Prayer to San Ramón to Fight Bad Languages

Prayer to San Ramón to Fight Bad Languages

It is unlikely to lead an honest and good life without meeting people who do nothing but spread evil and do much harm through gossip and rumours. Their motives can be many, envy, resentment, anger, the influence of evil spirits, etc. In any case, we can make any Prayer to San Ramón Nonato so that he protects us and helps us fight evil tongues. In this article we show you some of the sentences that you can use for it.

History of Saint Ramon Nonato

San Ramón Nonato was a well-known religious who was born in 1204 in Spain and belonged to the Order of Mercy. The word Unborn is not part of his birth name, it was assigned as a qualifier since the term comes from the Latin “Nonnatus” and means “Not Born”. This was done because during his birth, his mother died in labor and he had to be delivered from the uterus via cesarean section. For many, this story was surprising since at the time, the chances of surviving a birth of this type were very low and meant certain death.

From a very young age he was interested in a religious vocation, so he got his father’s approval to join the Order of Mercedarians in Spain. Then, by the year 1222 he completes his training and is ordained as a priest. In this way he begins his religious service, which is oriented or focused on guiding those who were imprisoned and remained captive on the African continent along the correct path of redemption. He used to carry money that he used to pay for the release of a large number of prisoners that he helped convert to Christianity. Most of his religious work focused on preaching and spreading the word of God on this continent.

When he runs out of money, San Ramón gives himself up as a hostage in exchange for the release of another group of Christians who were imprisoned. His captors, who were of Muslim descent, attacked him causing multiple injuries after undergoing many tortures. They even pierced his lips with hot iron and placed a padlock on his mouth so that he could not speak and therefore; he couldn’t preach the word. Despite all this suffering and mistreatment, they never managed to break his spirit.

For the year of 1239, the Order of Mercy managed to free him. That same year he returned to Spain and then Pope Gregory IX offered him the position of Cardinal. Unfortunately, during his trip to Rome he passes away.

Thanks to the intersection of San Ramón, both in life and after his death, many people were granted multiple requests and miracles. Reason why he was canonized in 1657 by order of Pope Alexander VII. Since then, it has been a symbol for many people who ask for help, praying on its behalf to intercede for many reasons such as: gossip and gossip, the healthy birth of a child (either because it comes with or without complications), to ask for protection, among other things.

Prayer to Saint Ramon Nonato

As we have already seen, there are multiple reasons why the faithful request help from San Ramón Nonato. So below we will tell you some prayers to perform on his behalf for the most used requests.

Prayer of San Ramón Nonato to Silence Bocas

The following sentence is ideal to prevent people from gossiping, telling lies or fallacies about us. Where San Ramón is asked to intercede for the “bad tongues” and distance them from us:

« Oh famous Saint Ramón Nonato, you who for instructing the word of God appointed you as torture to carry a padlock on your lips, hear my ejaculatory prayer and intervene before God our Lord, so that those who speak ill of me end up in their attempt and I be protected from any bad and harmful message or purpose that person has.

Please, my supreme god, you who granted Saint Ramón Nonato the arduous mission of freeing slaves; I request your help, so that you always remove me from submission and from the sin that separates me from you. Help me to live in peace and away from all those who spy on me, want to hurt me and afflict me.

That I manage to be separated forever from those who out of anger, perversity or rancor wish me some harm or ambition to denigrate me with their dishonors.

Almighty God, I recognize that you, with your great mercy and through the intervention of Saint Ramón Nonato, will not leave this request abandoned; I beg you, for your creation, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our beloved Lord, who is and reigns with you in the company of the Holy Spirit.

Saint Ramón Nonato, you who live so close to God, ask him for my difficulties. May I never lack your protection and defense, may your famous diplomacy assist me at all times no matter how difficult the road. Amen « .

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato to Avoid Problems

Now we mention a prayer to request the help of San Ramón Nonato that serves as protection and allows us to get away from problems:

« Oh glorious San Ramón Nonato, whose power was put to the test by God through the earth and its elements, health and illness, life and death; achieving with your powerful intercession to be the lawyer of the maidens, succession of the married, defender of those who are slandered, harvester of farmers, port of shipwrecked, redemption of the captives, sight of the blind and end of all evils.

You who possessed such an ardent desire to receive the most holy sacrament, that forced our Lord Jesus to give Holy Communion from his blessed hands. I beg you to intercede for me, and make me worthy to deserve to attend this heavenly treat and receive viaticum at the end of my life. Mainly, so that I can obtain the special grace that I ask of you and the eternal happiness of glory « .

Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato to Help You Have a Good Birth

When we find out that we are about to become parents, one of the main fears that overwhelms us is the health and well-being of that child who is about to be born. For this reason, here we leave you some prayers to Saint Ramón, ideal to request that the baby be born without any type of problem or complication. That is, so that there is a good delivery.

sentence 1

« Oh exalted patron San Ramón, model of charity towards the poor and needy. Today you have me here prostrate before you humbly at your feet, to implore your help and assistance in my needs.

