The 7 Deadly Sins according to Christianity

The 7 Deadly Sins according to Christianity

In the following article you will find interesting information about the 7 deadly sins that are reflected and mentioned by the Christian and Catholic Church. In this opportunity you will be able to expand your knowledge on this mentioned topic, in order to clarify possible doubts. In turn, you will have a moment of reflection because it is a reading that reflects the strongest temptations that occur in human beings.

The 7 deadly sins of the Church

In the religion of Christianity like the Catholic, they have been followers of the 7 deadly sins which are the compilation of errors that exist throughout the world. In addition, to be ordered by the negative purposes that they entail. Also, it is important to note that these errors have been noted since past centuries. Well, they have given an example of how serious it can be to execute them and even more so consciously. Since doing them becomes a great offense towards Almighty God. However, he has the great kindness to forgive us but that is no excuse to do them.

We must have as a priority that good Christians are those who follow the guidelines of the church and the new and old testament as much as possible. Where the values ​​that must be forged during the growth of the human being on planet earth are reflected. Likewise, these 7 deadly sins appear and each of the demons that govern it. It is in this way that the believers of God have been informed of the errors that must be avoided in the process of life. Although, in them the little security and hardness that is inside the soul of the individuals stands out.

Therefore, sins are proof of the weak flesh for which man has been created. Well, the devil, along with his subjects, has been able to enter the world to create disaster and baseness in the values ​​and principles of each human being. However, each of us is responsible for what is done and thought. For this reason, not everything is the fault of the evil party but of oneself. Because there must be a certain hardness in our decisions and goals in the course of life. Therefore, a faithful and devout belief in God must be contained so that he drives away all kinds of evil and temptation.

Thus, the church has been the great creator of the 7 deadly sins . Which can help and create a guide to form a good faithful and devoted man to the Lord. So, the moment you think you are overwhelmed by some kind of these mistakes in your life, start praying. With this action you will be able to more effectively ward off the demon which would be instilling said sin in you. It is worth mentioning that this can happen at any time in your life and repeat itself countless times in your growth. The important thing is not to fall into temptation and keep faith in God at all times in an infinite and blind way.

It is of the utmost importance to emphasize how the sins on planet earth can affect the connection of the human being with God almighty. For this reason, you should avoid falling into these vices at all costs because they can cause in yourself a great decline in the faith that you have built since childhood. Thus, the 7 deadly sins are the basis and beginning of a continuous process which will cost to leave. For that reason we will talk about each of them. This way you will be able to detect them in time in order to avoid them and ask the Lord to protect you with his divine mantle, in this way he will give you enough strength to be victorious in the battle with sins.

At the moment of following any of the sins, the breaking of a part of the faith towards God begins. However, at any moment you have the opportunity to repent. With this fact you will be able to show the Lord that you were wrong but that you did not feel good doing it, therefore by begging for his forgiveness. He will be attentive and will teach you how kind he is, as he will also enlighten you so that you feel again how beautiful and full of love it is to be doing everything well, and in the image of God’s criteria. For this reason, the 7 deadly sins are usually dangerous and the greatest factor of estrangement from the Christian religion.

The arrogance

In this article we will name the deadly sins in a peculiar way. Starting with pride, which is known as the main error. Also, being the focus of the existence of the remaining sins. For this reason, you must be very careful when falling into it. Well, pride is that feeling of inferiority that can make you show the most irritating side of yourself. So keep in mind that, by containing the feeling of being inferior, immediately seek prayer to God, since in him you will be able to get the necessary help to open your eyes.

However, in the 7 deadly sins there are demons involved who are the ones who direct each of the actions and feelings to end up causing the error in the human being. Thus, pride takes control within the individual, turning him into an unrecognizable spirit by beings close to this person who was used as a means to demonstrate the evil power on planet earth. So for this sin the invocation of lucifer is reflected. Whose demon has wanted to surpass God in every aspect, but he has never succeeded. It is for this reason that he takes it upon himself to be an entity to harm humans and their faith.

