Know the Topics of Formation for Young Catholics

Know the Topics of Formation for Young Catholics

You are a young boy and you are interested in being able to grow as a straight Catholic, do not worry in this article you will be able to know all the Formation Topics for Young Catholics without any problem.

Youth Training Topics

Within the routes for the formation of young Catholics, we can generally find certain contents that are allusive to Catholic topics to preach, Catholic topics for adults, topics for young Catholics to reflect on, among others that can also be seen in different prayers that are usually prayed in times of anguish, stress, problems or sadness.

Despite finding various topics, it must be taken into account that in order to start in this world, you must have a brief stage which helps to start walking, therefore within the groups that are usually formed for many, they are beginnings where they recover again. faith, seek to emerge within daily life so that everyone can help each other and thus carry out various activities as a community.

In other cases, they usually enter groups where all the content that reflects faith is progressively deepened, this is usually given through the word of GOD despite not being a completely acquired technique of knowledge, because in reality it is What really matters is that everything begins and ends in the lives of young people, since all the spaces where various celebrations and prayers are held are usually taken into account.

Said itinerary in each group is very useful and very suitable for each young person who wishes to integrate, therefore these must exist within each parish, the first topics that are usually seen within the groups of young people are structured so that they can know how handle any differences or problems within it.

To start walking

To Start Walking is a company affiliated with the AGG which holds concentrations where various proposals are made to all groups of young people who are still starting in any parish. With this it is possible to pretend to have more strength to carry out different tasks to which they are usually referred to a life group, a community or in some cases young people who are completely away from the faith of God and the church. .

For this reason, people whether they are young or not, who have already had their first announcements and wish to deepen their encounter with Christ, simply must take on the task of working charitably within the church, helping to motivate countless young people and thus help each other. to analyze the truths of their daily lives in order to allow God to enter the hearts of each one.

Orientations for the Youth Companion

In itself, it is very important that the companion that the young person has has the task of being able to help her find God from the first moment she enters the support group and thus awaken her faith, being a companion must be very clear that there will be countless challenges which they must be helped to overcome and not fall in the attempt. For this reason, each itinerary found in the groups is of the utmost importance in order to reflect individually or in groups on the challenges experienced within youth ministry.

The Fifty Theme Challenge

In order to be good people in religion today, certain issues must be handled for young Catholics which help to manage life from a different point of view. This is usually seen in a way in which relativism itself changes the cultural world and therefore most of them do not usually feel completely secure in almost anything, so they feel various insecurities when performing an act.

Within all this, it can be seen how at times various cultural changes are usually created where the different worlds between the real vision of God, the world and man are seen. Therefore, the fifty topics usually offer very clear topics of what the church usually asks to be clear about, these are topics that generally all Catholics should already handle, even if it is the main thing about them, in order to be able to spread them to others through simple explanations to which people who are not devotees can understand.

For most of the devotees, they think that it is enough to know what is right and what is wrong in life, but in reality, religion goes beyond this, due to the fact that today what is culture is affected every day simply because many are unable to understand the simplest fundamentals of religion.

Therefore, to be able to handle all the issues is an indication that they are capable of reaching maturity between culture and faith, in such a way that having a good base of Catholicism gives the help of having the necessary faith to cope with all the subjects that for the majority of society do not have dominated by the simple taboo of life. By managing to understand each topic and achieving the necessary maturity, we can have a clearer vision of what faith towards God is, giving us the power not to hurt ourselves with any problem that appears to us.

Within the themes they are usually divided into five groups, some of which are based on the physical aspects of Catholic life while others are taken to the themes of philosophy, distorted, social and anthropological histories that are generally seen from a different perspective. completely ideological. On the other hand, when it comes to the most controversial issues within the world of society, they are almost always the same, so if a brief list of various argued issues were made, it may be that ninety percent agree on a large part of what about.

Keep in mind that in order to be an expert in the various topics, much study is not needed, but rather understanding and patience, since there are currently countless phrases that have no foundation and are not understood. Therefore, when you want to explain how Catholic morality and life would really be, it is not very helpful to have great philosophical contexts if not just to understand each topic in a simple way.

To be able to give explanations about the issues we can simply give a brief testimony of life, in order to clearly explain what is actually believed regarding what is lived on a day-to-day basis. This will be done in such a way, since it is known that people are not encyclopedias to completely handle all fifty topics verbatim.

