The 10 commandments that Evangelical Christians fulfill out of obedience and love

In the Old Testament the complete Decalogue is included explicitly. They are the fundamental basis of many religions, including Christianity. In the next Post you will learn more about The 10 Commandments that Evangelical Christians fulfill by Obedience and love.

What are the 10 commandments?

The 10 commandments are otherwise called The Decalogue, its origin lies in the Greek words, there are many moral and love standards, which assume significant work in some religions such as the well-known Judaism and Christianity that in an initial time was named as Protestantism.

They incorporate instructions, such as devoutly loving and respecting one God and keeping the Sabbath, as well as denials against admiration, murder, theft, distrust, and infidelity. Distinctive religious gatherings pursue various customs in how to decipher and display them. (See Article: Prayer to God to forget a love that does you no good )

According to the story told in the book of Exodus, God composed these instructions on two stone tablets, later He sent them to Moses on Mount Sinai; According to the story, when he came down from the mountain, he saw the general population showing deep admiration and worship to a shining calf and in anger he broke them (literally).

Then, he asked God to forgive the population in general and to seal with him an agreement or contract that would be established between the people and God; Then, he demanded that Moses take two pieces of stone and in them the Ten Commandments of the promise were composed, reproaching him that above all things they should not endure the breach of these.


In essence, despite the fact that the decalogue was made in order to educate and govern the people of God in ancient times, today it is still valid and gives a record of the need that must exist to worship God above and above everything.

It lies in not using the name of God in a useless and sagacious way, it is more to bless than to curse, to respect the father and the mother as a mandate and not by dependency. It is important in light of the fact that committing murder is part of breaking earthly laws and God’s laws.

Thanks to them, the index of filth that existed in the people of God was reduced, leading to respect the sexual life of each couple and to respect the couple that has not been given to you, but to your neighbor. It includes values ​​and principles that form the human mind such as not lying, not enjoying unclean contemplations and not wishing for the goods of others.

In the Gospel, each of these mandates is integrated by Christ with the purpose of appreciating God for all things and one’s neighbor as oneself. It is in this that the Decalogue is summed up.

For many, the ten precepts are discovered by God, but are otherwise open to human reason. This implies that there is a possibility for man to get and think about them even without a religious man to instruct him.

The clarification of this condition is that they are registered in the human instinct, despite the fact that, due to sin, this understanding can be confused in numerous events. The ten precepts are, above all, an arrangement where one understands the relationship of affection that must exist between men and their creator.

The 10 commandments that Evangelical Christians follow

  • You will not have divine beings created before me.
  • You will not make any engraved image by yourself.
  • You will not bow down to them or serve them.
  • You shall not take the name of Jehovah your useless God.
  • You must keep and respect the day Saturday
  • Respect your mother and your father.
  • you will not kill
  • You will not adulterate.
  • you will not steal
  • You shall not covet the property of others

You will have no strange gods before me

God proclaims himself as our matchless Lord who has brought us out of bondage. As the descendants of Israel were subjugated, we were all equally in bondage before seeing the light or what is now known as the resurrection. Subjection is being under the law; to understand that the law produced subjugated youth while elegance frees the rest who were subjected to slavery.

God uses the word “God” in the singular term, implying that he is the only God. He made you, He knows you, your preferences, your desires and every little thing about you. In fact, even more remarkably, he realizes that he is superior to everything you do. Realize what is beneficial for you, your past, tomorrow and future.

From this line “You should not have other divine beings in front of me”, they develop as a starting point, obviously, that there are different divine beings:

In case you see the meaning of the word god, you will find that there are numerous divine beings. As in previous occasions, individuals served God and today we have numerous divine beings and it is up to you to choose who and what is your god.

Old-fashioned divine beings who haven’t gone anywhere are still with us today. A portion of these divine beings are:


He was considered the lord of intensity and today he is in charge like others. He is still full of many sycophants, even a lot of people who call themselves religious do as such. On the off chance that you like power, you are worshiping Baal. The world grants control and numerous men are doing their best to be in control or in power.

Many men on the planet fight for power today. Countries rise against countries, networks fight networks, wars, men fight each other, legislators, the pioneers of the world, fight and fight in search of power. This is absolutely abhorrent; Baal’s love is what is displayed in worship of this god.


It became known as a divine force of joy. In ancient history, individuals who praised Astrol were at his feet and exhibited a wide range of extramarital perversions. This god is on the scene today, not under the name of Astrol, but as medicines, erotic entertainment, joy, sex, etc. Furthermore, many have soaked in the love of him even with numerous scoundrels who openly spread themselves with a veil of Christianity.

You will not make any engraved image by yourself

It has been a puzzle because of the way God looks. Man has looked under the earth, in the sky and in the ocean to see the image of God, however, all has been to no avail. The truth of the matter is that God has no image; Is he a soul? How could you draw or engrave a soul? Furthermore, God is characterized as “I AM.” How would you draw “I AM” at that point?

Making an engraved image of a god occurs in crafts and settings, however, the images are first framed in our psyche or known human mind. The creative mind draws pictures, so it is forbidden to imagine what God looks like.

Second, the decree restricts the taking of recorded images to speak as a god or to be a divine being; a symbol. Since the first starting point of time, man has made engraved pictures and raised them as his god. The moment the descendants of Israel saw that Moses deferred to come down from the mountain, they immediately arranged a liquid calf.

Man is continually looking for things that he has finished with his hands in order to elevate them as his god. Everything that is finished with the hands of man can be useful to man himself, but he can also become a divine being. He has taken it upon himself to exchange for cash, vehicles, houses, combined, bent and etched creatures, trees and even reptiles, he changes your perception of God Himself.

