The controversial religious group of the Mormons

The controversial religious group of the Mormons

You want to find out what the Mormon Religion is about, in this article you will be able to see the controversial religious group of Los Mormones , don’t wait any longer and keep reading.

Latter Day Saint Movement

This movement is also known as Mormonism and is considered a religious ideology created in a group of completely Christian Churches originating mainly from the Church of Christ which was founded as the Joseph Smith Church in the 1830s given that Mormons are Christians .

This has as its main domination of the movement, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this is also known as the LDS church or the Mormon church, the churches of Christ of the temple ground and Bickertonite or community of Christ, these churches they are characterized by having practiced or practice particular doctrines far removed from other Christian denominations, such as: Eternal marriage, polygamy or baptism of the dead.

The basis of Mormon doctrine is constituted by the Mormon Bible which is very different from other religions and therefore it is based on the compilation of covenants and the Book of Mormon as well as other texts such as the translation of Joseph Smith’s bible and the book of Abraham, these have a mixed acceptance within the movement and these are accepted as holy scripture by certain churches and are rejected by some others, since they are considered sinners and are often called sect Mormons .

This movement is also known as the religion of Mormons or Mormonism and the members that are part of it are known as Mormons, these are the adherents to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, these have adapted as; the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or also called the Mormon Newsroom, despite this the use of this ending has been discouraged by the church in support of the terminology of Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

History of Joseph Smith and the Church of Christ

The history of the Mormons and their origins given from the family tree of the Mormons that date back to April 6, 1830 from the western region of the state of New York, where Mr. Joseph Smith started the church of Christ , is with the main objective of starting a new Jerusalem in the state of New York in which this would have the name Zion. According to Mr. Joseph Smith in the town of Palmyra in the 1820s, located north of New York City, exactly eighty kilometers, they appeared to God and Jesus Christ to indicate that his person considered false and disapproved of all creeds. of the church existing at that time, this event was known as the first vision.

After this, Mr. Joseph Smith also reported that on September 21, 1823, he had a second vision, but this time it would have been of an angel named Moroni, who gave him directions to a nearby hill. to Palmyra, in it he would find buried different manuscripts made on gold plates, these would be a compendium of prophets that belonged to ancient America.

Said writings, as told by the Angel Moroni, were written in the reformed Egyptian language, and these were translated by Mr. Joseph Smith with the help of seer stones, which were called Urim and Thummim. This was the book that was called the Book of Mormon where the 10 Mormon commandments are possessed,  in which according to this Jesus Christ visited America after resurrecting, the Book of Mormon is constituted as one of the canonical texts of the movement. Joseph Smith, with the help of Mr. Martin Harris, David Whitmer and Mr. Oliver Cowdery, published the Book of Mormon for the first time in the year 1830 in the English language and after this the first translation into Spanish and other languages ​​in the world was published. year 1886.

Between the years 1832 and 1842 (ten years exactly), Joseph Smith wrote at least four new stories in which he spoke of the First Vision that according to his stories he would have had with God and Jesus Christ. These four different accounts were very similar in many respects, since they all spoke of the same theme, but they differed both in their emphases and in different details. In 1838 his story was published in the book “Pearl of great price”, another of the books that referred to the Church.

Migrations, Fights and Split

In the year 1831 Joseph Smith and his first faithful or also called Mormons, changed their location and their church moving to Kirtland, Ohio, once there they established an establishment in Jackson County, Missouri, these in this town thought to settle and start their headquarters. However, in the years 1833 (two years after its establishment in the town) the resident settlers of Missouri violently expelled the Mormons and these in turn fail to carry out a paramilitary operation to be able to recover the land where they had settled.

However, despite everything that had happened, the Mormon movement managed to expand for a time in the town of Kirtland, but in 1838 they had to leave there abruptly thanks to an economic scandal given by the testimonies of former Mormons , the which was the cause of various disaffections and thanks to this Smith had to face many lawsuits, since it is according to him that he obtained undue enrichment and started the creation of an illegal bank. Joseph Smith, after all this had happened, regrouped the rest of his Mormon followers in a settlement which was called Far West, in the state of Missouri, a place where there was a lot of tension with the old settlers, and this over time was escalating. until I come to a violent conflict.