Themes for Young Catholics

Within the relevant topics, there is usually a large category of more than fifty topics that are important to understand, the most analyzed topics are the following:

Topic 1 – This Home is Catholic

This theme is completely reflected so that people can begin to approach God and thus know him in a different way from how he is known within religion, with this the person will be able to allow God to enter his mind to give him the meaning of faith. to pass them on to others.

The Difference between the Catholic Religion and the Sects

It can be said that the Catholic religion is based on the belief of the great Lord Jesus who had the purpose of coming into the world to save us from all evil, not to mention this also believes the divine Pope who is known as the absolute head of the Holy Catholic Church. Despite this, as the years went by, many believers separated to create new groups which have different religions, since they have ideas that are very adverse to Catholicism.

These groups are classified as sects despite resembling in certain aspects such as having a leader who makes the decisions, for this reason the differences between the two is very great due to the fact that within the Catholic religion it was founded by Jesus Christ while in sects it is just a simple idea of ​​a man or woman.

Theme 2 – The History of Salvation

Within the world of catechism, people always at some point in their lives usually ask themselves various questions to which we cannot get an answer to all of them, since it is very credible that in life there are moments when they do not have a correct answer. The question that is always asked is how the creation really was, of which many only have the context that God created the field, the sky, the water, the animals, the flowers and every human being in the world.

Given this, it is taken that man is the perfect creation of God and of which many of us come to ask why God created us, this answer is not usually answered by a father or priest with a few simple words so that we can live with it . The man was actually created only so that he can live happily until the time of his going to heaven with God, of course, each one as a different person can act as best suits him without counting that this will help him to go or not to heaven. sky itself.

Topic 3 – Lent and Holy Week

Upon entering the world of the Catholic religion, there are very specific dates where countless ceremonies are prayed and performed, one of these in Lent and Holy Week where everything related to the passion and death of Jesus is remembered. Within this is seen the struggle to remove all the bad that is found in each person, since for God these evil thoughts are offensive.

The beginning of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, on this specific day you go to church to receive the cross made of ashes on your forehead to become believers of the religion, then comes Holy Thursday where the Last Supper of Christ is remembered. Jesus, when this day passes, Good Friday is reached, where on that day the Liturgy of the Passion of Jesus is remembered, since he was tortured and crucified, finally, Resurrection Sunday is reached, where the resurrection of Jesus is lived in the flesh. after three days of his burial.

Theme 4 – The Virgin Mary

Said virgin is celebrated in the month of May of each year together with all the mothers of the world, said virgin is remembered because she was the one who carried the great Lord Jesus son of God in her womb and was chosen by him, since she was a beautiful woman and of good feelings towards the neighbor. Said woman was the same as another mother who took care of her entire house and her family in a unique way, so her virtues were very difficult to list because she had no evil in her.

Topic 5 The Commandments

It can be said that the commandments are considered the rules made by God so that men would know that it was good and not to be able to enter his kingdom. In spite of this, the ten commandments written in the Bible have always been heard throughout life, but for most young Catholics, they do not usually know more than three of them, so we can name them below:

  • You will love God above all things
  • You will not swear the name of God in vain
  • You will sanctify the holidays
  • You will honor your father and your mother
  • you will not kill
  • Thou shalt not commit impure acts
  • you will not steal
  • You shall not bear false witness or lie
  • You will not indulge impure thoughts or desires
  • You shall not covet

Topic 6 – Baptism

Since the beginning of religion it is said that Jesus left us the sacrament to be closer to him, of these there are seven existing sacraments that are baptism, confirmation, first communion, confession, marriage, the priestly order and for last anointing of the sick. Despite these sacraments, the most important to be able to get closer to God is Baptism, since with this Catholicism is given life in the life of the child.

Upon being baptized three simple things will always happen, which are being forgiven of original sin, becoming God’s children, and finally being welcomed into religion. Mostly this act is celebrated with the closest family members.

Keep in mind that these are the most studied topics within the formation of young Catholics, since they are the most developed, the other topics that are also seen in the various groups are the Holy Mass, the mission of the laity, confirmation , the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Eucharist, the priesthood, the commandments of the church, hope, faith, the epiphany, charity, prayer, prudence, temperance, the beatitudes, the Holy Spirit, the fourth commandment, sixth and ninth commandment, eighth commandment, death, the holy year, the rosary, advent, among others.

If you want to see more about this article, you don’t have to worry in the following video you can find more topics for young Catholics:

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