Know the power of early morning prayer, the time you should talk to God

Know the power of early morning prayer, the time you should talk to God

There is nothing more favorable for life than the power of early morning prayer. Position is the best way to communicate with our father and king of kings. It is the one that allows us to open the doors to heaven through our repentance. Early morning prayers have incredible and supernatural effects. Post is the time when we are most connected with God.

The power of early morning prayer

At the moment in which one prays, the human being who performs it is in complete contact with God. It is right at this moment where we express all the anguish, requests and thanks to our Lord.

Many experts in the word of the Lord indicate that praying at dawn is the best way to contact God. Post has better effect. It is mainly because we start the day looking for our supreme being.

It is important to mention that not only to lament and ask God should be sought also to thank and praise our father should be sought. On the other hand, you need to be aware that even in the most complex moments you must be aware that our Lord is with us.

It is thanks to Him that victories are achieved, which is why a connection with God must be sought at all times of life. He is our heavenly father. That is why he is our collaborator, the one who comforts, encourages and exhorts us at the moment when it is required.

The benefits of praying early are centered on the gratitude that God expresses for seeking him at all times. It is filled with joy because it visualizes our faith in him and our love for our father.

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That is why we are benefited by his grace and love. It is important to mention that he sent his only son to die for us on the cross. In order to surrender our sins. That is why today we live with the grace of him.

God is considerate all the time with human life. Since he possesses fidelity to his love for us. God our Lord is love and fidelity with his children. Whenever our Lord is sought at dawn, he gives us health and well-being. Two aspects of real importance for the human being. That is why he should be thanked for his actions.

Our Lord is the one who allows the good things that happen to us to take place. That is why his eagerness to keep humanity in good condition should always be blessed. The only thing he asks for is fidelity in prayer.

The heart of the human being is an element attached to the norms of our father, great in mercy and goodness, also allowing us to carry out good works inspired by his mercy and love towards us.

At the time of praying at dawn, this prayer becomes much stronger. Since it is first thing in the morning the personal dedication that is given to our Lord and Heavenly Father. It is necessary to dedicate this personal connection with our Lord. In order to thank and be heard.

He blesses us with his mercy, as long as our faith and heart are with him.


The power of scripture is of importance to believers. Since they are created by God himself, inspiring believers. It is our Lord who listens to us when we expose our concerns. We must also read his word that comforts us day by day.

Our Lord has the ability to respond to us in wonderful ways. He will be for us as long as we perform the prayers from the heart and faith. That is why when we pray we must believe in what we are asking for.

Prayer is considered a conversation with our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not related to textually making writings or prayers. It is made up of a series of spontaneous words that are made to our heavenly father. You may also be interested in the night prayer psalm 4

God is considered the creator of the universe, that is why he is the one who is considered capable of fulfilling everything our hearts desire. It is important to have a clean and humble soul when we find ourselves communicating with him.

Repentance is an essential trait to be forgiven our sins. Always seek to be better people, who are guided by good thoughts and actions, always involved in repenting the bad actions that are discussed.

It is important to mention that the Bible as a sacred book contains verses where the desires from the soul of the characters reflected in their stories are reflected. A common example of this is the book of Psalms. In this praises to our Lord are displayed. In it, adorations, exaltations and how protection is implored, as well as calm and justice, are reflected. Also offering gratitude.

prayer and the bible

The bible is the manifestation of God’s wishes through scripture, which was inspired by God. It is noteworthy to mention that nothing is impossible for him, as expressed in Luke 1:37 in his book.

This is how we should feel and reflect God our Lord. Faith is a feeling that is not effected by sight but by hearing. Since our heavenly father we cannot see him even though he exists.

He through his only son died for us. Seeking to cleanse sins and sustain humanity through time.

Psalm 18:6 indicates that the Lord listens to all prayers dedicated to him. This is the greatest proof that our heavenly father is listening to our gratitude and requests. It is through her that we tell her what we suffer and what we want, in exchange for our favor. He knows more about the Power of Prayer

You must be honest with him and trust that he grants you the best for you. His will will always be the one that improves your life and purifies your soul through forgiveness. Psalm 17:6 indicates that God is able to answer our prayers.

He does it through reading our Lord has the ability to respond to us. He also answers our prayers with deeds. God is a true powerful and merciful being who fulfills his promises through time and performing his actions perfectly.

It is important to mention that the power of prayer does not depend on how many times it is done or if images or candles are used. The important thing for our father is that we talk to him through our hearts.

He will decide if this is the right time or if what we ask is correct for our lives, it is for this reason that we must be patient people. Our Lord is so perfect that he responds according to circumstances and will. Two topics that we know are correct.

The best moment of the day

The best time of the day to start with the prayers meeting with God is in the early morning hours. Just before we do our day-to-day tasks.

A very good example of this is in the book of Exodus. Exact part where it talks about mana. In this narration it is indicated that every morning, while the wandering of the people of Israel was carried out. Each child and elderly people took care to get up early, in the morning hours to pray and collect the forecasts. Each of them had to do this.

It couldn’t be picked up by your neighbor for you. Since you couldn’t collect mana for a week. If you got up late you couldn’t pick up anything. This narrative is a good example to illustrate the need for believers to seek to communicate with the Lord in the morning hours.

In search of receiving the spiritual factors necessary to stand in harmony throughout the day.

think of god

In the morning you have the whole day ahead, to encounter difficulties and solutions guided by our Lord Jesus Christ. There are things that cool us down on a spiritual level. That is why it will be necessary for them to give us advice and direction from God.

For this reason, if we don’t communicate with our heavenly father in the morning how can we get that kind of answers from him.

It is important to mention that the one who gets up early receives greater benefit in the spirit than the one who does not communicate with God through prayer and meditation on the scripture.

Therefore, it is always recommended to do them before starting the day. Post is much better than anything done later in the morning. Since it is the best time of day. Since once we wake up we are still in harmony.

It should be mentioned that due to all the events that take place during the day, before going to sleep we are not giving God the best of us. Post stress eats away at us. Rather, the worst of the day is offered with very little spiritual energy due to exhaustion.

For this reason it is that in the morning after rest we receive the greatest supply of spirituality. In addition to this, it is at this time that the most valuable food is received and the most necessary communion with God. Know what is the most powerful prayer  in the world.

It is important to mention that many desire victory without making any type of sacrifice, this means that a true relationship with our heavenly father is not enjoyed.

We must seek peace through meditation with God, enjoy and obey our Lord. In addition to this, it is necessary through faith and love to grow spiritually and trust in him without denying ourselves anything in relation to God.

Communicating with our Lord Jesus Christ is of great importance to us as human beings and believers in our heavenly father.

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