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For bad energies, Don Juan del Volteo, prayer

Particularly, people with love relationship problems, money, work and other situations, feel how this can be the cause of deeper work, which is why they consider praying the don juan del volteo prayer .

Prayer of Don Juan Del Volteo

This prayer that you are going to observe in the next section is the one that you can dedicate to this saint as long as you do it with a humble and willing heart. Said prayer are words that are presented in front of this entity as a sign that it helps to improve very particular situations in your life, which will improve according to the style of prayer that you perform.

Lord Father, the blessing of the Great God acclaimed the spirit of Don Juan del Volteo to reverse all kinds of evil spells, witchcraft, black magic, enchantment, separation, envy, gossip, discord, betrayal, bad energies, bad vibes, psychological illnesses , physical illnesses, barriers, lit lamps, negative jobs, jobs with dolls, shadows, goblins, evil spirits, candles, spells, spells, shipments, bodily harm, that my enemies, acquaintances, strangers, friends, relatives or sorcerers have against me . O Holy Don Juan! You who are the prince of all evil that is about to approach, guide me to cut in the name of God, everything that is bad for my life, any dice or curse. Guide me with your light and clarity, and my life too, that I may find the way.

Amen y Amen.


The history of this character and the prayer of don juan del volteo go back to the birth first of all in the land of Venezuela which this saint could be known as Don Juan Del Retorno or San Juan de los Regresos. Over the years the mention of him has changed a bit as he is now called by his most common name such as Don Juan Del Volteo.

Said saint is taken into account in previous years for being one of the problem solvers for people who could not get jobs or who always had bad luck at work. It should be noted that in Venezuela, religions have varied depending on the case of each person or each family that enters them.

In previous years, people sought help in different ways when we talked about saints and it is that the Venezuelan is characterized by being one of the most believers in the saints of this country. People who mostly failed to succeed in the most desired areas such as love, work and money, sought help from other saints which often did not work or even did not result in that search.

However, religion and the sacred things that they do well have been in this country to be able to fill that space that people need to have to move forward. This is how this idea of ​​the prayer of Don Juan del Volteo is integrated into people for help in the most difficult consequences that may be happening.

For people who have always had a good time in love with a partner and now feel that in one way or another their partner is moving away or is being attracted to another person, simply helping each other with this prayer or with its ritual will help to get out of this situation. . For those people who financially were quite well and for now everything they receive is gone or no money arrives, including yourself with this prayer can solve many of these situations.

For people who are unemployed or who for now cannot get a job, placing this situation in prayer along with the others, doing this in a good way, can be helped as long as their wishes are good for him or her as well as the other people who they want to do evil.

This is how people sought and still seek help under difficult work situations, which was something very important in earlier times. When people learned about this character, they helped each other through people specialized in the subject and how those who went through difficult work situations could come out ahead in a spirited way.

Each person who found the solution to this biggest problem did so through a prayer. This prayer is known as the prayer of don juan del volteo . That was how this prayer was taking course throughout history and in recent years this same prayer has worked in different aspects.

These aspects today are mostly known as love and money. Nowadays, couple relationships have been able to be a bit complicated under any situation that may arise. In some cases, the love of one person may not continue to love another and change it, but this can become very bad work of other people carried out on these couples.

That is why this prayer also works by returning spells, witchcraft or negative prayers against other people who have wanted to harm them over time. Or if a person considers that his love relationship is going from bad to worse and that his partner is being called by someone else, this prayer of don juan of the flip can work.

In the monetary or economic part, people have also known how to help themselves through this prayer since they have been able to find solutions to very complicated situations just by having a space for this ritual.

According to this, this prayer will work in case you have a very difficult situation in your economy and you want to solve it. Or, if you feel that you are in a situation where everything you obtain monetarily is out of your hands, the help of people specialized in this subject and with the said prayer, you will be able to get ahead.

Remove spells on your life with the prayer of Don Juan Volteo

Don Juan’s prayer of turning will be able to reverse and remove any dark or negative act that causes damage in your personal life. Previously we observed that this can help in common situations such as employment, couples or money situations.

However, many people who enter to perform this prayer, the person who performs it or, in case a person wishes to do this on their own, places in it very important points of life for which they are going through difficult situations. and also includes topics such as: gossip, evil witchcraft, fights, betrayal, bad energy, illnesses, traffic jams, work with dolls, work with the dead, spells, spiritual damage, enemies, among others.

This is how the prayer of Don Juan Del Volteo will be able to reverse everything that is against or wants to harm a person. It is also important to mention that this prayer or prayer must be performed in a positive way for a person and never in a negative way, since doing it in an evil way could have serious consequences for the people who are wishing to do evil with this prayer.

