Prayer to Get a Home

St. Eduvigis: Prayer to Get a Home

Do you know who Saint Hedwig was? Do you know what requests you can make? This article contains information that will allow you to answer these questions, since we will put at your disposal the history of this character, as well as powerful prayers that are prayed in his name.

Saint Hedwig

First of all, you should know that this saint belonged to German royalty, since she was born in this country, specifically in Bavaria. Her father was the Duke of Croatia and Dalmatia. Her aunt was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

When she was twelve years old, she married Duke Henry of Silesia, who belonged to the Polish royal family. She thus became the duchess of this town and, later, its patron saint.

Despite their young age, Santa Eduvigis and Enrique, constituted a marriage characterized by happy moments, in which they had seven children. This family was very religious and helped the poor a lot, they even donated their wealth to the church and the dispossessed.

During the year 1002, Hedwig asks her husband to build a convent of the Cistercian Order of Trzebnica, when her husband dies and she is widowed, she decides to move permanently to this place.

According to their biographers, in addition to this convent they built monasteries and hospitals. On the other hand, it is said that while on a pilgrimage to Rome, Hedwig stopped for a while in Bad Zell, obtaining water that managed to heal the sick. In commemoration of this fact, a fountain was built that bears his name.

Her charitable and pious life made her worthy of the appreciation of the people so that after her death she is venerated by many believers, who attest to countless miracles performed by this saint.

He died on October 15, 1243 and his remains are buried in the aforementioned convent. In the year 1267 he was canonized by Pope Clement IV. She is the patron saint of Silesia of Andechs, and of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wrocław and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Görlitz.

Other details of his life

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, erected the Saint Hedwig Cathedral in Berlin in 1773 so that all the Catholics who emigrated from Silesia would have a space to venerate her.

According to popular belief, the prayer to Santa Eduvigi is very useful for those who want to obtain a home and for people who are deprived of liberty.

The festivities in honor of this saint are celebrated by the Catholic Church on October 16 of each year, the date on which the image is taken in procession through the streets and, in addition, other commemorative activities are carried out.

Summarizing, we can say that Hedwig was an example of charity and kindness that should be followed by all Christians, which is why we must ask God to endow us with a generous heart that allows us to help those in need.

Procedure for praying to St. Eduvigis

Let us remember that prayer allows us to establish an intimate communication with God, in some cases we use the intercession of the saints to obtain his grace and we raise a prayer in his name.

This is the case of the different prayers that are prayed to Saint Hedwig, to make these prayers there is no single process to follow, since you can do it by following the mandates of your heart and guided by the Holy Spirit.

In the same way, the prayers that we put at your disposal in this article have been written as a model to follow, they can be repeated just as they have been elaborated or transformed according to the interests of the one who prays them.

Now, what is certain is that the fundamental thing is for our prayers to be heard and thus to achieve the requests we make. Likewise, it is recommended to choose a calm and quiet place to start the prayers.

Other recommendations to pray

It should be noted that many consider that the first step when praying is to proceed to worship God, praising and acknowledging his faithfulness, goodness, power, generosity, mercy and love.

As a second step, it is suggested to make a confession of all the faults committed, this small act must be done with sincerity and ask the Lord to forgive us, while promising not to sin again.

Third, we show gratitude to the Creator for the innumerable blessings that He bestows on our existence. Let us give thanks for much and for little, for family, life, home, friends, food and health.

Finally we make our requests, remember that “ Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray for everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done” (Philippians 4:6).

This verse from the Bible reminds us that God can do everything, he knows everything, so let us pray with faith and everything we ask for will be given to us. Santa Eduvigis can help us so that the requests we request are fulfilled.

To finish, we put at your disposal a video in which a Catholic priest tells us about three essential conditions to pray. Look at it carefully.

When to pray?

As for the time, it is not specified what is the right time to do it, choose the one you consider convenient. If you want, you can do it on any of the occasions that we mention below:

  • Say a simple prayer while you walk or walk
  • Write your prayers.
  • Pray when you have a need
  • Pray when you get up or go to bed.
  • Do it when you want to thank God for everything he gives you.
  • If you need a house pray to St. Eduvigis.
  • In cases of sadness or despair meditate and repeat a prayer.