It is for this cardinal sin that the great consequence of distancing is taken. Since pride is responsible for alienating other people in the environment as well as lowering the existing connection between the individual and the almighty Lord. Causing a drastic change in the peace of the human being used and damaging the principles of the Christian church. At the end of this, it serves as a lesson. In the same way, it should be emphasized that the human being must have a better judgment, which he will have to continue improving on his own and with the help of the other Christians in the church.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that pride is the first deadly sin because of how difficult it is to get rid of. Well, with the skills of the demon of lucifer you can hide and go unnoticed in a unique way. So much so that, in the same church there may be people who have this sinful feeling. Which on unusual occasions is shown as humility, but turns out to be the devil acting through the individual. For this reason, it is essential to be in tune with yourself in a sincere way and listen to your close environment, because God will warn you every time an evil approaches you and, even more so if it is pride.

For this reason, the Christian church has wanted to delve even deeper into the origin of this sin. Thus, regain awareness in the faithful attendees and thus be able to teach them the various ways in which this type of temptation can be avoided. In order to forge better Christians and citizens. In addition, to invoke the assistance of God for each moment where the human being is tempted, with the aim of having even more support in that difficult moment of struggle between the devil and the human spirit. Thanks to this, pride can be avoided with great success, hoping to achieve it every time that action occurs.

The Greed

It is the second capital sin that must be taken into account. Well, at any time in the life of the human being, the acceptance and practice of greed can occur, either in its own way or inculcated. Thus, in the 7 deadly sins, this is seen as a feeling of excess, because the person who suffers from it is not satisfied with what he has and goes in search of more by any means necessary. It is a sin that does not make you think but act in order to get more of the item or desire you want.

For this reason, in the Christian church this sin becomes very strong. Even more, if you accept it in your life and do not stop it in time, it is a feeling that will make you lose your own principles and security. Since, you will have to satisfy your own demands whenever you want. It is a mistake that the human on planet earth has acquired in a mostly unconscious way. In addition, the main greed consists of money. What has managed to trap more than one individual on earth, coming to mold as desired by the demon who practices it.

Also, it is important to generate a knowledge of greed and of the demon that guides said evil feeling. Which is known by the name of: Mammon. Whose entity is in charge of directing this sin to each of the people who feel or have any need to stock up in abundance, more than anything in individuals who yearn for mountains of money and wealth. It is in them, where he begins to attack and instill this precarious feeling, which cannot be controlled or easily ended. For this reason, it is important that God is the greatest intermediary on these occasions, because only his divine light can open his eyes so that he stops wanting so much.

It is important to emphasize that the 7 deadly sins have the great power to dissolve the connection that exists between God and the human being, it is in each individual to be able to intelligently and firmly cut that bond of evil, which is full of many feelings. horrible. Which can produce a loss of values ​​and Christian faith. Thus, it is essential to keep alive that flame of love and compatibility with the Lord, since in him is the true cure and welcome for any type of problem that may have. It is not necessary to follow in the footsteps of demons dressed as white angels.

For this reason, it should be mentioned that this sin called greed can consist of various branches. Those are to be a plugin for the daemon project. So, at the moment of feeling the feeling of generating even more money even if you don’t need it, you will be participating in a deadly sin. Also, the moment you brazenly betray a friend or family member, there you will be being handled by an evil entity. Which will not want your well-being but will bring you problems in your environment, which will be harmful to you when the demon decides to stop managing your spirit.

Thus, we must be aware of the attitudes that can be taken regarding various issues of life. Well, in them are the opportunity to conceive or not the sin that is waiting for a body to carry out its evil. So keep in mind your religious faith, scare away with your prayers full of love and devotion the demons who want you to fall into their terrible evil plans. Remember, God will be for you at all times, the important thing and that should not be missing is your daily communication with him.


