What are they?

The so-called 7 Ascended Masters: What are they?

In this article you will have the opportunity to learn about the ascended masters . Who they are and their importance to humanity, as well as their characteristics with their divine powers. In addition, you will be able to know the names of the most important ones who have had the privilege of remaining closest to Almighty God in the kingdom of Heaven.

What are the Ascended Masters?

Ascended masters are divine beings who got a start in this spirit world. Which is responsible as the main objective, order and classify these entities to help and establish a better development of light and good actions on planet earth. In order to be spokesmen in a peculiar way and little known by humans. However, they exist and are responsible for doing their work in a pleasant and perfect way, which will help the evolutionary development of people on earth, as well as spread good energies to those who need it most.

In turn, it can be known that there is a hierarchical order within this spiritual world. Where they place each being in a specific position, everything will depend on the life he led when he was alive. As well, encourage him since that allows a better work and expansion of energy. In addition, each of the ascended masters will have the opportunity to choose how to work the character in the world where humans are. Well, the important thing is to bring each one the best possible vibe so that they have a more tolerable and successful life course.

So, the ascended masters have the priority of serving as a divine medium for the transmission of positive energies and encouragement in difficult situations. Also, they are allowed to have another task of great importance, which serves to protect human beings on earth from any kind of danger that can harm the course of day or night, which can affect their near future. For this reason, these teachers take care of that and more, because they can have the great ability to guide your steps. In order to take you to the best place so that your life bears good fruit.

These divine entities work alongside God almighty, angels, virgins and saints. Thus forming a perfect team full of great courage, love and kindness, since they are the main values ​​that Jesus has always wanted to demonstrate and leave a legacy of his good thoughts. For this reason, this community of spirits was created, which have a slightly more delicate task but that few know. Thus, the ascended masters were perfected as time went by and as they worked together with Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, these entities are allowed to have a little more freedom. Since its function can be performed in many ways, which can occur by descending from the heavens to earth and taking possession of the body of a human in order to carry out its mission. Or they simply remain attentive from their comfort with their companions, but manage to fulfill their stated objective. It is important to note that they are incredible beings and full of very good vibes and energy, which positions them as the main helpers to have a good change in the aspects of human beings.

It has been known by various means that the ascended masters are positive entities that focus on planet earth, through the education of the ” I am ” whose study focuses on self-improvement and, obtaining all kinds of knowledge to become a complete person. This is why the teachers are known to have the privilege of containing these life preparations, whose experiences and wisdom have served for the adequate preparation of these divine beings. In order to best serve humanity and its well-being.

Therefore, there are 21 ascended masters . Being a community a little tiny but infallible in their work. Since they allow us to be participants in the most positive actions on planet earth, where they direct human beings so that they achieve better growth and decision in their actions, which can positively affect human evolution. Which is desired and is performed by these entities. It is also important to emphasize that they have existed for millions of years. In addition, it is speculated that they took the body of the man to be able to study stronger knowledge and thus have smarter people.

This occurs to seek the future ancestry of that person and thus be part of the divine group. For this reason, there are various people who continue to ask themselves: Who are the 21 ascended masters ? And, well, they are those entities with a source of divine light full of happiness and well-being. Which is formed by the best knowledge of the world and beyond. Placing these entities in a unique and difficult position to reach. Only few have been able to have the joy of ascending and becoming a divine being full of grace, in order to go in search of human improvement. This, thanks to the different previous studies in life.

However, there are books and information that confirm the different principles that the ascended masters follow when instantly spreading divine and healing light to humanity. Which is close to the real work that these divinities perform. Since, the ascended masters have been seen in the images of Jesus Christ, where the 7 rays of different colors emanate from him. Yes, the teachers are visualized by different colors, and these that we mentioned are the most important within this doctrine, since they have the opportunity to shine with greater intensity for the improvement of human life and its supplications, as well as to remove everything evil and demon with the help of Almighty God.

The 7 Main Ascended Masters

There is a fairly large community of these divine entities in the kingdom of heaven. But only 7 of them have been the most important, due to the knowledge, intensities and light that they have managed to obtain from their life on earth until the moment of ascending. For this reason, these 7 divinities have been known. Thanks to writings made in later centuries, where the species of these beings have been located here on planet earth. And that they have ended up faithfully serving Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven. For this reason, we leave you the names of the most important and striking ascended masters .

first ray

It bears the name of “ Master El Morya ” and has become known for being an inspiring founder. Which chose to have an establishment and learn new knowledge, as well as share theirs with people who have to believe in ascension. Being a man who consisted of so much wisdom, for which he allows himself to be one of the most important ascended masters . Well, his journey of life and work made him part of this team directed and guided to the right path by God. Who is in charge of releasing them in the world to better spread the divine light of good before the sins unleashed in humanity.

second ray

Called as ” The Lord Lanto ” and known as the lightning of yellow color and with a lot of brightness. Well, he dedicated himself to the broad study of general knowledge, but focusing on young people and their inner being. Since they are the weakest at heart to let themselves be perpetrated by evil. Although, they are the most sensitive and possible to be directed with greater efficiency if he is the descendant master who guides them. Leaving a good fruit of the divine power of him granted by God for the search of a more sensitive humanity. This is why he is part of the 7 most important in this wonderful doctrine.

Third Ray

His name is ” Pablo the Venetian ” whose ray is responsible for transmitting a light full of love and help. Well, he is a divine entity that has liked to support each person who wants to know about this doctrine and find a way to help him, in order to obtain a better expansion of this religion in humanity. And thus, contain more sensitive and intelligent human beings, capable of taking care of themselves and making the best decisions. Which would make a world healthier and with much more attention, understanding and understanding before the different adversities that arise in life.

fourth ray

It is called by the name of ” Serapis Bey ” is that ray of pure and divine white color, he is responsible for emanating an unimaginable power. Which seeks an improvement in the human being in terms of the most difficult areas and not easy to understand by the majority. That is, he is dedicated to expanding the knowledge of mathematics, logic and other fundamental principles. Which can achieve a more consistent and interesting life. He is characterized as one of the ascended masters with the greatest patience and the greatest desire to transmit the most difficult studies to those who are interested.

fifth ray

He has been known by the name of ” The Master Hilarion ” and recognized for being that divine entity with the ability to transmit, through his lightning, sincerity and support. Whose values ​​have been very decadent in humanity, for this reason he is positioned as one of the important ascended masters in the kingdom of heaven. Well, he has had the enormous task of reinforcing the truth in the words and actions of the human being on planet earth. And in this way have a more positive effect on the coexistence of people, as well as the positive evolution of the human race.

Sixth Ray

It has been known by the name of ” Ascended Master Nada ” and one of the most interesting rays of these 7 divine entities. Whose figure of her seeks to give her concentration on the improvement of love in the people of the planet earth. In order to instill a better conscience in people in this delicate but at the same time strong feeling, which can be a very important factor for the evolution of humanity. However, the job that this ascended master has is very important and paramount. Which must consist of daily attention by this divinity from the kingdom of heaven and with the help of God almighty.

Seventh Ray

It is the last ray and, known by the name of ” Saint Germain ” which can be seen with a violet color. And, the one who is in charge of freedom and justice in the world of human beings. Well, he has managed to be a very effective divine entity for the balance in humanity, being a great guide in these aspects and principles. Obtaining in most of the times a positive and fair effect. However, he is one of the ascended masters with more powers and with more intensity when reflecting them to the world. Well, his love for justice and the gift of freedom has become the axis of his work and love.

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