Healing prayer for cancer patients, a very effective prayer

Healing prayer for cancer patients, a very effective prayer

A Healing Prayer for cancer patients is the initial step for their cure, by praying for God’s intervention, you will be surprised at the wonderful works that will be revealed to you.

Healing Prayer for Cancer Patients

When we hear the word cancer as a diagnosis, we feel that life has ended, it is not only a physical blow, it is also a spiritual blow, we immediately ask ourselves why me? Or if it is a loved one or a friend, we ask ourselves the same question, why? It is a heavy cross, of course it is, but God is merciful and he will help us to make its weight light.

In these difficult times is when God is closer to us, in times of difficulty and illness, God protects us, that is why we must pray, prayer cleanses, renews and restores, the power of your healing prayer for cancer patients, is a sign of faith, faith is hope, hope is devotion.

Let us pray then, let us make our act of contrition and with a heart clean of sins let us ask the Lord: God, in you I can do everything, if I am with you, who can be against me? In this moment of great anguish and fear, I approach you, my Lord, to strengthen my faith and give you everything that I cannot control, my Lord.

I approach you my Lord because I know you listen to me, and when you listen to your children you never leave them unanswered, my beloved God. Today I bow before you and your great power to make a request even knowing that it is you who decides my permanence on this plane.

Most High Father, you who do not know the impossible, I ask you not only for me, but for all cancer patients, they also need your healing. I ask you oh! Beloved omnipotent Father that you restore all my cells that today make me suffer from this disease.

Make my suffering light Lord and that of all those people who are in a similar situation. I know that the hand of man can relieve and heal, but they have limits Lord, instead your power is unlimited and that is why I ask you my God, free us from this disease and we can restore our health, to continue serving you my Lord.

I ask for our relatives, who accompany us on this difficult path and help us carry this cross, so that you strengthen them in faith, because faith is the cure Heavenly Father, if they are strong, they will keep us strong in moments of weakness . Fill them with patience and understanding, sometimes we are not easy to carry my God and we inadvertently hurt them.

I ask my Lord for them to always have the right word, the precise word, the word that gives us strength. Father, may your mercy be poured out on all of us who suffer from this disease, for you there are no impossible things. Help us to overcome moments of pain, help us to remain worthy during the treatment that we follow during the search for healing, I feel you close my God, you are with me Lord.

I thank you Lord for listening to me and I appreciate the tranquility that my soul feels at this moment, when I talk to you I do not feel pain, I only feel your love, your kindness and your healing hand. Lord your will be done. Amen

The Bible invites us to “pray consistently” Ephesians 6:18, but it is important to always remember that we must have faith and be humble people, because God recognizes these qualities in his children and responds to their requests.

Prayer is powerful, it is the way in which we communicate directly with God in a personal conversation, without interlocutors, that is where the power of the word lies, that is why we must pray with faith. Prayers are miraculous in themselves, they give us peace of mind and give us strength to continue.

We can pray in the name of Jesus Christ to intercede for our healing before God our Lord, if it is us or it is a loved one who is suffering from this disease, we must pray a healing prayer for cancer patients. In James 5:15, the healing power of a prayer is pointed out. (See also: Prayer for a Seriously Ill Family Member )

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Holy Father, creator of heaven and earth, you who made us in your image and likeness, I find myself at your feet Lord, to ask you for healing My God, you know better than anyone how terrible this disease is. First I ask forgiveness for all my sins Lord, I recognize before you my failures and my mistakes, today I am sorry and before you I find myself prostrated my Lord, my repentance is true, never pretended Lord.

Heavenly Father, I sincerely ask you to forgive me Beloved Father, give me the opportunity to show my repentance Lord, if you have decided that I should accompany you and your redemption is by your side my God, relieve your pain, grant peace to your days my Lord. If that is your will, give strength and resignation to his family and loved ones who will suffer the loss and receive him in your Kingdom, give him then your promise of eternal life. Amen.

We must be aware while we are on this earthly plane that we must take care of ourselves and always try to stay healthy, however, in case of suffering from this disease, we must seek appropriate medical attention and approach God, he always listens to our prayers and makes accompany his angels to intercede for us, before God our Lord.

Saint Peregrine is a well-known saint for his powerful intercession before God to heal cancer patients. This Saint suffered from this disease in life and a miracle cured him, that is why, when suffering, he knows very well the suffering of people who have cancer and that is why his plea to God to obtain the cure is so strong.

Prayer to Saint Peregrine

Here we leave the prayer of Saint Peregrine to serve as a guide, remember that you yourself can create your own prayer before this Saint so that he takes your requests to God and they are heard.

Oh, Saint Peregrine, “worker of wonders”, you who are recognized for your many miracles, you who are heard by God, take my prayer before him. You who suffered from this disease for many years, who know suffering, you who suffered the pain of seeing how your body was consumed.

