Abundance Prayer for Prosperity

Abundance Prayer for Prosperity

The word abundance comes from the Latin Greek abundantia and refers to having large amounts of something specific, for its part, prosperity is synonymous with wealth or, failing that, with abundance, in this opportunity you will be able to know a prayer for prosperity.

prayer for prosperity

All of us in some of our lives have gone through some difficult economic situation and on many occasions divine help is required to be able to solve these problems, that is why below we are going to find a beautiful and powerful prayer for prosperity and abundance in our lives.

The main thing when praying for prosperity and abundance is the faith and confidence that we have to get out of that difficult situation we may be going through today, if we think negatively we will attract more negative things to our lives. life that is why while we are in prayer we must always think positive and be projected only good things for our life and especially for our economy.

The prayer that the following lines will describe is very powerful and effective, the miracle that you need so much in your life will be granted to you, do not have any doubt, since our Heavenly Father only wants good things for us and if we pray to him he will listen to us. and will send infinite blessings to all of us, pay attention to the prayer:

Almighty Father God on this day I come before you to implore you to intercede for me before, the Holy Spirit since you designate him, him as the one in charge of wisdom, abundance and prosperity, that is why I require you to illuminate my path and I guided my steps before this new project that I am going to start so that only abundance and prosperity reign in my business always.

(Repeat 3 times)

I ask you holy spirit to refresh my heart and mind, with all your purifying water, I am willing to follow your direction so that in this way I can find peace and harmony on my path.

(Repeat 3 times)

I am willing to receive everything from you because I am completely sure that your ship is powerful and miraculous.
(Repeat 3 times)

On this occasion, beloved father, I kneel before you to ask you to remove all uncertainty from me and bring all certainty and victory to my life.

(Repeat 3 times)

Today I implore you to grant me the miracle that I need so much with respect to my finances Lord and my economy, get rid of all envy and evil from my path and only put on my path success and blessings sent by you to me.
(Repeat 3 times)

Give me the wisdom and intelligence to be able to emerge victorious from all my debts, in this way I also ask you to provide me with the necessary tools to be able to face everything that comes to me on this long road that I must travel.
(Repeat 3 times)

Beloved Father, open the doors to prosperity, abundance and riches, I also ask you to remove from my path any obstacle that may exist to achieve any of them.

(Repeat 3 times)

May each of my projects, my businesses and my investments be prosperous, that is why I ask you to bless all my steps and the path I must travel to reach the abundance and prosperity that I need so much for the peace and tranquility of both of me. person like my family.
(Repeat 3 times)

This prayer that I recite to you at this time is not for me but for all those people who are going through a difficult economic situation, so that a miracle may also come into their lives economically and financially.

(Repeat 3 times)

My Father, beforehand I thank you, infinite thanks for the economic and financial miracle that you are working in my life. I know that they will multiply throughout the universe and we will be thousands thanking you infinitely for your immense generosity.

My beloved father, I love you, I praise you and I adore you. That’s right and it will.

(Repeat 3 times) Amen

Prayer to Saint Matthew for prosperity

Glorious Saint Matthew, member of the holy family of the Apostles, who with the help of the Mercy of the Most High managed to win peace on earth and glory in heaven; you who, being a tax collector, did not hesitate to abandon everything and followed the teacher until the end of your earthly life; that inspired by the Holy Spirit after the Ascension of the Lord to Heaven you proclaimed the Good News of his Word and left us written in the Gospels:

“According to your faith, so will be the things that will happen to you”, (Mt. 8, 15) I sincerely ask you to intercede for me and pray to God that all He can help me in my business (name the business that you already have or that is going to be undertaken), I put all my faith in you, I deposit my hopes and illusions and I trust in the mercy of the Lord, so that the investments I have made bear fruit soon.

I know that it is possible to get out of this bad situation, for this I need to increase the clientele and sales to increase the income of money and thus be able to face the payments that accumulate, solve the economic problems of my family and generate other jobs. for people who need it.

I ask you for help so that I can obtain: (say what you want to achieve for the business) Saint Matthew, glorious evangelist, in your hands I leave the smooth running of my business, give me back the joy of seeing it prosper, I will do my best It depends on me, and I will put all my effort and enthusiasm to make it work perfectly, I will offer very good quality in my products, I will be courageous, attentive, patient and courteous with those who come to buy so that they leave satisfied and return soon.

Saint Matthew, give me your blessings, clear and open my work paths to progress, make luck be with me, keep envy and problems away from my business, make sure that there are no dislikes or claims, that everyone who enters it feels well cared for and happy with your purchase, and feel the need to return to my business; make it prosper and have good benefits to get out of ruin, live with dignity and have peace of mind, calm so that you can give a part to those most in need.

I ask this through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord. Amen.

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo Request for Abundance

Saint Judas Tadeo, apostle of Christ and glorious martyr, great intercessor in every difficult problem, today I turn to you with great faith to ask for your generous assistance because I find myself dejected and tormented by the lack of financial means.

You who are my dear saint, my blessed patron and noble protector welcome my soul and my body, my mind and heart; I, humbly, and prostrate before you, ask you through the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary, that you give me a compassionate look and do not despise my heartfelt prayer, so that my trust is not in vain, you, who, in addition to a singular love, you were united with ties of kinship to the divine redeemer Jesus, source of all good, and you are a powerful help to the desperate pray for my Patron Saint and my help.

So that, assisted by your valuable intercession, I can receive a prompt and effective solution for my overwhelming needs, make me obtain urgent money to meet expenses, payments, debts and be able to live comfortably and calmly, do, I beg you, with the certainty of to be heard, to get what I need so much:

(ask for everything you want to achieve).

Blessed Saint Judas Tadeo, I honor you with special affection and devotion, obtain for me the presence and strength of God, protect me in all circumstances, may your help and comfort never cease, obtain by the grace of the Lord Jesus, Mary and Joseph, liberation, prosperity, work and health, make well-being settle in my home.

As an expression of my affection and recognition, I promise to promote your authentic devotion, and from now on, I am infinitely grateful for your favors.

So be it… Amen.

prayer for money

Heavenly Father you who are the almighty, you are the creator of the cosmos of infinity and everything that surrounds us, today I come before you to request your miraculous help and that money in all its fullness come to me!

And once it is money, come to me, always stay by my side Oh Saint Cono of Teggiano, who lived and also died, I ask you to listen to the pleas that I humbly make to you, do not forsake and you who are by the side of the almighty, please I implored you to intercede for me before this favor that I do you with all my heart, Lord.
I ask that abundance and prosperity never be lacking in my life, that wealth never be lacking, guide all my steps and the path I walk, Lord, never leave me alone, and that is why I say:
Money Come!
Money Come!
Money Come!
Money Come!
Money comes HERE

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