Dream Yoga Or Real Spiritual Meditation

Dream Yoga Or Real Spiritual Meditation

We spend our lives trying to find time for ourselves, for the spiritual awareness of our soul. But most of the time we are so busy that we do not know how to find a solution to our needs, it is for this reason that sleep yoga gives us the opportunity to meditate in this state.

sleep yoga

Many wonder why this spiritual activity takes place during sleep. The answer is simple, because in this process there is nothing that interrupts you or you have to rush to another place, since you are sleeping. It is unlimited time that can be used with great wisdom and patience.

It is a practice that will give you discipline and perseverance. Values ​​that most have not developed but it is important to do so for many levels of our lives; in terms of relationships, friendships, work and even improve our harmonious process with ourselves, which is essential.

It gives us the tools to have control or power of our mind in this deep state of relaxation. Since, in not having this matter in our hands, dreams become messy, meaningless, mainly chaotic. And what it causes are feelings of discomfort because we don’t understand them, we don’t know what the solutions to this inconvenience might be. This can change with sleep yoga .

This activity is not something that suddenly arose. Many cultures have implemented them in their daily routines and have helped them expand the wisdom of things around us, such as the consciousness of our soul, which is purely spiritual. Such is the case with Tibetans or Native Americans. It defends, in that it helps to achieve what the majority has not been able to, the fullness of the mind. And since the mind controls the body, the body is also in that state of fulfillment.

Through dream yoga , it gives us the creativity that we yearn for in our plane of “reality”, which in most cases exhausts us so much that it does not cause us to think of something different from what other people think. But this creativity is controlled, once we learn the techniques to be able to do it correctly, we will be able to control and expand our potential. This way “reality” will not be a problem.

Once we keep this in mind, the ability to become intuitive beings is not surprising. Since in dreams we can reflect on all kinds of life situations. As well as being receptive to the emotions that sometimes overwhelm us or that we may overlook, in dreams we can see in detail what we put aside and explore it for a better understanding of ourselves and our environment.

The most important reason to practice this activity would be to get scenarios of our “reality” in dreams and that these in turn are in chaos. It tells us that something is not working properly in our consciousness and we have to solve that problem through sleep. Since in this state we enter our subconscious and in this way we get the options to fix what bothers us in “reality”.

The only thing we have to take into account before starting to practice it is to be conscious in the dream. You have to be totally sure, remember that our mind obeys our orders if that is how we want it. This will give us confidence and at the same time mastery of the course of our meditation during sleep so that in this way it does not get out of hand. And let our mind control us. Which is not the idea of ​​this exercise.

When we take everything else into account, it will be easy for us to wake up in the morning. And see everything in a different light or another perspective that was not clear before. It is a benefit to our soul and body, which are one while we are on this earthly plane. It will help us correct our imperfections that are mostly of an impulsive nature to have self-control in all aspects.

First steps to practice this spiritual activity

First we have to prepare ourselves mentally for days, so that at night we have to carry out this activity it is safe. You have to constantly repeat that you will be in a conscious state in the dream and that you have the willpower to wake up.

Other recommendations that come from years of practice are those implemented by native Americans. They believe that the hands are the ones that feel everything, they can know the vibrations of where we are, they are the ones that make us aware that we are people. And it is for this reason that in the dream if you feel that you are losing control look at your hands.

They also advise moving your hands towards the sky in the form of a prayer. And while we are in this process, pray for rain. This implies that it is used as a way to turn off the chaos of the dream if that is the situation you find yourself in, while you are still a beginner in this activity.

The 4 essential practices of sleep yoga

It should be noted that these practices will only be performed while you are still awake. Let’s remember that for the sleep yoga activity to work correctly , you need to practice. Be constant with each of them so that what comes is easier for you. If you do it daily you will have no problems.

1st practice

In this practice all your senses interact. You must pay close attention to it. From the sounds of your body, from the people around you, from nature and the sounds that occur in everyday life. As well as what you smell, feel, touch, experience, everything. So that in the dream this becomes face-to-face. May they also interact in your dreams with them. All of this is for the purpose of being more lucid in projecting your body into this state and controlling your presence in it.

