Prayer of Hope for Difficult Times

Prayer of Hope for Difficult Times

There are various emotions that we experience throughout life, some full of joy, happiness and love, but others not very encouraging, where we can see everything in a completely gray tone, let us know a solution for those cases, the Prayer of Hope.

The hope

We all talk and even some preach about hope, in the advertising media they express themselves openly about it, but we must reflect, exactly what does hope mean? It can be described as a state of mind that the person presents but in a very optimistic way, where everything you dream of, desire and aspire to can become possible and come true, always summing up in having positive expectations about the personal desires you may have.

All people at some point in their lives are subjected to moments of anguish and pain, whether due to work, sentimental life, experiencing death or illness. In these stages we tend to sink and become depressed, not seeing any kind of solution in the midst of the problem and making decisions that sometimes push us to a much worse result, at this point hope is born, it is believing that everything is going to be solved and the things will improve despite the fact that the circumstances offer the opposite.

Prayer of Hope

Hope in God is one of the foundations of the Christian faith, focusing on seeking God in the midst of any circumstance, we can find in the sacred scriptures many promises and words of comfort for moments of pain. Having hope represents trusting in God, not doubting that better times will come and that above all else his love for us is worth more.

There are many biblical characters who stood out for having great trust in God, such as Abraham who, despite being comfortable in his father’s house, trusted in the word given by Jehovah and followed the path that God indicated to him but he was completely unaware, path with faith and hope every day of his life, which is why today he is known as the father of Faith. Another characterized character was Job, a man who from one day to the next lost absolutely everything and plunged into a terrible disease, but he never lost faith and hope that God would get him out of all that bad situation.

We must keep in mind that the search for God must be through faith, God is not a person that can be felt, therefore, many find it difficult to believe in the father because he is someone they do not see and cannot touch so easily, for That is why those people with hope in God conquer much more, by blindly believing in a creator God, these types of people raise prayers of hope in God without doubts, without fear and fully trusting. These types of prayers will always make a difference in the midst of all circumstances.

Let us not allow feelings of defeat to flood our minds and our lives, let us learn to recognize that the path with our god is not a path except in our lives, but rather it is a path with challenges and victories, that is why we will constantly value the victories that we will have, Calm down, we will have triumph as long as we are clear in whom our trust is and in whom our faith is based, never lose hope.

Prayer of Faith and Hope

Lord heavenly Father, I present myself to you as your son and I ask you for courage and lucidity to face all my difficulties and all these problems, do not allow my spirits to decline. You God are the only one who can help me, my strength in the midst of affliction and my firm rock, you are my protective shield in the midst of all difficulties.

Many of us who trust in you and present ourselves to you, I ask that we never be confused, that we be rewarded because our faith and our hope is only you. In my heart is the confidence that you will hear my cry because who is greater than you? that I know that I will fulfill my goals and purpose because my trust is only in you.

Help me Father to be worthy of you and your presence, I want to give myself fully to the goodness and purity of your love, I want your word to be my center, to sustain me and to drive me to overcome all the obstacles that I face today. they present. Help me to know completely, scrutinize me father and remove everything that gets in the way of me, reveal to me my gifts and talents that you have given me, I know that I will achieve success and have happiness in the midst of everything.

I know that in your name I will have victory and with your help I will be able to overcome all my obstacles; because you never abandon the one who has put his faith and hope in you. Amen

Thank you Lord because I already visualize the miracle.

psalm of hope

To you, Lord, I lift up my eyes to you who dwell in heaven and among the sons of men.

I raise my eyes where my hope comes from.

Hope comes to me in gushes of your immense love, that you never forget me.

Many men put their hope that they will be lucky in the game, that everything will turn out well for them, in solving their problems.

My hope is to speak your name.

My joy is called knowing you, knowing your infinite goodness, beyond where my reason reaches.

You are an open door, a window full of light.

When men look at me, they ask me why I continue to believe, why you continue to be my hope, I say to myself:

If they knew you

If they only knew a little about you,

If they found out what you have given me, I am sure they would not say what they say; because you are wonderful, you welcome my tired feet.

That’s why, for everything and forever,

You, sir, are my hope.

The Secret of Success and Happiness

In times when we have good results and we see that everything is turning out as we dreamed, we feel happiness, joy and even feel great and insurmountable. But the real challenge of life begins when many times things fall apart, planned things don’t start to happen, we are filled with anxiety, fear, dread; the real test begins there, we will know our character, we will truly see how our faith is and how solid our trust in God is.

Therefore, we must not be discouraged, but trust, continue in the battle, that in the darkest nights is when the sun appears the strongest. Let us never stop trusting in God because it is the heavenly Father who has the last word in any situation. Let us walk safe and confident that our God will save us and that soon we will see the promises fulfilled in the midst of all storms. The secret of success is to stand firm and never allow problems to separate you from the hope of God.

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