In short, the important thing is that you know that prayer contributes both to the strengthening of faith and to communication with God and with Jesus Christ. Therefore, let us remember the words of the evangelist John:

“ Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot bear fruit if it is cut from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful, apart from me” ( John 15:4).

Prayers to St. Eduvigis

Once we have pointed out some recommendations to pray, now it is convenient that you know the prayers to Saint Hedwig, they have different purposes, but as we said before, you can add or remove words according to your requirements.

Prayer to Saint Eduvigis to get home

This prayer must be prayed for three consecutive days, if you want you can accompany it with other devotional prayers or with prayers to Saint Joseph or any other saint to intervene in your aid.

Saint Hedwig, today I come to you in a time of despair and anguish, because I have nowhere to live. I know that you served God with love, abandoning all opulence in favor of the most needy, that’s why I invoke you holy beloved.

I ask you to help me obtain what I want so much: a decent roof for me and my family. Help me, Saint Hedwig, making me worthy of this grace that I implore you today.

You who were generous and pious with the poor, I beg you to listen to these pleas that are addressed to you, do not abandon me in this difficult situation in which I find myself today.

Provide me with the means to acquire a home, bless my work and my finances, guide me to make good decisions, increase my assets, I ask you holy beloved.

Who like you, Saint Hedwig, Patron Saint of the dispossessed, to hear what I ask of you today. Look at me, I am your beloved daughter who is helpless, without a place to shelter. Help me, I sincerely ask you.

With your intervention I have to get my house and for that I will thank you eternally, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Prayer to St. Eduvigis for the debtors

Today I find myself prostrate at your feet, glorious Saint Hedwig, debts overwhelm me, threatening my financial and mental stability. You are great among the great because you helped the poor with your money showing so much generosity.

That is why I come to you, imploring your help, please help me to pay these debts, so that my creditors give me more time to pay. I do not deny it Santa Eduvigis that I have made wrong decisions that have placed me in this trance.

I ask you to enlighten my thoughts and my ways to get the right path, make me strong to overcome the obstacles that come my way, be you who manage my finances.

Santa Eduvigis, I address this request to your name so that you intercede for me before Our Lord and thus obtain what I desire. I appreciate all your help and blessing. Amen.

You can accompany this prayer with an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, also remember to be generous with others once you have obtained the money to pay your debts.

Prayer to St. Eduvigis To Sell House

Oh, Blessed Santa Eduvigis, for you all my love and thanks for allowing me to have a home to shelter me and protect me from inclement weather.

The time has come when I must go down other paths, which is why I need to sell this house so I can buy another. I ask you to help me in this situation in which I find myself today.

Send an honest person to my side, who wants to buy this house and make the business profitable for both of us. I ask you to bring both him and my financial and spiritual prosperity.

Bless my family, Santa Eduvigis, so that this step we take today is for the good of all, continue to enlighten us with your patience and generosity and make us good people.

I also ask you to intercede so that this process does not bring us anguish or concern, on the contrary, it is carried out successfully. I know you will help me to sell this house and buy another house.

I am eternally grateful for the blessings and help received, I beg you to take us safely to our new destination and I promise to venerate your name every day. Amen.

 Prayer to Saint Eduviges To Get Job

Almighty God, today I thank you for having health and family, you are aware of what I have and what I lack, that’s why I come to you in the name of Saint Hedwig to enlighten my path.

Holy beloved, you sustain my spirit and provide me with joy in the soul, but at this moment I also need to sustain my body with food that I cannot acquire due to lack of employment.

Plunged into despair I find myself, that’s why I kneel at your feet to help me in this difficult situation, open my paths and give me strength and will to get a job.

I request your grace to be the best job, in which the salary I get is enough to support my family and cover the expenses I have. I also ask you for an understanding and fair boss.

In this time of waiting, watch over my family and me, provide everything we need to survive. Do not abandon us, my holy beloved, in this hard trance.

Turn your eyes towards us, look at us with compassion and intercede before Our Lord Jesus Christ so that our pleas may be heard. I know that with your help I will get my job, bless those who help me today, tomorrow and always. Amen.