This is why people who work helping people with this saint do it in a positive way or in some way that can get people out of complicated situations in the areas mentioned above.

Bring back your other half

Just as the prayer of Don Juan Del Volteo helps people with a great need in different matters, it can also help people to return or return their loved one, or in such a case that they have moved away for some reason, in the prayer the person must go to the help of this saint and name the person he loves so that he can return in a meek way, without any problems and without wanting to fight or argue.

It is also necessary to say that this must be done in a correct way, and when we refer to it in a correct way, it is to do it in some humble way so that the good intention in this situation can be seen.

At the end of this prayer, the person can also pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary for more effectiveness and do everything that the specialized person tells him or, if he is seeing it from somewhere, follow the recommendation indicated correctly.

Reverse witchcraft with tobacco

You must take into account something very important and that in addition to the fact that Don Juan’s prayer of turning can help to solve relatively important problems, it can also reverse any act of witchcraft, prayers or spells that are powerful enough. As we noted earlier, this must be done in a positive way.

For this you can pray in your personal help to be able to get out of this difficult situation without having to wish the other or other people badly. Or, in case a person needs help for this, the specialist who will pray will therefore have the task of doing it in a positive way for the person’s life without doing any harm or mentioning something harmful to a third party.

This is why you must be a person to act very well in any situation or area that we find ourselves. Whether in the place where you live, in the place where you work, if you have a partner, you must be a person to do good and behave in front of people in good manners because we do not know who people surround us and what intentions they have for you.

Negative consequences on this act

Many of the specialists in this matter consider that the ritual of the prayer of don juan del volteo is something that must be done in a humble way of disposition of the heart of the people to be able to receive the help that is necessary and can get out of the situation. who wants to attack.

That is why it is recommended that when doing this ritual it should be clear that it is for personal help in a positive way without reasons of harm to other people. Always keeping in mind that good vibes and all areas are going to change in a good way in your life.

You have to take into account that performing this act to harm would bring certain consequences that can cause very bad things when asking for the help that is needed again. And it is that it must be clear that since previous times we have been taught to desire good and not evil. That is why this prayer will act in a good and positive way in the lives of people who need help.

For people who try to do harm, the repercussions can be a little more serious and elevated since if you are asking for evil not to knock on our doors, you should not ask for the other person to do badly or worse. This must be totally the opposite.

How to perform the Don Juan Volteo prayer ritual?

In this next section you will find how to make the prayer of don juan del volteo with the necessary elements in case you are the one who wishes to perform this act voluntarily and with good intentions. Or if you are in very difficult situations in which you feel that something is not letting you move forward and therefore you need help, here you can find the correct way to help you by doing this ritual:

First of all, you must acquire a dark blue or purple candle. After you have acquired the candle, you must place aluminum foil specifically on a table. If you do not have the aluminum foil, you can also buy this in stores to be able to do the ritual. You should also have butter in a small container and in another sulfur and ground salt.

Once you have all this, you must cover the table where you are going to do the ritual with aluminum foil. Once the table is covered, with the sulfur and ground salt you should make a medium circle, neither too small nor too large.

Next to this, you must cover the candle with butter and ground salt. This will be completely covered and when it is in these conditions, you will place it in the center of the circle that you had made with the ground salt and sulfur.

Before continuing with the ritual you must bear in mind that you must forget everything that your mind plays against you to do harm to other people. Remember that this prayer is to reverse any witchcraft or spell that is occurring or taking your life.

Once this is done, you will light the candle and in the most comfortable way you must first pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary. Finished this, with your right hand, with the thumb down you must take the candle in half, close your eyes and say the following words:

It is not a candle that I turn

It is any work, material or spiritual

that they have done to me

Or are doing.

Let everything return to its starting place.

When you finish saying these words, you will turn the candle over and place it in the same place where it was. Once this is done, you must light the back of the candle on fire again until you find the other wick.

Once this back is on, you need to focus on the things you want to be better at and the things you want to fit in and repeat the same words you mentioned earlier.

Finished this you will take a small white, pink or sky blue candle and place it outside the circle that is in the aluminum foil. Once this is done, you must ask in your cry for the person or persons who are hurting you, that the universe give them everything they need so that they can no longer continue to harm you. We light this candle and you must do it in a totally calm and serene way the previous time.

This last part must be done with enough love. Ask for all those people who have hurt you and that if they need something that the universe gives it to them without any problem. But above all, that what they have sent you returns to its starting point and that what is not yours, you do not want.

Finished this, you will take everything and you will throw it away from your house. If you have a garbage can near your house, preferably throw it away from your home. In this way, things in your life will change for the better.

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