2nd practice

This practice focuses on control. In realizing, our activity can be detrimental to our life. That blinds us from seeing and focusing on other things that are really important. At least reduce that desire to have, the attraction to objects. And the disgust to what if it can be substantial for the day to day.

Impulsivity is our enemy, there is no way to nip it in the bud, but what can be done is to reduce it little by little. We have to detach ourselves from objects because they mean nothing to the spiritual life. And what most do not understand is that if you become attached to them you will not find the meaning of your inner self and the dream that you are trying to project. The senses should also not bind you because they are aspects of the mind, which can also be fabricated. Just focus on not getting confused by purely mundane things like objects. Just don’t be tied down.

3rd practice

In this third practice it occurs at the moment when people go to sleep. In the last moments where you feel that the dream is going to take over your mind and body, it is where you will exercise this third practice. This has three stages that are important to perform:

  • Make sure that at night you are going to do it, you are calm. And review everything that happened to you during the day, from when you got up in the morning, until that moment at night. The places you went, the people you interacted with, the conversations you had. If you laughed, if you cried, if you were afraid of a particular situation. All. This is good so that we can be aware of ourselves and our abilities during the day. And that it is not reflected in our spiritual moment in the dream.
  • So that it is not confused with the dream state in which you are going to be aware, think that everything you experienced that day was a dream.
  • Now comes the final stage of practice number three. Here willpower is paramount. Since you will have to be firm with your mind, that you accept that your dreams, while you are asleep, are fully lived and be fully in control of this. Do not stop thinking about this action with determination if that is what you want, pray so that it is so, that when you close your eyes you are consciously dreaming.

4th practice

This fourth practice is about acceptance. It is to be totally happy with the results if you had a good performance and a dream where you will remember everything you did there. If when you woke up you feel with your mind in control and better than you had been in years, then you made it and you should be accepting, as well as being grateful for this fact.

Having achieved this, it would be considered a success by your subconscious for having heard your dominance over it. In this way you let us know what you dreamed of and if you were really doing it. Power force by waking you up whenever you want from them.

A recommendation for these practices, that before going to bed to go to sleep, you meditate. In order to be calm and clean of all the bad energies that accumulate one after another in the passing of the day or perhaps if you are emotionally exhausted. You can use different types of meditation such as breathing or radiance meditation. The important thing about this is that you feel good and that nothing disturbs your sleep. This way you will rest better and have an excellent day afterwards.

Tibetan sleep yoga practice

The purpose is to expand our mind beyond what we can know. Which may sound difficult, but it is important that we do it so that at some point in our lives we are able to face different situations with the greatest calm, since our minds will be prepared for an outcome of that magnitude.

Destroy the invisible limits of our minds that over time can become so fragile that just with a thought it was knocked down. Our mind has unimaginable unlimited capacities that can only be achieved with exercises, in something incredible.

A preparation for this to be possible is to try to triple the objects that we see in a dream to the amount that is possible and from there little by little. An example: if you have a glass of water on a table, make it two and then three. After that amount you triple it so that you have nine glasses of water, until you fill the entire table and then another table. In this way you continue with the preparation, so that creativity is infinite.

There are also multiple preparations to control what happens in dreams. More than anything with objects, it is that it is practiced. At least in making them change in physical form, between big and small. In deforming its physical characteristics, for example: changing the color of a red apple to a blue one.

But it may happen that you use the time of sleep in your favor, since in this time there is no time, you can make it pass faster if you want or slower depending on what is happening in it. Voluntarily moving from one dream scene to another type of setting, changing from one object to another. There are many ways to keep experimenting with the limitless functions of the mind.

And that is what it is about, being able to expand our capacities that are not exhausted. We have to do it because routine leaves us stuck in places where imagination doesn’t flourish. And the human being is known to be creative in all known aspects, improving to achieve that. And in this way we will free ourselves from the invisible handcuffs of habit, which bind us and do not let us be, what we are destined to become.