Just as it was your greatest joy to help the poor and needy on earth, come to my aid and succor me; I beg you, oh glorious San Ramón. My concern, my affliction, is that I can have a birth without difficulties, I want my son to be born healthy and strong.

In exchange, I will present him before you and before the Lord God the Father, I will educate him as your sacred commandments dictate and he will have knowledge of God. I will help him to become a good person. Amen « .

sentence 2

« God father of goodness, you who have given me the immense benefit of fathering a son, I thank you for having made us sharers in your paternity giving the existence of this new being.

Waiting for her delivery, I come before you to ask for your protection, through my lawyer San Ramón Nonato, so that this fruit of my womb may come to a happy end.

I hope so for the infinite merits of our Lord Jesus, your son and those of his most holy mother Mary. Amen « .

Sentence 3

Unlike the two prayers already mentioned, this one works as a request to San Ramón to help her get pregnant:

« Oh sublime patron San Ramón, you who are a model of charity towards the poor and needy, here you have me humbly prostrate before your feet to implore your help in my needs.

Just as it was your greatest joy to help the poor and needy on earth, help me; I ask you with all my heart.

Oh glorious San Ramón, in this that is my affliction. I come before you as a protector, so that you can get pregnant. Protect me so that she can give birth to a child full of vitality and protected by the grace of God. I promise to educate him following the laws and commandments of God.

Please hear my prayers my protector. Oh San Ramón, make me a happy mother of that son that I hope to give birth to through your powerful intercession. So be it. Amen « .

Prayer to Saint Ramon to Find Love

As the name indicates, this prayer is for those who wish to ask for the help of San Ramón to bring them good fortune and allow them to find the love of their life:

« Famous San Ramón Nonato, you who are sensitive and admired patron of those who endure. I come to you crammed with problems and prostrate myself at your feet to implore you to protect me.

You my naive, that by the affection that you perpetually preserved to Christ and by your formidable enthusiasm to the sacred similarity; You got many miracles to take place through your interposition, since you continually got the favors you begged from the Lord. With obedience and haste I come before you to ask for your help.

Oh San Ramón Nonato, fascinated and respectable, who is full of disbursement and mercy with those who come to you and always postponed from our misfortunes, urges for a coalition, attachment and loyalty in my home. My intimacy in you is magnanimous and my faith in you is absolute, for this reason I expose my mortifications with great delirium, since I long for (you must say the person you love with whom you want to have a relationship) to be my companion for life and that we manage to remedy the inequalities that keep us apart.

Give us your help so that we can be united. Please update our repayment and mutual sincerity and do not tolerate anyone or anything to isolate or separate us. Oh San Ramón Nonato, fair man and worthy of all decorum, help me to reach the eternal help of heaven.

Oh Saint Ramón Nonato, this is what I ask of you and it is what I hope to acquire from the Almighty, from the Virgin Mary and from the Holy Spirit through your impulsive interposition. To whom I want to love and take advantage of, as you flattered them and were always worth it, perennially and for a patience. Amen « .

Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato to ask for the Family

Then we leave you with a prayer to request the help and favor of San Ramón Nonato for the well-being of your family:

 Lord Father Almighty! The family is the oldest institution of humanity, as it is as old as man himself. But because this is your own institution and the means by which man can come into this world to develop to the highest perfection, the forces of evil are attacking it, causing men to despise this basic unit of Christian civilization.

In their suicidal rage, they intend to deal a death blow to this family. Please do not let them succeed in their dark task and bring about such destructive designs on the Christian family.

Through the glorious intercession of your servant Saint Ramon Nonato, who is your defense attorney in heaven for the happiness, well-being, and peace of Christian families, we beg you to hear our prayers.

By the merit of this great saint who is our patron, grant us that in our home he may always be modeled following the tutelage of the holy family of Nazareth. Let not the enemy of Christian family life triumph with his attacks, but rather; convert them to the truth for the glory of your holy name. Amen « .

Prayer to San Ramón Nonato to ask him to Intercede for a Favor

This prayer is a little more general and can be used to ask Saint Ramón Nonato for help with a problem that afflicts you:

« Oh glorious San Ramón Nonato, you who are full of compassion for those who invoke you, and with love for all those who suffer hard with the burden of my problems, I throw myself at your feet and humbly beg you to help me with this problem, which I commend to your special protection (Here a pause is made in the prayer and the request that you want to make to Saint Ramón is indicated, once the request is finished, the rest of the prayer is continued).

Deign to entrust my request to the Virgin Mary and place it before the throne of Jesus, so that he can bring it to a happy outcome. Do not stop interceding for me until my request is granted. Above all, make it favor me with the grace of one day to contemplate God face to face, together with you and Mary, next to all the saints praising and blessing them for all eternity. Amen « .

Once the prayer is finished, the following phrase must be repeated three times:

«Blessed San Ramón Nonato, pray for me and grant me the grace I ask of you».

Then it should end by praying an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory.

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