Prayer after getting the job

My happy and grateful heart today praises you, Saint Hedwig, loving mother, I appreciate so much help and blessings. Right now I have a job, thanks to you who listened to my prayers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, yours is the glory for this miracle. You have allowed me to find a decent and honest job, with understanding and generous colleagues and bosses.

Bless them too and fill them with health, make their finances prosper more and more every day so that they can help those who require it. Show them your beautiful face so that they will revere you.

Give me health and energy to fulfill the activities entrusted to me, guide me towards a prosperous future blessed by you. I beg you, Saint Hedwig. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Eduvigis For Urgent Money

Beloved Santa Eduvigis, help me in this situation that I find myself in today, my money is scarce and it doesn’t last much. I have borrowed and today they charge me without me being able to honor those debts.

You were the heiress of a great fortune that you shared with the poorest, so I implore you, Lady, that those who have the most help me too. Make great opportunities present themselves soon in my life.

Do not allow me to fall into despair, anguish or bad thoughts because of the lack of money, hear my pleas and begs, I implore you, please, make the money come to me soon.

I am sure that you will intervene before God in my favor, make him see that I have a generous and loving heart full of his Spirit, ask him on my behalf so that he may soon have the economic prosperity that I long for.

When this happens, I promise to share my blessings with other people who need it, without selfishness or reproaches I will extend my hand to those who require it.

I will be acting on your behalf, Saint Hedwig, listen to me, listen to me, help me, help me, I am your most faithful devotee and I will continue to be until the end of my life. Thank you for your attentive listening. I trust you. I will see my wishes fulfilled. Amen.

Prayer for the prisoners

According to believers, the prayer of Saint Hedwig is effective for those who are deprived of their liberty, so if you are in this situation or have someone you know who is in prison, it is the right time to request their help.

In this case we do not have a specific prayer, we only recommend that you pray with words that flow from your heart and mind, do it with faith and soon you will see the freedom of that person.

Remember at all times that faith is important, believe in God and in Saint Hedwig, pray at all times and ask not only for physical freedom but also for the spiritual liberation of that family member or friend.

Ask them to be the ones to guide their steps, protecting them from their enemies and making them act for their own good and that of others. No matter how delicate the situation is, Saint Hedwig will help you.

Oh, yes, the trial of the person is near, then he also prays to San Marcos de León so that he intervenes on his behalf and this act is characterized by being immediate and fair.

I pray for the family of a prisoner

Santa Hedwig, at this moment I pray for all the people who are in prison, I implore you to protect them from all evil and keep away from them the dangers that lie in wait for them.

I also ask for his relatives, to keep calm and give him their support in this difficult situation. Make him see that in the union is the strength so that together they seek a solution to this problem that afflicts them today.

Give serenity to parents who have to see their children behind bars, to children who have been separated from their parents, to wives who see family peace interrupted.

Forgive them for the faults they have committed and transform their hearts to be kind, sincere and merciful. Give them hope for a better future.

Allow the inmates to be released soon and the family union to return, become their guide so that they make the best decisions. I implore you beloved mother.

Also help others who see them with bad eyes, to forgive them and apologize, make them understand that only God can judge and punish humans. Cleanse their hearts of hate and bad feelings.

I pray that these pleas be heard on behalf of those deprived of liberty and all their families. Amen.

 prayer for peace of mind

This last prayer is also prayed for prisoners so that they remain calm at all times and confinement does not make them make bad decisions.

Oh, beloved Saint Hedwig, you dedicated your life to serving God and helping the unprotected. Today I ask you to intercede for all those people who are imprisoned so that anguish does not take over them.

Remove from your mind any bad idea that threatens your mental health, allow Jesus Christ to enter your lives and live under his precepts. Protect them from the ambushes of enemies. I beg you beloved Santa.

Bring them words of encouragement and hope, forgive their faults and grant them the opportunity to see the Glory of God. It is you Saint Hedwig who can help him today, that’s why I ask you for his mental and spiritual peace.

When the moment of their freedom comes, guide them to make good decisions and act for their own good and that of their neighbor, that they know the word of the Lord and their hearts are cleansed of all impurity. Amen.

To finish this article, we invite you to watch the following video that contains a prayer to Saint Hedwig to get out of jail soon.

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