Real Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in Love

Real Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in Love

The miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love are popularly well known . But do you know what these are? In this article we will give you the opportunity to learn about the miraculous deeds performed by this saint, you will also be able to read his story and some of his prayers to achieve great love.

Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love

Before starting this story about the miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love, it is convenient that you know who this character was. In this regard we can tell you that he was born in Lisbon (Portugal), in the year 1195. His first name was Fernando Martim de Bulhões e Taveira Azevedo, when he was 25 years old he changed it to Antonio and later Padua was added due to some events that soon you will know

The writers of his biography agree that he was a man with an excellent academic and cultural background, especially he stood out for being a scholar of the Holy Scriptures, for his gifts as a speaker, as well as for the good deeds and miracles he performed.

Throughout his existence he presented health problems, especially due to the disease called dropsy, a fact that hindered him from fulfilling the life project he had at the beginning.

However, this did not prevent him from attending a celebration in 1221 where Saint Francis of Assisi was present, which was an event of great importance for him. Following this experience, he was appointed in charge of a chapel in San Paolo.

At first, his presence was almost unnoticed since his occupations were to prepare food, clean the hermitage and pray. However, on one occasion he attended an event in the city of Forli and due to fortuitous circumstances he had to serve as a speaker.

He left those present in ecstasy due to his great eloquence, which is why, from that date, he was called to give religious speeches in all cities.

Other information about San Antonio de Padua and his miracles in love

His success was so great that he obtained San Antonio as a speaker that he soon became known to the ecclesiastical authorities who ordered him to separate from the small hermitage to start preaching the word of God in a place called Romagna.

In this way, the friar ceased to be an unknown to become famous among humble and powerful people. At this same time, the miracles that we will point out in other sections of this article began to occur.

It is noteworthy that, noted for his wisdom, eloquence, persuasiveness, tone of voice and the gift of attracting the public, his listeners increased considerably so that he was forced to preach in the open air instead of doing it in the church.

To end this brief review of the   Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love, we present some of his words:

” The great danger of the Christian is to preach and not practice, believe but not live according to what is believed . “

“ If you preach Jesus, He softens hard hearts; if you invoke him, he sweetens bitter temptations; if you think of him, it lights up your heart; if you read it, it satisfies your mind”.

As you can see, these phrases contain his love for God, in addition to advising that our actions, thoughts and words must be consistent.

We invite you to watch the following video where the complete story of this saint is narrated

Stories about the miracles of Saint Anthony

As we noted earlier, Saint Anthony of Padua is credited with numerous miracles in love, among which we can mention: the resplendent face, Saint Anthony and the baby Jesus, who is to blame?, the amputated foot, the caged sparrows, devil storms, the mule on its knees, strange genuflections, the preaching of the fish, total cleaning and the newborn that speaks.

the glowing face

Starting the story of the miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love, we highlight the following narration:

The story tells that Fray Antonio was characterized by confronting the powerful, so it happened that one day he met Ezzelino de Romano, a character famous for the abuses he committed against the defenseless, he immediately incriminated him saying: famous for the infamies he committed against the dispossessed. Him telling her:

“ Oh, enemy of God, ruthless tyrant, rabid dog, how long will you continue to shed innocent blood of Christians? Listen well, the sentence of the Lord hangs over your head, terrible and harsh !

Faced with such words, those who were following orders from this man expected him to order him to be taken as a prisoner and even to kill him, however, to his surprise the order was different, Ezzelino asked them to move away from the site without harming him.

Seeing that the men were stunned, he proceeded to express to them:

“ Comrades, do not be surprised. I tell you in all truth, that I have seen emanate from the face of this father a kind of divine brilliance, which has terrified me to such an extent that, before such a frightful sight, he had the sensation of falling into hell ”.

Saint Anthony and the Child Jesus

This time we will tell you that San Antonio was staying in a room to proceed to rest, while he was praying the owner of that place began to spy on him through a crack, through which he could see that the friar had a child in his arms who dazzled by her beauty.

