The powerful prayer of praise to God the Father

The powerful prayer of praise to God the Father

The prayer of praise is made from the beginnings of man, this is born from the immense faith and firm hope that we give to God in which we accept the resolution of the Lord and access all kinds of events, both good and bad. Unquestionably, God only has a plan of love for us, his children. I am in favor that believing is not easy and those of us who do it are gratified with an imminent spiritual growth.

Lord’s blessing to the universe

Prayer of praises for the universe, God blessed Jesus and we exalt him and in the same way we want him to bless the universe for this we make this hymns of praises forever and ever.

“Angels of the Lord, bless Jesus; blessed heavens, consecrate the Lord.

Waters of space, glorify the Lord; armies of the Lord, bless Jesus.

Sun and moon, blessed be by the Lord; stars of heaven, consecrate the Lord.

Rain and dew, blessed be by the Lord; Blessed are the winds of the Lord.

Fire and heat, blessed be; cold and frosty, blessed be by the Lord.

Blessed be dews and snowfalls; icebergs and ice consecrate the Lord.

Frost and snow, glorified be to the Lord; night and day, blessed be the Lord for him.

Light and darkness, blessed be by the Lord; lightning and clouds, blessed be by the Lord.

May the Lord bless every piece of the earth of this world, let us glorify with hymns and praises forever and ever.

Mountains and summits, blessed be by the Lord; when the earth germinates, it is thanks to the Lord that it is blessed by him.

Springs, blessed be by the Lord; seas and rivers, blessed be by the Lord.

Mammals and fish, blessed be by the Lord; birds of heaven, blessed be by the Lord. Wild beasts and cattle, blessed be by the Lord, let us praise the Lord with hymns for ever and ever.

Children of men, blessed be by the Lord; may the Lord bless Israel and his people.

Priests of the Lord, blessed be by the Lord; servants of the Lord, glorify the Lord.

Just souls and spirits, blessed be by the Lord; Holy and humble of heart, blessed be by the Lord.

Let us bless the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, praising them with hymns forever and ever.

Blessed be the Lord in the dome of heaven, praised, glorious and celebrated for ever and ever.


praise prayer

This is a praise to God our Lord for his immense love:

Blessed be Lord, my God. Blessed be you and your son Jesus, my Lord, thank you for being so charitable and kind because I know that your love for me is infinite. You will always be revered and praised by me. Lord I only ask for mine and for me bless us today tomorrow and always like your son Jesus with all your love.

Praise for God’s blessings

When we pray we feel relief because we know that God listens to us, praise makes people lose all interest in personal problems and sometimes people manage to forget about themselves, giving thanks to God, it is a moment in which attention only It is centered on the Lord, to praise him with the love that comes from our hearts, to express our admiration for all that goodness and mercy towards us.

It is Psalm 103 of the bible that manifests, a kind of lavish poet, to expose everything that provokes the prayers of praise all the reasons are clearly explained to us in the Psalm of David: Praise for the blessings of God

Psalm of David:

“ 103.- Bless, my soul, Jehovah, And bless all my being his holy name.2: Bless, my soul, Jehovah, And do not forget any of his benefits. 3: He is the one who forgives all your iniquities, He who heals all your diseases; 4: The one who rescues your life from the hole, The one who crowns you with favors and mercies; 5: The one who satisfies your mouth with good so that you rejuvenate like the eagle.

6: Jehovah is the one who does justice and right to all those who suffer violence. 7: his ways they reported to Moses, and to the children of Israel his deeds. 8: Merciful and gracious is Jehovah; Slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. 9: he will not contend forever, nor will he keep his anger forever. 10: he has not dealt with us according to our iniquities, nor has he repaid us according to our sins. 11: For as the height of the heavens above the earth, he has magnified his mercy on those who fear him.

12: As far as the east is from the west, He has removed our transgressions from us. 13: As a father pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear him. 14: Because he knows our condition; He remembers that we are dust.15: Man, as grass are his days; Blooms like the flower of the field, 16: That the wind passed over her, and perished, And her place will know her no more.