One of the most carnal sins that can exist on planet earth. Which has been able to take possession of men and women in a unique and unbridled way. Lust, a very common mistake in people who have excessive desire to have sex. Let us remember that the Christian church is faithfully devoted to the thoughts and guidelines that are written in the testament. Where it can be seen that the love of two people can be seen reflected in a sexual way, but full of sincere and full love. Which will be taken right after a blessed marriage.

This is how you can demonstrate the great difference between those requested by God, and those required by a demon. For this sin is contrary in every respect to the sacred word of the Lord. Because there is an abundant existence of wanting to satisfy a sexual desire, which is not produced by love but by the moment of warmth between two human beings. It is at that moment that the agility that the evil entity has in handling the individual is evidenced, having in its power a result full of undue passion. Which would cause God’s great annoyance.

However, the almighty Lord is understanding and continues to grant the sinners of this carnal error, the opportunity to redeem themselves and seek in him the necessary help to clear all kinds of improper and badly consumed thoughts once and for all. Achieving in this way, scaring away the demon that has focused on spreading an evil full of selfishness throughout the world. Therefore, prayer continues to be a powerful means of asking for his guidance and protection from all negative energy and spirit. Giving God the opportunity to be the intermediary of said situation full of lust.

Also, it is important to emphasize that lust is part of the 7 deadly sins . He has the opportunity to dominate human beings who have a low spirit of faith. Which makes it even more effective for the realization of his sin. For this reason, it is important to implement, as citizens of a Christian society, values ​​of respect and love. May the people who attend mass be spokespersons for the word of God in those who have lost hope or belief. In this way you can achieve a breakthrough to defeat the demons.

In turn, it should be emphasized that lust is accompanied by very intense and few satiable sexual desires. Which can lead to disastrous and unrequited stories. For example the act of raping an individual. In these situations, the action of the devil is directly involved in an unbridled and merciless way. As can also be reflected in those people who sell their bodies for money, without caring about their integrity or self-esteem. For this reason, the willingness to ignore this type of sin or temptation must be kept in mind, since it would not lead to a positive or good result for one’s being.

At Ira

It is a very confusing but full of hate feeling, which can occur within the human being and be externalized in a not very positive or manageable way. What can cause verbal and physical injuries to another person, as well as being the beginning of aggressive acts such as fights or insults. Anger is a very general temptation, and it can happen at any time. For this reason, the Christian church always seeks relief from all problems and opinions of human beings when attending church or in the same prayer made in its own way.

In the 7 deadly sins, anger takes the position of being an impulse-driven temptation. Where it gives advantage to the demon called: Amon, to be part of a process that is not pleasant in the eyes of God. Therefore, when starting a discussion or fight, you have to be aware and think about what you want to make known. Never rise by the impulses, although the human being is not perfect but he has the opportunity to stop the power of the diabolical entity if he so proposes. Then, being more sensible will reduce that feeling of anger.

In addition, anger is what instills in the individual hatred and a feeling of wanting to hurt. For this you have to be very agile and intelligent. Well, the devil is constantly looking for angry people, to seize the moment and act through that body. Turning him into an unrecognizable being in the instant where he drains the fury he had inside. It is important to emphasize that this sin can be very useful for human beings who live a very stressful day to day. But, it is of the utmost importance to be able to control said feeling since it never ends in anything good.

Likewise, discrimination can be added to the sin of anger. Whose act has been very vivid over the years, since it demonstrates the hatred that one person can have towards another just because they have a different skin color, or certain physical features different from the usual ones. Thus, anger can cover many areas in the daily life of the human being, you simply have to know how to control it and ask God in constant prayer to remove all kinds of negative and furious thoughts.

In this way, a combat between the power of God and the demons could be achieved, since by knowing how to control anger you will be taking power away from you, from the negative entities that seek your lack of control and that you end up committing a crime such as murder or simply cause a discord with the being you love the most. So, it can be said that this deadly sin is more bearable but very common in the countries of the world. You just have to practice patience and love, since they are the main feelings that fight against the feeling of anger.

the gluttony

It is that action of excess with respect to food and drink. Well, it is included in the 7 deadly sins , with the action of showing that there are people on planet earth who are coupled with this temptation, which can be seen as normal and full of little positive energy. In such a way, going unnoticed in the daily habits of people. Which leads to a distortion between good and bad. But yes, gluttony is a very common and condemned sin in the eyes of God. Therefore, this sin must be kept in sight because it can cause consequences of different kinds in the people who carry it out and, even more, what they do on a regular basis.