The saint realized that he was being spied on by that man, however he continued to pray. Suddenly the boy disappeared without any explanation. When he finished praying he went to the individual and requested that as long as he was alive he did not tell this story to anyone.

This is one of the miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in the love that gave rise to the priest appearing in all the iconographies with the Child Jesus in his arms.

Who is guilty?

The second miracle of Saint Anthony of Padua in love is Who is the culprit?, which relates that in Lisbon, a young man murdered his best friend and proceeded to bury him in the garden of the friar’s parents’ house.

When the body was discovered by the authorities, they thought that the murderer had been San Antonio’s father, which is why they apprehended him and decided to prosecute him.

Faced with this fact, the priest proposed to come out in defense of his father, asking that the body of the deceased be brought, and before the astonished gaze of those who were present, he asked: “Was it my father who killed you?” . Who was going to say it, the man got up and answered: “no, it wasn’t your father”. The judge, still amazed, was convinced of the innocence of this man.

Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love. the amputated foot

According to the story, in Padua, a young boy named Leonardo, rude and disrespectful to his mother, given a warning that she made him, gave him a tremendous kick.

Although later he repented and went to church to confess to Saint Anthony, who told him ” The foot of one who kicks his own mother deserves to be cut off .” The young man, interpreting these words literally, returned home and amputated his foot.

When the priest was informed of this fact, he went to Leonardo’s house proceeding to pray devoutly while taking the foot and sticking it to his leg. The expected miracle occurred, the boy was completely cured, jumping for joy he began to worship God and Saint Anthony.

The locked up sparrows

This is a very beautiful story that happened when Antonio was still a boy, the first thing we must say is that he was always very obedient to his parents. Therefore, he asked that while he was going to do an errand he would stay on the lookout for the wheat field because some sparrows were eating the harvest.

As always, the boy heeded his father’s instructions, however, he wanted to go to church to pray and decided to lock the birds in a room in the house. When his mother returned, she complained about not having heeded his mandate, but the boy explained what he had done so that the sparrows would not cause harm.

Seeing that not even a grain of wheat had eaten us, they both hugged very happily.

devil storms

Here is one of the miracles of San Antonio in love, according to which the friar was harassed by satan because he did not allow him to take souls with him.

It was like any other day while I was preaching in the open air, suddenly large clouds began to appear in the sky, all the listeners believed that it would soon rain buckets and with great thunder, starting to leave.

Antonio, surely told them that they did not get wet, many stayed and witnessed a heavy rain fall around where they were without even a drop of water getting wet. For this reason they praised God with loud voices due to the miracle received

The mule on its knees

This seventh story gives an account of the miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love, in which a scene is narrated in which the saint was in a place called Rimini when an atheist began to say that Jesus Christ was not present in the Eucharist.

The man named Bonvillo challenged him to prove that if the body of Christ was found in the sacred host, if he did so he would cease to be a heretic and convert to Catholicism.

To do this, he proposed the following: He would leave his mule locked up for three days without feeding it, after that time, he would take it out. Then San Antonio would offer him the host while he would give him food, it would be the animal who would decide what to eat.

During the three days Antonio dedicated himself to fasting and praying, when the time came, before a large crowd that acted as witnesses, they went to the square. The friar brought the host to the mule and Bonvillo did the same with the hay.

At that precise moment, the priest ordered him to receive the body of Christ and the story goes that the mule put aside the hay and knelt before the Eucharist. From that moment on, the atheist ceased to be an atheist and professed the Catholic faith.

Preaching to the fish

This is one of the most beautiful stories of the miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love, in which it is related that certain characters did not want him to continue preaching to the people.

Without flinching, the saint went to the seashore and said: ” Hear the word of God, you fish of the sea, since the sinners of the earth do not want to hear it .”