After all, in 1839, the Mormons and their entire organization installed their settlement and church on the banks of the Mississippi River, where they began the founding of the city of Nauvoo. Once it was founded, it began to grow very quickly. This was thanks to the fact that these made a settlement of new converts which at that time were brought by the Mormon missionaries. It was at this time that Joseph Smith began to introduce the Mormons and polygamy among his closest followers as he began to establish new ceremonies which were supposedly capable of turning the righteous into gods.

Joseph Smith, like his brother Hyrum Smith, would have been murdered on June 27, 1844 while they were being held in a jail in Carthage County, Illinois. This was thanks to the fact that Hyrum was the designated heir of Joseph Smith, an act that caused a succession crisis among the Mormons that caused several schisms in the church itself so that later Brigham Young would emerge as the new leader of the majority of the followers. faithful (Mormons), who first settled in Nebraska, and then settled in Utah in 1847.

Polygamy, which was initially established by Joseph Smith, was publicly established in 1852, so that ten years later it began to spread in the United States with different regulations against this practice. In 1885, the state of Idaho made the decision to ban this practice, a decision which was ratified by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1890, since in this way, Mormons would lose their right to vote. Some time later, several of the Mormon churches, such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ended up officially renouncing polygamy, while other Mormon churches, such as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, They still did this practice.

Who are the Mormons?

Mormons is the term given to the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they can be found at all levels of society whether they are businesses, political parties, agriculture, in the media, in government etc Since these may have different offices regardless of their religious orientation.

Describing the character of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Newsweek magazine describes them as:

“It matters not what locality Mormons live in, for they are in a great network in which all have a mutual interest, in their technology each Mormon is a minister of a species, and all have in some way the power to do good, both for themselves and for others, according to them this is a charitable agreement of the twenty-first century.”

This philanthropy that is exercised by Mormons is not unique to the members of the church, but it extends beyond the church itself and its members. According to the president of his church, Mr. Thomas S. Monson establishes that as a church they approach not only a people but also those people of good will throughout the world, this with the spirit of brotherhood that they have thanks to Jesus Christ.


The members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are made up of more than fourteen million people, the vast majority of whom live and reside outside the United States, and within the United States only one person lives and resides. quarter of the members. Since the year 1830 since its foundation, it has grown in membership in influence, since these begin at that time with just six Mormon members, there are currently a large number of Mormon temples in the world .


This church (The Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days) begins as a restoration of Christianity in the new testament, this according to what was taught by Jesus Christ and his apostles, it is not evangelical, orthodox, catholic or protestant, however it has the basic values ​​of morality and civility. The family that was adopted by this church are very similar to the vast majority of other Christian religions.

Many of its members are refugees in the uncertainty of the world demonstrating the message of the gospel, hope and happiness, they consider that the life of each living being has a purpose and that God is very capable of taking care of each individual, since In turn, they believe that each one has the ability to improve through the actions they carry out through decisions, this belongs to one of the central thoughts of Mormons.


This organization believes in God, a loving God as heavenly father, since it is the Our Father of each day, all people are his children and therefore all people are brothers and sisters. He sent his own son into the world, so that he could redeem all mankind from the sins committed. Church members generally treat life in the savior’s teachings and believe that all people have the right to personal revelation. They consider that God has called the new apostles and prophets for which through them he reveals his word, just as he has done in ancient times, therefore they consider that God still speaks with humanity.

