Family Day

Family Day: When and How is it Celebrated?

The Family represents one of the most important social figures, through this type of nucleus it is possible to establish links, sow principles; Mainly it allows the true and healthy psychological growth, for that reason it has a special day for its celebration, let’s know a little more about the family day

International Family Day

The family is considered as the first nucleus of people that make up society, there the different values ​​that as human beings we must keep in mind are reflected and taught, it is considered the central point for the good development of children and that in this way they grow with the correct values, which strengthen family ties but also allow them to be part of a community and society.

From an early age it is necessary to be part of a main nucleus known as family, which represents one of the most important roles in the education of the various characters that are within the family nucleus, through a family many unique forms of learning can be guaranteed. in the lives of infants.

The international day of the family represents a day of great importance for society, it was established as a day to remind families of the meaning of union, love and trust within the family, always reinforcing the values ​​and importance of family. family for society. There are various dates for celebrating national days and days dedicated to a specific celebration.

When is family day?

Family Day is May 15 of each year, the celebration is totally focused on the celebration of the family and the various policies that are completely linked to the objective of sustainable development.

Every year the international day of the family is celebrated, highlighting that on September 20, 1993, through a General Assembly of the United Nations, the day was instituted to commemorate all the families of the world, without exclusion of race, gender, belief and number of members that form part of the households. On May 15 of each year, it intends to create awareness in the various homes in relation to the fundamental role that families represent for the development of society, highlighting the importance of education in the smallest of the house, representing the importance in learning presented by the youngest in the house.

There are various interpretations that can be attributed as the basic unit of society, but over time the interest or importance of the family can be lost, so the international day is responsible for recognizing and identifying the various social and economic situations. that can influence the development and evolution of households. The family corresponds to the primary group that every human being possesses, born between the contact between the various members of the home. There are many benefits to belonging to a family nucleus, but they also represent one with greater responsibilities such as caring for and protecting and being responsible for minors and each of the members that comprise it.

Family Day Celebration in Mexico

It should be noted that the world is made up of diverse ethnic groups, cultures and beliefs; In this case, Mexico should be highlighted, as it has as a special day to commemorate the family, the first Sunday of the month of March. Being a day of special celebration to be able to promote the family unit. Family Day in Mexico was established as a commemorative date since 2005, in support of the various business organizations that wanted to promote the development of the Mexican family, supporting at all times the measures to avoid the breakdown of family nuclei in the world. , respecting the traditional life of Mexico, the right to life and not to abortion.

Origin and Reflection

We must emphasize that the origin of the celebration was in the middle of the year 1994, reflecting that in the past the family is considered a very centralized concept, when established by the United Nations Organization, it helped to become aware of the true value and importance of family. family in society. The main origin when establishing a day in celebration of the family of the world, is to highlight that it does not matter what your family or your home is like, if it is numerous, or if they are few, if there is an absence of one of the parents, among other conditions, The importance of family love and the love they give each other should be highlighted.

 How is Family Day celebrated?

We must emphasize that in the family there should always be values ​​and be guides on how to integrate children into society and be participants in the world system, for this reason it is necessary to establish laws, motivate them to meet goals and learn about the various rules of coexistence to adapt to the needs of society and in addition to being a participant in its development and evolution. On May 15 of each year, the different countries hold events to celebrate the day, where games and various recreational activities are developed for the whole family and in other cases, sharing a special meal or a different lunch with everyone is encouraged. the family group, marking the difference between the other days.

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