Prayer to our Holy Virgin Lady of Schoenstatt

Prayer to our Holy Virgin Lady of Schoenstatt

Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt : it is a prayer that is made to this Virgin to ask her for her intercession before God and receive all kinds of favors. If you want to know the prayers that you can perform and the meaning of these, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt

Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt : Every October 18, a day dedicated to her is celebrated and to celebrate it, a beautiful prayer is made, which we will share with you below:

Dear Mother, beloved queen and Virgin, today I want to offer you this Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt , so that you intercede before God for us and ask you (here you make your request).

Also, I want to thank you because your beloved Son Jesus, the son of God, granted me the joy of having you and being able to call you Mother. Seeing how much you suffered as you watched him die, he gave you a new son, and we want to take care of you and love you for all eternity.

Here I am, kneeling at your feet!

Here I am Mother, beloved, on my knees and prostrate before your feet, with a heart overflowing with joy, happiness and love. My heart is floating in the clouds because your son has granted me the grace of having you as a Mother.

I come before you, Blessed Mother, and I offer you this Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt because I know that your power is infinite and your love, generosity, kindness, and sweetness are always for me unconditionally.

Kneeling before you, I want to ask you through this Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt to allow me to purify my heart, and in turn, my thoughts, words and deeds. I ask you to cleanse me and renew me through the Holy Spirit so that there is only love and willingness to serve on my part.

I want to love you, beloved Mother, and I am happy to be able to do it through others, through those people who are less fortunate than me but who still trust in you, in your protection, sweetness, shelter and mercy.

Our Lady of Schoenstatt

Father José Kentenich (1885-1968) is the founder of an apostolic movement created from a deep personal devotion to Mother Mary, on October 18, 1914.

This movement had its origin in a small and simple abandoned chapel in the immense and magical Schoenstatt Valley, located in the city of Vallendar (Germany).

Father José Kentenich, together with some young people from the area, decided to consecrate their lives to the Beloved Virgin Mary that day, thus sealing an alliance of devotion, love and dedication towards her in what they baptized the “Schoenstatt Shrine.

Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt : do you know what Schoenstatt means? It means beautiful. And today, this beloved Virgin has more than one hundred eighty (180) replicas and sanctuaries around the world.

Pilgrims and faithful of this Virgin come to her from all over the world to ask her mainly for three things: apostolic fertility, interior transformation and spiritual shelter.


As an offer, either for the favor received or the request that you wish to make, to the Virgin, a Prayer is offered to the Virgin of Schoenstatt and during the rest of the day, we will consecrate it and dedicate it to her.

Beloved Mother, I offer you this Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt to ask for wisdom to act and respond with intelligence, as well as strength to face those problems that calm my heart and cause me pain, despair and sometimes shake my faith.

Guide me, protect me, light my path and that of every man on earth. Help us to act in loving and kind ways, to follow your example and obey the Father. Everything you give me I consecrate to the Holy Trinity.


My Mother, with this Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt I want to offer you everything that my human condition allows me, I offer you the consecration of my thoughts, heart, spirit and all of my being on this day. I am yours completely, feel free to work through me.

I trust you, mother

How not to trust you Holy Mother? How not to dedicate this Prayer to Our Lady of Schoenstatt ? How not to recognize the power of your love and kindness. Thank you for everything you give me Mother, I am yours, in body, mind and spirit.

Resemblance to the Virgin Mary

Beloved Mother, I dedicate this Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt because I want to follow your example, I want to give myself to the Father and be able to serve him, give him my fiat, just as you did.

Apostolic Prayers

Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt : Beloved Mother, we offer ourselves to you as your army on earth, to help you fight all evil and everything that harms men. You are salvation, hope and love, let us serve you.

Thanks to our Mother

With this humble prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt, we want to thank you, Beloved Mother, for all the favors received. Thank you, because you are always willing to listen to us, forgive us and welcome us with open arms even though we have sinned.

We have no other way to thank you than to pray on your behalf to honor you and serve you with as much love as you have taught us.

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