Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to ask for a Favor

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to ask for a Favor

The Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to ask for a Favor , is a very powerful prayer made by Catholic believers who make it addressed to Christ so that he helps them with any need they have. In the following article you will know how to perform this kind of prayer to the Lord Jesus.

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy: Jesus I Trust in You

This prayer is made by the many devotees of Jesus who through this article will know everything about the prayers about him, the history of the Lord of Mercy, his images and a powerful prayer to ask for his intercession in difficult matters.

History of the Lord of Mercy

It is a kind of Christian devotion which is promoted by the Catholic Church that comes to focus on God’s mercy and also on his power. The Divine Mercy to ask for a favor wants to make us understand at all times that God’s mercy becomes the price paid for all sins and that, if there is full trust in Jesus, sins will be forgiven.

To render devotion to this kind of figure, many interior acts such as prayers and exterior acts must be carried out, such as coming to venerate the image of Divine Mercy, also to the feast of mercy and to perform acts of mercy with him. neighbor.

This kind of devotion came to be disclosed by the Polish nun named Faustina Kowalska through her own diary where she narrates the mystical conversations that she would have had with Jesus Christ.

Prayers to Jesus of Divine Mercy

These are some of the main prayers or Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor or miracles even in the most difficult situations. The sentences are as follows:

3 o’clock prayer

This is a Prayer to the Divine Mercy of Protection that will serve you for any kind of request you have. You must get to pray it in the course of about 3 consecutive afternoons at 3 in the afternoon, so that you can receive the help you require. The prayer is as follows:

Oh Blood and also water, that came to flow from the Heart of Jesus as a kind of Fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in you!

You who expired, Jesus, however, the source of life came to sprout in an immense way for souls, and for the ocean of Mercy that opened throughout the entire world. O the source of Life, O the great Infinite Mercy, please we ask you to enfold the whole world and take care of us.

Oh the Blood and Water that came to sprout from the Most Holy Heart of Jesus as a source of mercy for all of us, I trust in you. Oh Jesus, who gave yourself for each one of us to such an amazing passion only for an immense love.

Your Father’s justice would have come to be atoned for with just one sigh of yours and for all your annihilations are species of acts of your mercy and your inconceivable love towards humanity.

When you were dying on the cross, at that very moment you came to donate your eternal life to us, having come to allow us to open your most sacred side, you opened an inexhaustible source of your mercy to us; which you came to offer us the most valuable thing you had, that is, the blood and water of your Heart. Behold the omnipotence of your mercy, from it all grace flows to us.

Oh beloved Lord Jesus, the eternal Truth, our Life, on this day I ask you and pray for your mercy towards all poor sinners. Sweet Heart of my Lord, which is full of great mercy and eternal unfathomable mercy, please be asked for poor sinners. Oh Most Sacred Heart, the source of mercy from which the rays of inconceivable graces come to sprout over the entire human race.

I beg you, oh light for all poor sinners. Oh Jesus, please remember your bitter passion and do not allow the souls that have been redeemed with your most precious, most holy blood to be lost.

Upon reaching the end of the Christ of Mercy prayer, you should pray about 3 Our Fathers and about 3 Glories.

Prayer of the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor

If you want to ask for the help of the Lord of Mercy in the most difficult and complicated matters, you can pray this prayer to the Lord of Mercy to ask for a favor in the course of about 3 continuous nights and once finished you will to be able to get the help you need:

«O God of great mercy!, infinite goodness, from the abyss of its dejection, all humanity implores today Your mercy, Your compassion, O God!; and he cries out with the mighty voice of misery.

God of great Benevolence, do not come to ignore the prayer of this earthly exile! Oh Lord! Goodness that escapes all kinds of human understanding, that you know misery thoroughly and know that with his strength they cannot rise to You, we implore You:

Go forward with Your grace and with Your continued increase of Your mercy in each one of us, so that we can faithfully fulfill Your holy will, throughout their lives and at the time of their departure from this world.

May the omnipotence of your mercy shield them from the arrows thrown by the enemies of their salvation, so that with confidence, as Your children, we await the last coming (this is the day that only you know). And we expect to get what Jesus promised us despite our meanness.

Because Jesus is our hope: Through his merciful Heart, as in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Prayer Jesus in You I Trust

This is another of the powerful prayers of the Christ of Mercy that will help you find peace and clarity in the face of difficult and most complicated moments. If you are going through a very hard time or want to send positive energy to a sick person or who is also going through a difficult time, with this Christ of Mercy prayer you can send good energy to whoever needs it.

Let me take care of each of these things and everything will be better for you. When you totally abandon yourself to the Lord Jesus, everything will be resolved with great tranquility according to his designs. Do not despair, do not say a hectic prayer to me, as if you wanted to demand the fulfillment of your wishes. He closes the eyes of the soul and tell me calmly: Jesus, I trust in You!

