Powerful Prayer to Saint Joseph for Impossible Love

Powerful Prayer to Saint Joseph for Impossible Love

The Prayer to Saint Joseph is one of many prayers made by people who are Catholic believers, this saint is prayed to in order to have protection and help even more in cases of impossible love. In the following article we will know everything about the different kinds of prayers made to this saint.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

These are a series of prayers to Saint Joseph in order to obtain from him help for love, impossible love, and much more. So the sentence goes like this:

Saint Joseph, chaste husband of the Virgin Mary, who comes to intercede so that he may have the gift of purity. You who, despite your personal insecurities, were able to meekly accept God’s plan so quickly you found out about it, help me to have the same attitude to be able to respond at all times and in all places, to what the Lord asks of me. .

Prudent man who becomes attached to the securities of humans, but rather at all times was open to respond to unexpected things I ask you to give me the divine help of the Spirit so that I can live in prudent detachment from all earthly securities.

You who are a model of zeal, of constant work, of silent fidelity, of paternal concern, I ask you to give me these blessings, so that I can grow more each day in each one of them and in this way resemble myself in everything moment to the model of full humanity our Lord Jesus.

Prayer to Saint Joseph No. I

This is one of the most common models of prayer to Saint Joseph which is performed by his devotees. The prayer is as follows:

Saint Joseph, great chaste husband of the Virgin Mary; I ask you to intercede for me so that I can obtain the gift of divine purity. You who despite the personal insecurities you had, managed to know and accept God’s Plan in a docile way as soon as you came to know about it, so I ask you to help me have the same kind of attitude to be able to respond in everything whenever and wherever the Lord asks of me. Amen.

I ask you, oh Saint Joseph, I ask you to help me in this request that I have for you today, which is that (say the name of the person) look at him or her with eyes of love, that they see me as a partner, that when asked agree to have a relationship with me, a lasting relationship, that is for life full of God’s great love for us. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Joseph No. II

This is another of the models of prayer to Saint Joseph to help us with his power and divine strength. The sentence goes as follows:

Great and blessed Saint Joseph, before you we come on this day in our tribulation; and, after coming to invoke your Holy Spouse the Virgin Mary for your help, I confidently request your patronage.

For all that charity that, with the great and Immaculate Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of Jesus, who held you together, and for the paternal love with which you embraced the Holy Child Jesus, we humbly ask and beg you to return benign all eyes to the inheritance that, with the Blood of Jesus Christ, and with your power and your help you help all our needs.

We ask you to protect, O Holy Custodian of the Holy Family, the chosen descendants of Jesus; we ask you to remove from us all kinds of stain of error and also of corruption; We ask you to assist us as propitious, from your holy place in heaven, strong liberator of all of us, in this fight against the power of darkness.

And as in other times you freed the child Jesus from the imminent danger of his life, in the same way, on this day, we ask you to defend your holy church of God from all the snares of the enemy of enemies and from all kinds of adversity.

And to each one of us your servants, we ask you to protect us with your perpetual patronage, so that, as your example and supported by your help, we can live in a holy and also piously way before dying and achieve in Heaven the great and eternal happiness. Amen.

Supplication to Saint Joseph

Oh Saint Joseph, this sweet Prayer to you, oh beloved father of the heart of each one of your believers, they offer you praise, as the great protector of life and in death; and the many devotees of yours consecrate worship on this day, as a reward and satisfaction of the various that I have vainly come to give to the world, and to its most vain vanities.

On this day you are asked with all my heart that for your 7 pains and joys you manage to reach me for your adopted son Jesus sent from heaven, and also from your true wife, the Holy Virgin Mary, the grace to use them to great honor and your glory, and for the good and benefit of the souls of your followers.

We ask you to reach them with your bright lights so that we can know the true gravity of my faults, the tears of contrition to come to cry and hate them, the firm resolutions so that they are not committed again, we ask you for strength to be able to resist temptations, perseverance to follow the good path of virtue; particularly what I ask of you during this prayer:

(Make your request right now)

And a Christian disposition to get to die well. This is, oh holy Joseph, what I ask of you; and this is what, through your powerful intercession, I hope to be able to achieve on behalf of my God and Lord, whom I truly desire to love with all my heart and to be able to serve as you came to love him and served him at all times, for always and for all eternity. Amen.

Prayer for every day

Oh Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph!, who is animated by great confidence in his great worth, I come to you and I come so that you may be my protector during the days of my exile in this valley of many tears. Your highest dignity as putative Father of my great and beloved Jesus means that nothing is denied us of what is asked of you in heaven.