According to the narration, while he was preaching the fish began to jump out and stick their heads out of the sea, which was interpreted by the fishermen as their desire to hear the word of God from the mouth of Saint Anthony.

Total cleanliness

One day a sinful man went to San Antonio asking him to confess for so many faults he had committed. He told her to write a list of all his sins on a piece of paper and to return to the confessional.

When he returned, the saint asked him to read his faults one by one, the poor man proceeded to do so out loud, as there were so many it took a considerable period of time.

Finally, when the sinner finished reading, he looked in amazement as the sheet where he had written the long list was completely clean, without a word Saint Anthony let him know that in this same way God had cleansed his heart by forgiving him for the mistakes made.

the poisoned food

It is now time to name another of the miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love, this case is about envious men who intend to harm him by giving him a poisoned food.

To convince him they invited him to lunch claiming that they would talk about issues related to religion, God let him know the intention of those people, but even knowing their evil, the friar decided to accept the proposal.

However, when he arrived at the agreed place, he asked him what was the reason for acting like this, before this they told him: ” To see if the words that Jesus said to the Apostles are true: You will drink the poison and it will not harm you”.

The faith of the saint was so great that he entered into prayer and began to eat, at the end the men saw that the poison had not had the desired effect, they repented and from that moment they were followers of Saint Anthony.

Miracles of San Antonio de Padua in love: The man without a heart.

We come to the end of the stories about the miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love, in which the priest was at the funeral of a man of great power, specifically the event occurred in Tuscany.

This person dedicated himself in life to amassing great fortunes, Saint Anthony told those present that he had no heart and, therefore, could not be buried. Which surprised everyone, especially the relatives who started arguing about what they should do.

They decided to call the town doctor, who examined the corpse verifying that it was true: he had no heart. Do you know where this organ was located? Well, after an intense search they discovered that it was in a safe deposit box where the man kept his fortune.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua Miracles of Love

Many are the followers and believers of this saint who assure that through his intercession it is possible to achieve true love since he had received from Jesus one of the most beautiful gifts that a man can have: a kind heart filled with this feeling.

In the previous stories you could see how love manifests itself in different ways: to the mother, to the father, to the neighbor, to the children, to God and to humanity in general.

However, popular culture has made him famous for getting a partner, so they pray for him and make promises that allow him to achieve that miracle.

If you investigate a little you will be able to find different prayers that can be prayed to Saint Anthony both to achieve the desired love and to make the person you love come back, unite a couple or with other similar objectives.

Proof of this is the presentation that we offer you below, where requests are made for Saint Anthony of Padua to grant a miracle of love, uniting a man and a woman:

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for Difficult Love Requests

In this section you can read the text of a prayer to find a solution to a difficult love, remember that you must repeat it with faith, it can serve as an example for you to build your own prayers with words that come from the heart.

Oh, venerated Saint Anthony of Padua miracles of love! I come to you today because I know you are great in everything related to love. You who have helped everyone who fervently implores you can grant me the favor of interceding for me so that my heart is free from anguish and pain.

That’s why I beg you to bring peace to my afflicted heart, achieving that (Say what you want to achieve), I promise to venerate you today, tomorrow and always, glorifying your name and that of our beloved Creator.

In turn, I implore you to help those like me who suffer from this painful trance of a difficult love. Give stillness and calm to their lives and grant what their hearts ask for.

Saint Anthony of Padua, I fervently ask you to (Repeat what you request). I am sure that these words will soon be heard by you. Amen, so be it.

Repeat this prayer for three days in a row, you can also pray the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers.

Love, a word that denotes a feeling that inspires us to wish good to all those around us. Who is capable of love cannot do wrong.

And, for you, what is love? How do you prove it?

We hope that this article has been to your liking, so we ask you to share it with other people who wish to obtain information about the real miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua in love.

Finally, we leave at your disposal several electronic addresses where you will get informative material related to the same theme, in them you will find different prayers dedicated to this saint. Do not hesitate to visit them and read the posts.

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