You who received relief when there were no more resources to help you heal, you were favored to see Jesus before you to heal your illness, ask God the Almighty Father for a cure for all the people for whom I pray this healing prayer today for cancer patients:

(Silently recalls the names of the people). I am confident of your powerful intercession, before God, we will praise for all eternity, in gratitude for his goodness and mercy. Amen.

Pray with faith, praying will help cancer patients and those who accompany them on this path of healing from the disease have strength and a lot of will to move forward. We wholeheartedly hope you can receive the healing work from the hand of God.

The diagnosis

Why? It is the question that we want to answer, cancer is a disease that has no distinction, it can appear in any person, there is no age, no social class, no race. If we are afraid we must seek refuge in God, pray and ask to stay healthy and in case of being diagnosed with cancer, pray for our healing.

Heavenly Father! We decree here and now your justice and praise. Your infinite love remains unchanged, oh merciful Lord. You who sent your only son Jesus to be our Savior, to redeem all our sins with his suffering on the Cross, today we ask you Lord for all the people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

We give thanks for your healing power, we thank you for decreeing that we are winners and we are now a testimony of your word. We believe it is your will that we live free from this disease. Amen

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells and can originate in any part of the body. The difference that exists in each of the types of cells that are in the body is that they perform different functions.

When the cells divide in an orderly manner, we do not suffer from this disease, since simply when they are damaged they are replaced by others, however, when the cells grow in an uncontrolled manner they form new cells that displace other normal cells and this causes the modification from the area where this cell growth is taking place.

Unfortunately, its growth and displacement of normal cells allows the spread of cancer to other parts of the body and that is when we speak of metastasis. The speed with which they spread varies, some do it very fast and others more slowly. The treatment that will be used to combat it will also depend on it.

It is also important to know the stage or stage in which the cancer is, to define the stage we speak of 1 when it is incipient and 4 when it is very advanced. Among the treatments used to combat cancer is surgery, which is about removing the tumor, it can be partial or total and depends on the part of the body that is affected, however, surgery does not work for all types of cancer.

Chemotherapy is another type of treatment that uses drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells or kill them. They are used intravenously or by pill. For its part, radiotherapy is also used to kill or reduce the growth of cancer cells, it is generally used in conjunction with chemotherapy, for greater effectiveness. (See also: Prayer for the terminally ill ).

Why did this happen to me?

Cancer is not a punishment, it is just a disease, asking for forgiveness for our sins and past actions is valid, but we should not blame ourselves. Cancer is not your fault, and you almost never know what caused it. Instead, you should focus on taking good care of yourself and praying for your healing.

To do?

The news of a cancer diagnosis is devastating, it is inevitable to feel that it overwhelms us and a series of feelings are present. We must of course take some time to accept that we suffer from a disease such as cancer.

But the best thing we can do is seek support from our family and friends, we must communicate our health situation to them and be sincere in the feelings we have towards the received diagnosis. Not communicating the condition will make them feel left out and this will not help, people with cancer need the support of all their loved ones.

They must be clear with the information, we cannot leave the interpretation of each one of our relatives the type of cancer and the stage in which it is found. Explain the type of help you need, times are not easy and the worst thing you can do is isolate yourself and not accept the help they want to give you.

If you think you need help from support groups, don’t hesitate to join one. If you prefer personalized professional help, it is also valid and you can be accompanied by your relatives so that they also receive the necessary tools to overcome this disease in the best way.

It is important to recognize and assume that our life has changed and it is likely that while healing arrives, we must accept that we cannot do everything we did before and therefore activities must be rescheduled so that the impact of the change is not so severe emotionally. .

spirituality and illness

There are scientific studies that have sought the relationship between religion or spirituality of people and diseases. The results obtained show that people who suffer from cancer and are in a critical condition and are believers, cling to life.

For doctors, these types of results are interpreted as information that allows them to better understand how to treat patients suffering from cancer and who are religious. For Christians they only have one interpretation: Faith.

Among the results obtained, they show that believers have a very low tendency to agree to sign forms that cancel a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation procedure, if necessary. They also point out that patients who are religious choose more artificial prolongation techniques even at the cost of reducing quality of life.

Doctors say they do not know the reason for this trend and the only explanation they find is that the patient expects a miracle to take place. They also point out that people who had felt spiritually supported in the same situation reported having overcome the disease with a better quality of life than those surveyed who had no religious support.

For Christians it is irrelevant to seek a scientific explanation to accept a treatment that prolongs life, we simply accept all possible help and receive it in response to our requests made through our prayer. (See also: Prayer of gratitude for health )

We have all heard the joke of the shipwrecked man on the island, who asked God to help him get off the island, God sent for him in all possible ways, boats, ships, planes and the shipwrecked man rejected them all, he waited for God. The reality is that God was present in each one of the aids that I send him, therefore, each treatment that we receive is a response from God to our request for help, mercy, and love made in prayer for the sick with cancer.

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