You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them

The profound meaning of this address is further expanded in the 10 commandments that evangelical Christians keep. A wide range of superstitions are taboo and the use of unimportant human adventures to love God has been totally inappropriate.

It takes much more than a simple idea to recognize God as unique and sovereign. He initiates the Will, believing that there is nothing higher.

You shall not take God’s name in vain

In the event that you swear in the name of God or embrace what is Holy and impeccable in his eyes, you have broken the third instruction. The devil’s disposition is to see God’s name trampled underfoot and diminished in the least degree.

Every false promise is a taboo and all light concerning God, every gross profane and fraud in a terrible breach of this charge. Asking and applauding God without extraordinary confidence is also breaking this decree. Love him with extraordinary respect and reality as well as the 10 commandments that evangelical Christians fulfill.

 You will keep and respect the Sabbath

Saturday is an established day of rest. It has been considered as a day of delivery and permanence of everything he does or the work he performs in the different six days. It is the seventh day, multiple day of relaxation, an exceptional day.

Thus expresses the book of exodus, Six days you will work, and you will do all your work; But the seventh day shall be rest for the Lord your God: do not do any work in it, neither you, nor your son, nor your little daughter, nor your hireling, nor your house cleaner, nor your brute, nor your stranger who is inside of your entries.

God gave the meaning of the Sabbath at creation. In six days he took all the steps necessary for creation and on the seventh day he rested. This is based on the book of Exodus when it states that: “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the ocean and all that is in them, and set the seventh day”: in this way Jehovah favored the day of rest and blessed it.

The heavenly Father was the first to introduce the Sabbath and bring it to the descendants of Israel. He knew and realizes that man’s propensity is to work and work tirelessly. Israel was 400 years in unremitting subjugation in Egypt and God revealed to them that they should take a radical vacation day for themselves. No other part of the world wide web used to take breaks.

The responses to this precept are extraordinary and it is through these responses that a wide range of contentions, arguments, corruptions and twists are discovered. There are various gatherings of individuals based on their responses to the Sabbath.

 Respect your mother and your father

It is one of the commandments, in fact the first commandment with a promise established by God to the very people of Israel. It is not something that should be done voluntarily but by mandate. God in his word establishes that we must honor him according to what he has commanded and in this way we will have blessing from heaven.

The decree says that the explanation behind your father and mother is “that your days could be longer in the land that your own God gives you.” Three things clearly develop from that line; It is God who gives you the land where you live, not your father and mother.

Keeping this commandment is also a simple way to show the deep love we have for God. Parents are precious jewels that God established for his purpose.

Thou shalt not kill

With this mandate any type of murder is prohibited. To murder is to end a real existence. This instruction does not discuss gender, it is more radical. Man has the ability to kill or take the life of creatures, since he has territory over everything, however he does not have the power to do so since it is declared as murder and in this way he is not complying with this rule. 

God is the person who gives life and no man has the right to remove it. Man cannot give life and he cannot make anyone but God. So why throw out something you can’t give? Humanity simply helps in delivering a seed and an egg, and after conceiving an offspring, however, it is God who gives life and makes it. (See Article: Prayer for my alcoholic husband )

Executing doesn’t mean just taking a blade and sticking it into someone’s heart, shooting someone, ending everything, etc.; It implies more. It is the external action but additionally the internal disposition. This is what Jesus was training when he made the precept clear to him.

Thou Shalt Not Adulterate

Infidelity involves the intentional sexual connection between a married person and another person who is not their better half or spouse. For its part, it is illegal and it is a crime established by the same earthly law.

The world tells the man that he or she has been established as his own, that is why he does not question the action but decides to support it, being thus, a reason for destruction in thousands of marriages. Who can have sexual relations with anyone, in any case and in any place without breaking this law? The man can act in any improper way.

The truth of the matter is that man is not a creature, he is a man. There is a motivation behind why he is called a man and not a creature and there is an incredible contrast between man and the precepts of God.

The main reason for sex is not multiplication (having children) or entertainment (having some good times) but unification; Two spirits converge in one. That is why God establishes not to adulterate as part of the 10 commandments that Evangelical Christians fulfill. (See Article: Prayer to put my baby to sleep )

Thou shalt not steal

Taking what is not yours, the property of another man by power or by extortion, without learning and against the wishes of the owner lies in the breach of the Decalogue established by God. Any type of theft is illegal and is a violation. The sixth rule requires that we treat the life and well-being of others as if it were our own, that is, worshiping your neighbor as you care for yourself.

There are such a significant number of ways and approaches to follow. Taking is stealing regardless of whether you take something small or huge. There is no such thing as “pious theft” in the sight of God; the character of people who drink little is equivalent to the person who drinks a ton.

You shall not covet the property of others

Life is not found and will never be found in the things you have. Culture and society reveal to us that the best way to live is to have that vehicle. That activity, the recognition, the doctorate, the business, the money, the vehicle, the telephone, have several things and not the recognition for something more substantial. in life (See Article: Prayer to God to forget a love that does you no good )

In any case, the creator reveals to us that this is a lie. The existence he bestows tells the man that his life is not made of those things, wealth or cash. Each of these things is meaningless to man, anyone who seeks God and focuses on Heaven will win everything.

We must focus on Heaven, not on what this world reveals to us that we must need to live. Truth be told, many of them are icons to man. We must not bother with them to live.

The moment all your money is gone, and you have no clothes to wear or food to eat, you will still live. The life of man is more than sustenance, clothing, money, riches of the world and what the whole world gives, that is why God includes this precept as part of the 10 commandments that Evangelical Christians fulfill out of obedience and love.

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