generates for me.

I require you, Holy Father, to protect my work, because in this way I will be able to continue giving my family the well-being and security they deserve.

I also ask you to enlighten my boss, my coworkers, clients and the entire work environment, bless them all, Lord.

Give me, Holy God, the strength and energy I need to do my job better every day.

Always fill my mind with creativity to bring good ideas to my work.

I also appreciate your divine intercession to be able to understand without prejudice all the different approaches to my behavior that are made to me.

I know, my Lord, that I can trust you because I believe in your word.

Thank you, Miraculous Father, because by protecting my work you are giving me peace of mind and security for my future and that of my whole family.

Let me be the word of encouragement for my coworkers and that they can also praise you and thank you for your blessings.

I know that You, Holy Father, will inspire and guide us to carry out good teamwork with the necessary harmony and solidarity to achieve the desired fruits.

With this we can meet the objectives of the company, but primarily with our mission of bringing sustenance to each of our homes.

Finally, Holy Father, I ask you to help me in my relationship with clients. It allows them to be satisfied with the work I provide them and that this is of benefit to them, to the company and to me as a worker.

All this in the end will result in a better country that progresses with the effective and beneficial work of all, always thanks to your divine intercession.Amen.

job protection

In the workplace, there are many situations that are difficult to deal with on a daily basis and that on certain occasions can put job stability at risk, which could lead to job loss.

Thus, it is common to encounter problems about not knowing how to properly fulfill the assigned functions, differences with colleagues due to quarrels and labor jealousy, with the boss for not being trustworthy or for not meeting their expectations, lack of training, problems to fulfill with the schedule, etc.

All this generates stress and anguish because any of these reasons could cause job loss. And if you are fired, not only that person is affected, but also the family members who depend on that income.

There arises the need to advocate to God and the Holy Spirit and ask for their guidance on the best way to carry out the daily work. The prayer of protection for work is a powerful tool that is available for God to intercede so as not to lose your job.

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However, this requires a lot of faith and clinging to the Word to seek the guidance and protection that is requested. In addition, in that request it is important to ask for divine help to strengthen us both personally and professionally, since labor competition is very tough, since there are many in search of a job and if it is not exercised properly, they can do without the service of one to hire someone else.

Let’s first see how to carry out daily work in a harmonious way, that does not mean too great a sacrifice and that does not merit dedicating more than the fair amount of time.

Qualities and skills for a job

As we pointed out, the world of work is tough and the relationships that are established are of a very varied nature; some are beneficial, others inconsequential, but there are some toxic and dangerous, which is why it requires people to strengthen their professional, but also human and spiritual skills to cope with day to day. It must then:

  • Have knowledge of the company culture. This includes everything that has to do with the way the company you work for works, its philosophy, its policies, its mission, vision and values. This knowledge will facilitate the full and timely fulfillment of assigned tasks oriented towards business goals.

In addition, this will prevent work being wasted and the effort being made not being recognized. You have to adapt and follow the guidelines, but always within the law.

  • Be proactive. Always be available and ready to perform some extra task or help a colleague and thus achieve the objectives.
  • Exceed expectations. Give the extra performance that allows the activities to be completed satisfactorily, but with an additional benefit for the company. In addition, it is not superfluous to become essential in some of the functions, since that is how I know it is irreplaceable.
  • Anticipate everything. This can range from doing everything possible to prevent any inconvenience to trying to know all the details that facilitate the work requested by the boss or the team in which you work. This will result in valuation benefits before the supervisors.
  • Meet with positive people. Avoid toxic colleagues, so as not to get carried away by their words and actions and contaminate yourself with those negative attitudes.
  • Teamwork. This aspect is highly valued in the business environment, in which, in general, integration is sought, the union of efforts and the realization of projects in a collective, effective and timely manner.
  • Constantly train. Search and take advantage of the company’s training resources or those of self-training through the courses offered online.
  • Be flexible. If it is necessary to complete an activity outside of regular hours, it is important to be available, as far as possible, and thus achieve the fulfillment of the business objective.

However, this flexibility must have a balance on when to be available for a work emergency and when not, so that it does not become a habit. The key is to have flexibility and adaptation, depending on the work being done. In addition, it must be remembered that currently many matters can be dealt with from home, setting certain rules so as not to hinder home life.

  • Represent the company. Even when you do not work in sales, it is important that as a company employee, you must be the image that represents it on any occasion, speaking well of it and contributing to its position in the business world in which it operates.
  • Seek excellence. Make an effort to thoroughly review the work done, verify that there are no errors, provide the best and deliver quality work, trying to achieve a balance between quality and speed.

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