Petition to santa muerte help me, effective for a favor

Petition to santa muerte help me, effective for a favor

The holy death or as the holy death is also known, is a very popular Mexican figure is an object of worship and devotion and personifies death, there are thousands of women and men who pay great cult, devotion and venerate it. In this post we will describe the sentences as; holy death help me, through which your faithful believers make requests.

Santa Muerte help me

The devotion to Santa Muerte is very great and for this reason thousands of men and women come to her to make various requests, and in this way pay tribute to her in exchange for being able to grant her the favor they so long for and desperately ask for. since they no longer find any way out.

It is important to highlight that what is promised to Santa Muerte must be fulfilled to the letter as promised because in this way of not fulfilling what is offered, one is acting in an erroneous way, the offerings and promises that they are made to the dead saint we must remember that they must be completely sincere, humble and that they come from the heart. She cannot be offered or promised something negative, that harms others or some evil.

In this way, it should be noted that the white girl, as the holy death is also known, should not offer something that does not depend directly on ourselves, since in this way it could be difficult for us to comply and that is what should be done to fail her. to santa muerte in relation to his offering.

In the same way, we must keep in mind that in addition to offering things that are within our reach and that depend merely on us, the most important thing is your faith in it and that when you go to it you do it with the most sincere devotion and from the heart and that what you offer do it in this same way.

Next we are going to describe the request Santa Muerte help me, through which her faithful believers come to her to implore her help, to help them and listen to their cry and can help them in such a difficult situation that they are facing and they no longer find a way out and for this reason despair and anguish consume them, and in those moments they put their entire lives in the hands of such great devotion to holy death:

Holy Death I kneel before you with tears in my eyes I ask you for a great favor with all my heart. Again I invoke you, White Angel, Holy White Girl; since I am desperate (a), I am afflicted (a) and disconsolate (a). I beg you, princess of the divine love of the creator whose mission is to bring souls to our Lord, help me in this great need. I’m starting to believe in you, since everything else has failed me. Help me get out of this situation and anguish that I carry inside of me.

I no longer know what to do, what to think and feel. I feel defeated and sad, without confidence and strength to move forward. It’s already been several months of not finding hope for my anxieties. I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me obtain solutions promptly in a favorable way. I would like to ask for your heavenly help in my work and the feelings that afflict my heart and soul. You already know the people I love and the deepest dreams and longings that lie in my thoughts and feelings. I know I’m asking too much of you, but it’s really a feeling that I can’t get rid of and that I carry with me every day.

I beg your intervention for these needs that afflict me so much, since it seems that the more I try to have faith and hope, the more I fall and regress even more. I do not want to promise you something in return that I cannot fulfill, I know that in the end one day you will come for me and from this moment I will be infinitely grateful to you and you will be part of my love and prayers and when the day you come looking for me, that day personally I will give you all my love from my heart. Make your heavenly mantle start working on the help I need, give me the strength, wisdom and power to serve you and start changing things.

I ask you again to grant me my wishes that I carry in my heart, especially with (make a request with great faith), as well as protect my family from all evil and especially what I love most in life, the fruit of my blood now. his mother-father, to always take care of him and protect him; me too at my job. That I can preserve it and prosper in it, distance my enemies from me, who have already besieged and revolted me for quite some time. As a last favor, I want to beg you to grant me the gift of enlightenment and wisdom to fulfill my goals and projects in this life.

To be happy, safe and joyful and help my neighbors. Oh Santa Muerte, invincible for all eternity, have mercy on me and help me in this great need and affliction, do not make me feel like one more prayer that I throw into the air and does not get an answer. My suffering is real and the same as my affliction. What I have left of time I want to live fully because, as part of divine creation, I am made of love and the promise of our Lord is to love and be happy as long as it is the time that you take us to our transition in eternity.

I beg you to look at me with eyes of mercy Forgive me for my faults and help me to be forgiven by the almighty God for all my sins Heal me from all natural and supernatural diseases protect the liar, the traitor and bad energies Grant me your justice at all times and protect me from those who wish me only harm and evil Grant me your blessings, your miracles and grant me the blessings of your mighty right hand, there is nothing you cannot take away, all you have to do is grant it and it will be granted with all my heart and soul I beg you to listen to this prayer and grant me your goodness favored by the Almighty God, loved by the son Jesus, faithful friend of the Holy Spirit I know in my heart that you will never abandon me with all my love,faith and devotion to you I offer this candle and I will place my prayer on your altar I thank you for all your kindness and protection.Amen.

Prayer to Santa Muerte for money and fortune

There are infinite prayers that exist to request divine help in the face of a bad economic situation that we are facing and that is becoming more and more complicated for us, and for this reason we no longer know what else to do and who to turn to. It is this opportunity to describe to you a prayer in the following lines by which many people ask; Santa Muerte help me to have money.

Thousands of devotees to Santa Muerte come to her through this prayer to request her interception in their finances since they are desperate, they cannot find a job, the money returns to them out of their hands. Next, we can observe a popular prayer to Santa Muerte for money and fortune:

Gloriosa Santísima Muerte, my powerful white girl, my faithful companion and friend along the way, in whom we faithfully trust in every hard and complicated moment of our lives, and whom we will have the joy of seeing each of us on the last day of our existence.

You know every secret of fortune, I beg you to allow the wheel to turn naturally to where it is destined to go, allow me to enjoy great power and bring fortune, prosperity and abundance to my life.

Your great altar will be the witness of the powerful service that I will have for you, who are the owner of the great secrets of fortune and luck. Move away from my life powerful Lady with your great encouragement and will all that threat and danger that come close to me and my family, banish misfortune from my life so that the shine that light confers reaches us who need it most.

Provide me I beg you with your good luck, with business and chance, that fortune appears today at my door and that abundance and prosperity always reign in my home.

I will thank you greatly with offerings and I will give you my fidelity forever, thanks I give you my faithful friend and companion, adored Santa Muerte. I need money and your help to get ahead.

You my queen, I know you will help me and you can give me faith that I will be fine. Santa Muerte, I believe in you and in your heavenly power. You are queen among queens. Help me fulfill my desire to have a lot of money and zero worries.

Please help me from the heart and I promise you that I will repay you with altars and devotions until the last day of my life. I promise to be faithful like nobody else.Amen.

Prayer to Santa Muerte for a favor

Santa Muerte please help me oh white girl, listen to my prayers, I come to you with humility I ask you with all my heart, do me a great favor.

(Ask with devotion for the favor to be granted).

I humbly beg you to help me solve this request that I make of you, it is for my well-being and do not allow things to go wrong.

I invoke and conjure Santa Muerte, use your power to be able to achieve it, cleanse my path of all negative energy, of envy, the greed that other people have towards me, do not leave me alone, grant me your kindness.

I am sorry for the sins committed, help me so that God forgives me, I believe in you my queen, great lady listen to my pleas, always keep my prayers in mind.

Blessed Holy Death, give me peace of mind, grant me your blessings, I ask you to (ask for the favor again), give me peace and tranquility, calm my soul that is thirsty for your glory.Amen.

The holy dead

The devotion and fervor to Santa Muerte is so immense that the Mexican population who are followers of her, decided not to hide their fervor anymore and shout from the rooftops their devotion to Santa Muerte through altars that they raise in the streets, to ask her for a favor they need and offer her and promise something in exchange for her help.

The Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist churches completely reject the devotion that people may have on this character since they consider him merely diabolical, and therefore no Catholic person pays homage to Santa Muerte or her images since for them to do so it is to commit a serious sin to worship the representation of death.

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