I ask you to be my lawyer, especially at the time of the death of one of your servants, and I ask you to reach us with the grace that my soul, when it comes to detach itself from the flesh, and goes to rest in the hands of the Lord. Amen.

Jaculatory. Kind Saint Joseph, great Spouse of Mary, we ask you to protect us; defend the whole Church and also the Supreme Pontiff and protect my relatives, as well as my friends and benefactors.

Visit to San Jose

This is another Prayer to the Lord Saint Joseph , to be the shelter and protection of his faithful at all times of anguish and affliction. The sentence goes as follows:

Oh great and most chaste husband of the Virgin Mary, the beloved protector Saint Joseph! Everyone who implores you for your protection comes to experience your consolation. So be our shelter and our guide. We ask that the Lord intercede for me; deliver me from all sin, we ask you to help us in temptations and to separate us from all evil and also from sin.

We ask you to comfort us in sickness and in afflictions. May all my thoughts, my words and faithful deeds reflect what may be acceptable and pleasant to you in order to be able to deserve your protection in a dignified way in life and also at the moment of death. Amen.

Consecration to Saint Joseph

Oh Holy and Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph, here we are, prostrate before you on our knees, to ask for protection and strength from you.

From this moment we praise you as the father, the guide and the protector of all your believers. Under your protection is that we put our body and our soul, just as we ask you for prosperity and health. We ask you to accept all of us as your children. We ask you to preserve your children from all dangers, snares and the snare of the enemy. We ask you to assist us at all times and especially at the time of death of your devotees. Amen.

Consecration to Saint Joseph Before the Tribulations

Hear, oh beloved Saint Joseph, a word that comes from me!… I who see myself overwhelmed by afflictions and crosses, and generally wept before you… Torn to pieces under what is the weight of these crosses, I feel faint, nor do I have the strength to be able to get up and the wish that my good beloved lord calls me soon to be by his side.

In the tranquility, when however, I understand that it is not a difficult thing to get to die… however, the good life is. To whom, then, am I going to turn if not to you, who are so good and so dear, to be able to receive light, consolation and your help?

It is to you, then, oh Saint Joseph, that I consecrate my whole life, and in your hands I place the sorrows, the crosses, all the interests of my soul, of my family, of all sinners, so that, after a life that It is so laborious, it is that I can go to enjoy for all eternity with you the bliss of the Paradise of God. Amen.

This Ancient Prayer to Saint Joseph is “Known for Never Failing”

You must pray with faith and ask for what is a spiritual benefit. Despite the fact that Saint Joseph never said a single word in the scriptures of the Bible, the silence of this man is a clear example of fidelity, obedience and care for his Holy Family over the course of the many years of training that our beloved Lord Jesus had, which was what made this man one of the most loved and loved Saints by Catholicism.

It is estimated that the devotion to the adoptive father of our Lord Jesus Christ began between the 3rd and 4th centuries. However, according to the book of the Pietá Prayer, there is a prayer to Saint Joseph that dates back to the year 50.

This kind of prayer came to be found in the 50th year of the time of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the year 1505, it was sent by the well-known Pope to the so-called Emperor Charles, when he was traveling to the Battle of Lepanto.

Whoever gets to read this kind of prayer, whoever listens to it or keeps it with them, will never die a sudden death or drown, nor will it be affected by the battles wherever they go. So people should pray this prayer during the course of 9 in the morning for any kind of intention they have. This prayer is very common all over the world because it is the one that never fails.

Now yes, without further ado, this is the prayer to Saint Joseph that tends to be generally known as the one that never fails, which comes to offer the request for the benefit on a spiritual level for the one who is praying or for the person for whom he is praying. is putting in prayer. The sentence goes like this:

Oh Saint Joseph, whose protection is usually so enormous, so strong and also so immediate before the great white throne of God, it is to you that I entrust all my intentions and all my desires.

I ask you to help me, oh Saint Joseph, with your great and powerful intercession, to obtain all the spiritual blessings through the intercession of your adoptive Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, so that, by entrusting myself, here on earth, To all your great heavenly power, I pay you tribute with my enormous gratitude and homage.

Oh Saint Joseph, I who never got tired of contemplating you with the Lord Jesus asleep in your arms. He did not dare to approach me when He is resting next to your heart. So I ask you to hug him on my behalf, kiss him for me on his delicate face and ask him to return that big kiss when I get to exhale my last breath in this world.

Oh Saint Joseph, patron of the many souls that depart, I ask you to pray for me! Amen.

You must always remember: That God at all times comes to attend to our prayers. However, we are not always expecting the answers that we get.

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