The practice of Tibetan dream yoga can be used in different ways . It has tools that help us explore the immensity of the spiritual world, especially when the death of our body but not of our soul comes to us. As learned in the practices, in dreams passing to death is the same as in a deep sleep that also has to be mastered.

Many think or believe that in order to master this area, you need to rule over your dreams in such a way that with just one thought you wake up from it. Or from one dream after another as a form of practice but it is something complicated to achieve, but not impossible. There is nothing that is totally impossible to achieve, if one believes in it. You just have to be attentive to what you consider as “reality” and when you enter a state of relaxation, know that you are sleeping. Since it can make us capable of opening ourselves to other possibilities and paths that are beyond our knowledge.

To keep in mind when performing Tibetan dream yoga

You have to totally agree to do these practices only for your mental health. Since it helps us in many ways in our daily life. But this can have a consequence to our “reality” since we confuse situations of this with the things that we create in our subconscious. And it can be detrimental if we want a healthier spiritual lifestyle. Since it could even reinforce the bad behaviors that we adopt and those that we try to eradicate.

Practices for meditation through sleep

You can apply them when you are already asleep and when you have completely mastered the control of their course. If you’re still not sure about your domain, don’t try. Since the practices can turn out the other way around and it can become a bad experience. And that’s not the idea.

Practice #1

As mentioned above, meditating is a very important step. Or you can do other exercises if you are not totally at peace with yourself and your emotions. Remember your day and what you did on it. Take note of those moments in which you felt bad about some action or behavior that you had. And that you knew it wasn’t right. Keep in mind that any of these are experiences that you can turn into good ones, only taking out what will teach you to be a better person the rest of the other days. You just have to apologize and move on.

Practice #2

This is a perfect practice to have the best chance of a good rest, and while doing sleep yoga . This means that when you sleep, try to place yourself in a position where you feel comfortable, otherwise sleep will not have its restorative power. Some recommend that you try to position your bed in a northerly direction so that it aligns with the directions on the planet. So you can be in tune.

Another piece of advice that you should put into practice, although it is more difficult to follow, because while you sleep your body is in motion. It is to place yourself on the right side. This will potentially benefit the circulation of blood throughout your body because your body will not put any kind of pressure on the heart which is located on the left side of the human body.

Practice #3

To get to sleep when you are upset, even though you tried to meditate. It is to be able to imagine yourself in such a bright space with a color that for you transmits peace and joy to levels that fill you. And that you find yourself in a kind of giant chapel where you can visualize your surroundings and meditate.

The important thing about visualizing this is that you will feel very safe, in that nothing harms your dream or your state of consciousness within it. When meditating, conserve as much positive energy as you can from the astral space and with that you will feel much better. At the time of waking up, when you decide, establish that the energy you accumulated expand throughout your body and soul, to start a new day. Full of new possibilities thanks to that.

Practice #4

As long as we are performing our dream yoga. If we do not feel energetic enough, we can turn to a spiritual guide or some god of Buddhism to help us on our way so that we can meditate properly. As they are always with their legs crossed, we can rest our mind, so that it will protect us in our dreams so that they do not become chaotic.

Let him take care of your spiritual body and let yourself be filled by his miraculous essence that only transmits love. When you make the decision to wake up, make sure that everything they gave you to rest, take it to your heart or let it expand in the universe of your mind. In any case, it is a good contribution to start the day. And something that is great about this practice is that you can implement it with the previous practice already mentioned.

Practice #5

In this practice you will not imagine yourself in an open space, but you will find yourself in your bed. And try to imagine that only when you breathe in expands an immense halo of light and when you exhale you attract positive energies. All this happens while your room expands. Don’t worry if you feel things falling around you as those are the barriers you have put up in your mind that limit your potential.

Remember that these are just tools that will help you carry out your purposes without any complications. When we accept who we are as people, everything will flow naturally and without external interventions. You just have to believe.

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