Worries should be avoided, as well as anxieties and thoughts about what may happen later. Do not spoil each of the plans, coming to want to impose yours. So let God be him and act freely. Trustingly abandon yourself to him. Rest in him and leave his future in his hands. Tell him frequently:

Jesus I trust you!

What hurts you the most is wanting to solve things your way. When you say to me: “Jesus, I trust in You!”, do not be like the patient who asks the doctor to cure him, but suggests how to do it. Let yourself be carried away in my divine arms, do not be afraid… I love you!

If you think things are getting worse or complicated despite your prayer, keep trusting. Close the eyes of the soul and trust. She keeps telling me all the time: Jesus, I trust in You! I need my hands free to be able to work. Don’t tie me down with your useless worries. Satan wants that: to agitate him, to anguish him, to take the Peace from his heart. Trust only in him, abandon yourself in him.

So don’t worry, trust me with all your anxieties and sleep peacefully. Always tell me: Jesus, I trust in You!, and you will see great miracles. I promise you for my love.

The Feast of Divine Mercy is approaching… and the Lord asks us to place all our trust in Him… even in the most difficult trials or in moments of pain, when doubts assail us or suffering weighs us down… it is enough that we let us totally abandon ourselves in Him and say: Jesus, I trust in You…!

Let’s all say together:

Prostrated before your feet I humbly come to ask you sweet my Jesus to be able to repeat you constantly.

  • Merciful Jesus, I trust in You.

If trust is proof of tenderness this proof of love give you I longed for even when mired in bitterness.

  • Merciful Jesus, I trust in You.

In the saddest hours of my life when everyone leaves me Oh my god! and the soul is by sorrows fought.

  • Merciful Jesus, I trust in You.

(With great faith, you will make the request you want to obtain.)

Eternal Father, on this day I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Beloved Son the Lord our Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins and also those of the whole world.

For His painful Passion that is of such great mercy to us and to the whole world. Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.

Other Catholic Miraculous Prayers for Difficult Cases

If you have come to like these prayers to the Lord of Mercy to ask for a favor, here we are going to present other miraculous prayers that can be very useful:

  • Prayer to the Lord of Miracles to ask for an Urgent Favor:

It is another kind of miraculous prayer made to the Lord Jesus Christ with which you will be able to ask for his divine help when you find yourself in a very serious problem.

  • The Prayer to Jesus of Great Power for Difficult Cases:

If you have a problem of great difficulty and that does not have a simple human solution, here we present this prayer which is nothing more than another prayer to Jesus Christ so that you make each of your requests heard and obtain his divine help.

  • Prayer to the Miraculous Hand to Ask for a Miracle:

The miraculous hand becomes another figure of the Catholic prayer book which is highly revered by all Catholics because of its great effectiveness in fulfilling what is asked of it.

Prayer to Divine Mercy to Ask for Favors

O God of great mercy!, the infinite goodness, from the abyss of its dejection, all humanity comes to implore Your mercy today, as well as Your compassion, O God!; and he cries out with the mighty voice of misery.

God of great Benevolence, do not disregard the prayer of this earthly exile!

Oh Lord!, of sublime Goodness that escapes our understanding, that you know our misery in depth and know that with our strength we cannot rise to You, we implore You: go ahead with Your grace and continue to increase Your mercy in us, so that may we faithfully fulfill Your holy will, throughout our lives and at the hour of death.

May the omnipotence of your mercy be the one that shields them from all the arrows that are thrown by the enemies of salvation, so that, with great confidence, as Your children, they can guard the last coming (the day that only You only know) .

And we hope to be able to get what Jesus promised us despite each of our pettiness. Because Jesus is our hope: through his merciful Heart, as in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Lord of Divine Mercy

You can get to see the Lord of Mercy, today as he offers himself for people who are out of work, as well as for people who are sick in body, mind and soul, for the poorest and for the most needy, for the mothers and in the same way for the babies in the wombs so that they do not become aborted, for each and every one of their needs, Amen.

Images of Jesus of Mercy

When devotion to Divine Mercy began to spread, a kind of image of Saint Faustina was unveiled in 1931 and Jesus asked that it be painted. From that moment on, some 3 very significant images were painted. The first came to be commissioned by Saint Faustina, which was made by Eugenio Kazimirowsky in 1934.

The second was commissioned by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of God of Mercy in 1942 and was also painted by the artist Estanislao Batowski. These first 2 came to be consumed by fire during the Warsaw uprising.

After the fire, the painter named Adolfo Hyla arrived at the house of the Congregation with the proposal of painting a new painting as thanks for having been saved from the war. The painter completed the painting in 1943.

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