Mormons firmly believe in the Bible, whether in the Old or the New Testament, in addition to believing in the use of scriptures such as the Book of Mormon, which works for them from the Ministry of Christ and his divinity. Information on topics such as the nature of God, the atonement, and salvation is found in these scriptures. Most Mormon beliefs are contained in items known as the Articles of Faith.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has education as one of the highest values, they consider it as a spiritual and secular imperative, therefore, according to former president Gordon B. Hinckley, it indicates that the Lord Jesus Christ establishes a mandate in which the people of this church should learn through the study of faith, and that they should not only seek after spiritual knowledge but also seek Secular knowledge, the church is offering all its young people the opportunities of education broad, like a seminary, which is a four-year program that prepares high school students for the challenges they will face in life.

Many religious institutes provide many students with general religious instruction as well as a social setting for college-aged adults. More than 700,000 students are enrolled in these programs and are established in 132 countries. In addition to this, the church has been in charge of creating a perpetual fund destined for education, this provides men and women, young students of the churches in those middle-developed countries to obtain education and training. This fund comes mainly from all the contributions made by the members of the church, this fund offers loans to students,


The members of this church meet every Sunday to offer their worship services, this is done in more than twenty-eight thousand congregations and in more than one hundred and seventy-seven countries around the world. Thus, these are adapted to the local needs of each congregation, services are celebrated in more than one hundred and eighty languages, as well as visitors who are welcomed by the members of the church.

missionary work

The service given by more than fifty-two thousand missionaries of the church has made a great worldwide growth of the church, they teach the gospel where they can, whether it is on the streets or in people’s homes. But this is only half the story of missionary works, what really gave high growth was the openness and care of the members towards their friends and acquaintances, The gospel in its restored version is able to provide answers to many questions deep of life.


Recently its president, Mr. Monson, recounts what they consider the ideal home, he says:

“Our homes must be more than sanctuaries, but they must also be places where the Spirit of God can dwell, where the storm stops at the door, where love reigns and peace dwells. The world can be a scary place sometimes. The morale of society seems to be crumbling at an alarming rate. “But, I continue, this is a fight that The Families and individuals can and will win.”

With this word given by the president of the organization, Mormons consider that a society that is increasingly divided must have as an important point the strengthening of the family as a fundamental point, they believe that the essential values ​​to achieve prosperity are those that are taught in the family and that unity is fundamental to societies, in which husband and wife (the couple in general) must work together for the betterment of the whole. The church and its teachings as well as its programs are designed to strengthen the family.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints started its organization in the same way that Jesus Christ started his church in New Testament times. This is led by a prophet who serves as the president of the church, is in turn has two counselors and these three are the leaders who make up the first presidency, which in turn is assisted by twelve apostles who are the special witnesses of Jesus Christ to the whole world. There are some leaders called seventy, who help the Quorum of the twelve apostles and this in turn serves different areas throughout the world.

Norms and Characteristics of the Mormons

Within this great religion there are a number of certain norms and characteristics of Mormons  that distinguish them from other Christian religions, these are:

  • In their beginnings these were polygamous, but later they championed these practices
  • When the son falls one day a week (preferably Mondays) they celebrate what they call “family home night”, this is a time in which all the members of the family put aside all their obligations and spend some time together talking as well as doing common activities.
  • These are baptized from the age of eight, since they reject that children come into the world with original sin.
  • Daily they preach a family prayer.
  • Every Sunday they celebrate the sacramental meeting, in which they receive the body and blood of Christ from Christ, this is done with water and bread, since they cannot drink wine.
  • Young boys from the age of twenty-one and girls from the age of nineteen are called to participate in the mission of the city of the world that is assigned to them, this for a period of two years to carry out proselytism.
  • The union of marriage for Mormons is not “until death do us part”, if not that in their beliefs these transcend death making the union for all eternity.
  • When Mormons go to a temple, they must dress completely in white, including shoes, since for them this means the necessary purity to be able to access the sacred precinct of the Lord.
  • Mormons are totally prohibited from consuming any type of alcohol or tobacco, as well as any caffeine-based beverage.
  • One day of the month they must do a complete fast as an offering
  • They have to dress simply and modestly, women are not allowed to wear suits or shirts that expose the shoulders, nor are they allowed to show their stomachs, nor wear pants or skirts above the knees.

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