Discover the Student Morning Prayer

Discover the Student Morning Prayer

The Student’s Prayer is that prayer that students make before going to their study center, which provides great benefits to those who pray early, for which our beloved Lord gives them wisdom, understanding and knowledge. In the following article you will learn how to perform this prayer.

Morning Prayer for Students

Prayer becomes fundamental for being able to live well, since with it we people will feel well positioned in our lives, getting to pray in the morning usually grants some unattainable benefits for humans.

The students who come to pray at dawn, when they get ready to go to their study center (College, Lyceum or University), on their way and in their class hours are blessed by our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, who helps them in everything they need.

It comes to grant them wisdom, understanding, the great capacity for learning and also for retaining information, as well as the possibilities of getting a question right and a logic for numbers including languages, because God becomes kind and does not reproach anyone for I needed it. A powerful prayer is one that comes from the depths of your being. An example sentence for students is as follows:

Student Prayer

Lord Jesus, my faithful friend, before I start my day, I thank you. At this moment I thank you for allowing me to open my eyes once again and be able to appreciate what a beautiful life is. I thank you for each one of my parents, for each one of my siblings, for all the friends, for the relatives, for the acquaintances, and also for that radiance that illuminates us every morning, when everything for us turns into darkness.

I thank you oh my Lord for being able to breathe, for being able to walk, to be able to play physical and also mental activities, I thank you on this day because you have come to give me a heart that knows how to love and be loved, because I know that in my being good feelings come to walk. I thank you for the schools, for all the educators who are in it, for the main directors who command this good institution, for all of them, who spend their lives teaching us.

I thank you that in each of my classes they are full of learning, that you are my help in all times of need, that my studies become interesting, and that way I can learn without anything to reproach. I thank you for allowing me to be a conscious person, that remembering that boys and girls cannot be able to study, they do not have homes or something to eat, they become the inspiration of many as well as their motivation, of to be better than I am, to be better as a student every day. Amen.

Student Prayer According to Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas came to compose a prayer for all students, which is impregnated, like all his, with good theology. It is theology made a prayer and prayer made of theology. This kind of prayer asks that a ray of divine clarity be the one that dispels all darkness.

Indeed, God becomes light to our intelligence. One of the main types of effects of faith becomes that of enlightening the intelligence. Because only those who have clear ideas are the ones who can act correctly. You can only get to walk where there is light.

In the Prayer to Saint Thomas Aquinas it is where it is asked that this light be the one that dispels about 2 obstacles that darken our lives, which are:

  • The ignorance
  • The sin

Ignorance, in itself, is not bad nor is it guilty; this is mainly due to our limitation. There are many things that I do not know and it is better that I do not know. And there are many things that I ignore, not because of laziness, laziness or negligence, but because of my limitation. Ignorance becomes a kind of sign of human imperfection.

Only God is the only perfect being. Therefore, only by participating in the divine perfection can the human being rise beyond his limitation. The other obstacle that comes to darken our lives is usually sin: sin always comes about because of human freedom, which has gone astray or has gone astray. Tomás asks God that he be the one to enlighten us so that we can return to the right path.

There is, then, a type of obstacle that is natural and an obstacle that becomes personal that damages our intelligence. This nuance is of great importance: Thomas asks for light for intelligence, because faith becomes a matter of intelligence more than of the heart.

Prayer for a Student

Oh ineffable Creator of ours, the highest principle and also the source of true light and wisdom, please on this day deign to infuse the ray of your clarity over the darkness of my intelligence, removing at all times the double darkness with which I was born. : that of sin and that of ignorance.

You, who make the tongues of little ones eloquent, instruct mine, and infuse on my lips the grace of your blessing! Give me sharpness to understand, ability to retain, method and facility to attend, subtlety to interpret and abundant grace to speak.

Give me success at the beginning, direction when progressing and perfection at the end Oh Lord! God and true man, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

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