Prayer to dominate my husband and tame him

Prayer to dominate my husband and tame him

More than once you may have asked yourself, is there a prayer to dominate my husband? And the answer is yes, in this post you will find some sentences that may be to your total liking, since they will help you to dominate that rebellious and proud husband. Do not stop reading the post and you will see that the prayers are effective.

Prayer to dominate my husband

We know that living as a couple is not easy and even more so if our husband is a man, rebellious, proud and stubborn. If you want to dominate your husband, then you will know a strong prayer that will help you dominate that man you love so much, and you want to receive better treatment from him.

If you fear losing your husband, either due to problems in the couple or because there is another woman in his life.   This prayer is also appropriate for you, you just need to have a lot of faith and the conviction of your husband will always be with you, loving you   and respecting you until death separates you, just as he promised you on the altar when before God I swear eternal love. This domination prayer will help you overcome each and every one of those adversities.

Just like Saint Mark, Saint Luke, Saint Matthew and Saint John the Baptist, when they were in the garden they were meek. When this sentence ends (say your man’s name) you will be dominated by me.

You will only fulfill my desires and you will only live to satisfy my needs and fulfill my holy will. I am and always will be the woman of your life, for whom you sigh and whom you love with immense madness and passion.

From this moment you will be under my domain, you will not be able to resist me, from now on you will be docile, affectionate, faithful and pleasant with me.

Never again will you make me cry, suffer or go through some bad love, in your life it will occur to you again to mistreat me or disrespect me. You will be unable to treat me rudely or be stupid with me.

Every day of your life you will love me, kiss me and pamper me as your woman that I am. Lord I beg you to give me the third nail to nail my man’s heart to mine eternally.

So that, if he is not by my side, he will not have peace or calm, until he has me close and can tell me how much he loves me and needs me always by his side. Lord, I ask that this man have no life if I am not with him.

Spirits of light that illuminate souls, illuminate the heart and soul of my husband, may he always be after me like a gentle dog.   Lord I pray that my husband is always under my domain, that he always keep me in mind of him, that only I be the only woman in his life.

May all of him surrender completely to my Lord, driven by the heavenly powers of love. (Say your man’s name) You won’t have peace and quiet, until you’re by my side.

I want you behind me, like a meek lamb and like the faithful dog that you should always be to me, your body and your soul belong only to me and so it will be until death do us part.

I suggest you and I dominate you. So it is and so it will be Amen

Prayer to dominate my husband and return

Next we are going to be able to read a prayer to dominate my husband and make him come back, if your man has left your side and abandoned you for another woman, this prayer is the ideal one for you :

Jesus eternal father, I know more than anyone that you are with me that you guide me and comfort me. That’s why sir I’m not afraid of the ounce and much less of the beast.

With you by my side sir I know I can dominate my man, what can I do that from this precise moment is under my feet. That he can’t live without me, that he feels less are my presence.

That the very idea of ​​thinking that he lost me disturbs him day and night until he returns home to his family and especially to me, I implore you, Lord, that from the moment you touch our home again, treat me like a queen, be a loving, tender man , pampering, affectionate and a complete gentleman.

Eternal Father, that from now on that man who is mine and mine alone, has no eyes for any other woman, that only with me he finds peace and happiness, that only I his wife can give him the pleasure he needs so much.

So it is and so in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. (repeat three times)


Prayer to dominate my husband from San Marcos

Dog man, brave man, kneel down and put your beard on the ground because before you were born the son of God was born. I was hungry and he gave me food.

I invoke the strength and power of San Marcos de León, to help me tame and dominate the spirit, body and mind of the person I love.

I invoke Saint Mark so that with his strength to dominate he help me conquer and seduce ( say your husband’s name) and that through this prayer that I pray with great hope so that I can eternally dominate my man ( say his name ), and that I can also show him that the love that I ( say your name) what I feel for him ( say his name) is good, pure and sincere.

Today, at this time and in this place, I invoke San Marcos de León to love (your man’s name) with his feet, hands and heart. Just as he tamed and slept the lion that is at his feet, just as he tamed the other beasts of the mountain.

I (say your name) conjure you, vein by vein, nerve by nerve, conjuring you I reduce you and tie you to me (your name). You will not be able to be with any other woman other than me, and if at any time you are, your strength (say her name) must be lacking at all times.

You (say his name) only with me can you be, only in me will you think, only by my side will you want to be. Glorious San Marcos de León, you who tamed the lion, the dragon and the little dragon, to the point of making the lion sleep at your feet, I want you to tame and sleep like this to (name of the loved one).

That he sleeps in a deep sleep, and that when he wakes up he wakes up thinking of me (say your name) that he loves me with all his love and wants to urgently communicate with me.

Also, tame my enemies that you know how many there are, and keep away whoever is disturbing our love, so that harmony and love reign between my husband and me, and all our relatives.

I pray this prayer with all devotion, so that the person I love needs to talk to me, does so without delay and loves me like no one has ever wanted, and does not want to be with someone other than mine.

So be it, so be it, so it shall be.

Almighty God, who lovingly reveals yourself to men through deeds and words, we ask you through the intersection of the evangelist Saint Mark, that meditating with the Good News of the Gospel,
we follow the example of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh in the bosom of Maria. Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.

So be it, so be it, so it shall be.


Prayer to tame my husband

My God, you dominate man and the whole world, grant me the power and strength necessary to tame my husband ( say his full name).   May my love be the only thing that man needs to live and be happy Lord, I ask you because he always comes to me like a meek lamb.

I beg you Lord because my husband (say his name) is always full of love and beautiful details for me. I want to tame that creature so that he only has eyes for me, that he only thinks of and always be madly in love with me. I tame you my man in the name of the spirit of dominion, I conjure your five senses, your virtues, your thought, and your will.

My God, I ask that (say your husband’s full name again) at the end of this powerful prayer he is totally tamed, and that in our present and in our future only love and happiness surround us. That when I see him he sees me, when I hear him he hears me, when I look at him he looks at me, when I touch him he feels me, and when I sigh he does too. Thus the five senses of him will be tied to me in the same thought by God and the same nature.

So be it, so be it, so it shall be.


Accompany this powerful prayer an Our Father and a Hail Mary. And at all times with the conviction of our man he is already meek as a lamb.

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