17: But the mercy of the Lord is from eternity and to eternity on those who fear him, and his justice on the children of the children; 18 On those who keep his covenant, and those who remember his commandments to do them. 19: The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. 20: Bless the LORD, you his angels, mighty in strength, who execute his word, obeying the voice of the precept of him. 21: Bless the Lord, all you his hosts, his ministers, who do his will. 22: Bless the Lord, all you his works, in all the places of his dominion. Bless, my soul, Jehovah .”

Prayer of praise that we offer to God

We will sing for you Lord, because you have filled me with victory. You represent all our strength and salvation that is why our song, you are the only God, we will praise you and exalt you.

No one can compare with you, no one owns your greatness and virtues. Well, you are the creator of wonders, you have amazed us with your exceptional qualities, it is your love that guides us for all that affection you have rescued your people, with all that strength you have transported us to your blessed abode.

Lord help us to enter and stay in the mountain to which you belong, to that place Lord where you reside, to that sanctuary where you and your father are and exist. You will reign in my heart forever and ever Lord.

We will sing for you Lord, because you have filled me with victory. You represent all our strength and salvation that is why our song, you are the only God, we will praise you and exalt you. You who are my rock, my shelter and my benefactor are that cliff in which I shelter. You are my defense, you represent the power that saves us, you have become my highest hiding place! You are my guardian and savior.

We implore you, my Lord, through you this deserving praise. Because we glorify ourselves in Your holy name Lord. Get excited those who seek you from the Lord. We take shelter in You Lord, in everything is strength that emanates from you, I am constantly in search of your presence. We always commemorate your works in that you have performed your miracles. How great you are, and deserving of all praise. There is magnificence and greatness in your presence, I know that only in your sanctuary there is power and joy.

We will sing for you Lord, because you have filled me with victory. You represent all our strength and salvation that is why our song, you are the only God, we will praise you and exalt you. Because you are good, and your great love lasts forever. Blessed be Lord my God, forever and ever.

Prayer to give thanks to God

There is nothing more beautiful than giving thanks and it is precisely this prayer of thanksgiving to God that you should use to do it:

Today sir we want to give you a great thank you for life, for our family and each person that makes it up, for those who by your will are present here and for those who are not by my side and will no longer be.

I thank you Lord, because we can show each other how much we love each other, manifesting each day with love and great appreciation through care, attention and respect that we give each other.

I ask you to forgive me, and I give thanks if you grant it. I know that you shower love and forgiveness on us and we must strive to maintain an attitude of sharpness and endurance in our homes and for all the people around us.

I recognize and thank you Christ for the lives I have and the efforts you made to obtain them, I thank all those who came before me and who fought so that I could live today in total freedom.

Without a doubt I must thank you for giving me the opportunity you have given us to love, serve, help, work and prosper in this beautiful place where we lie and live, where you have created and brought us, perhaps not to return back but to strip all your consecrations that you already have each one of us prepared for your holy will to be fulfilled.

At every moment I thank Jesus because I know that his words are consummated and I feel your presence day by day around me I know that you are and have been here by my side. We must thank you for what we have lacked and what we have not also because with that we have learned to value what we do have, there is no longer any power that allows us to lose our peace if we yearn for what we do not need.

I thank you because you will pick us up with your martyr hands, you will give us your peace, and your health, I know that when it is our turn to meet again and we get closer, I will testify that your love for us and I will say that it is your spirit that has reign in my heart that is my home; because you always have and will have the first place in my life.

Thanks God…

Praises to the Most High God

We perform this beautiful praise to our Most High God because he is and represents each and every one of the good things in life, he performs it with much love:

You are my master Lord my God;

You are the God of each and every god, who only creates wonders.

You are the strongest, you are the greatest, you are the Most High; you are Supreme.

Your holy Father, King of all heaven and all earth.

You are song and one; Lord God of each and every god.

You are good, you represent everything good in the world,

You are and will be the best good; Lord God, live and you will live.

You are love, mercy; you are knowledge; you are humility

You are endurance; your strength and wisdom.

You are safety, you are breath; you are satisfaction and contentment.

You are justice and temperance; you represent all our fortune and abundance.

You are beauty, you are delicacy; you are the preserver of my life;

You are the watchman and the defender.

You are our shelter and strength;

You are our faith, hope and compassion.

You are our great courtesy; you are eternal life.

Imperishable Mercy, great and admirable Lord God Almighty:

loving and compassionate Saviour.

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