It is important to emphasize that this sin is taken into account when it is done in an unnecessary way. That is, if you’ve just eaten and you’re full, but you’re tempted to keep eating because there’s still delicious food on the table, and you do. It is at that moment that the demon takes possession of the person who feels that desire. Which little by little becomes a habit, which will be difficult to stop. Having as consequences problems in the health of the human being, and thus obtaining deaths on planet earth in a precarious way.

Well, gluttony is a way of damaging the human race over time. In order to hurt God through his creations, which have made the decision to follow the excess in food and drink. Giving great satisfaction to the devil who delivers his power to convince a particular person through smell and vision to fall into the evil nets of capital sin. However, gluttony is a temptation that can be controlled. You just have to know how to identify it and stop it instantly before there is an irreversible result.

Thus, it becomes vital to continue reporting in the Christian church that excess alcohol is deliberate as a sin and even more so to be on a regular basis, and in abundance. Since, it is a substance that changes the attitudes and being of the person for hours, which can lead to another of the 7 deadly sins . Having as consequences strong physical encounters, the realization of lust, and greed. Well, it is an effect that makes you forget the problems that that person who is carried away by gluttony can contain.

It should be noted that gluttony in its generalities becomes a different escape for people who require some distraction activity. In addition, it is an act where the demons take advantage of the weak spirit of the individual to act on them. This being an easy way to address and contain such temptation. Therefore, devout Christians must be God’s support and deer, to help people who need it. It is worth mentioning that it is a very consecutive sin in societies, which must be handled intelligently and with sufficient mental strength.

The envy

It is one of the 7 deadly sins that manage to cause in people an insatiable desire to contain what another individual possesses. The peculiarity of this sin is how irrational it usually makes the person act, because he does not stop until he obtains what was proposed from the beginning. Being in this way a precarious action, because he does not like to see the good in another’s face. What gives consequences of hatred, resentment and pure envy towards that human being who has the possibility of having some object or trait, that this individual cannot contain. Which would be dominated by the devil.

Thus, envy is very common in everyday life, which can cause many discords between people. Since the desire to have the same as another is not healthy, in addition to giving an indication of a feeling of improvement in what that person has, which is envied. Thus, resulting in the action of the devil so that he does not have ideas of love or sharing, much less seeing her well. It is a very deep capital sin that can damage the soul of a human being.

For this reason, children must be taught the value of sharing and accepting the happiness of others. In addition, to teach them the consequences that accepting envy as something common and normal in everyday life can cause. So, including this temptation of the devil with the 7 deadly sins that transform the human being into an unrecognizable individual with little compassion and humility. It is at that moment, where God must be invoked to transmit through his angels a breath of peace, security and love. What will help to scare away evil entities with bad intentions on humans.


It is the sin that focuses on irresponsibility and refers to the fear of carrying out some activity by their own means and ingenuity. Being one of the 7 deadly sins, the one focused on the waste of time, causing each job or obligation to become a free period, doing it through excuses. It is a temptation that goes hand in hand with the demon called: Belfegor. Whose entity is taking power with each postponed task. Which leads to a result of people not able to emerge but prefer to be stagnant. Without the opportunity to grow and progress in life.

In addition, laziness occurs in people who are insecure and who have dominant defects, that is, they do not believe they are capable of carrying out a certain activity that contains a great weight of responsibility. That is why this sin occurs in lazy individuals. That is why it is important to promote recreation in children, youth and adults at all times. Well, it is one of the ways in which laziness can be undone, managing to defeat the evil demon that seeks to reverse human development. In order to hurt God by the actions of laziness and little entrepreneurship.

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