The Meaning of Reading the Candles and the Flames

The Meaning of Reading the Candles and the Flames

There is a large number of people who, using unquestionable gadgets, manage to perceive numerous events or events of the past, present and future, obtaining this prediction through cards, tobacco, coffee and snails. Today through this report you will be able to learn how the Reading of Candles and the flames is carried out, a great ability or skill that few manage to interpret.

Candle Reading

Candle reading is an art and by the way the candles light it is also feasible to know if the requests that are made will be fulfilled quickly, or if, on the contrary, they will ask for more time and integrity.

Candles have a way of communicating, and only those who assimilate interpreting them will have the ability to connect with very positive energies that help good wishes or aspirations to come true.

At the moment of performing the Candle Reading, various things can happen, such as a flame that shakes or moves without something causing it, such as the wind, with which said movement of the agitation could be explained. In this case, the interpretation given to us is that the situations will be a bit turbulent or that new events may occur that were not intended and that will require care or a change of perception.

The Candle Reading can sometimes be affected by elements of the environment, as happens when the candle takes time to light the flame or flame, which shows among other various causes that the environment is full of humidity.

Elements for Candle Reading

Before looking for information and wanting to know everything about Candle Reading and its powerful interpretation, the following elements must be taken into account:

  1. It is a predictive and interpretive skill that anyone can know, giving those who practice it an immediate answer or insight into what might be going on.
  2. It must be taken into account that when the candle is lit, both the flame, the smoke, the wax, the wick and the sound will show or indicate a response.
  3. If a ritual is done to break a spell, make a spell and ask for love or money, it should be borne in mind that the result will be determined depending on the number of candles used for it and from this you will know if the spell will be fast, late , powerful or that simply does not work, since this technique can also be wrong.
  4. It is also possible that a ritual or sorcery is performed at this moment, and due to possible conditions such as the time, the cosmic, universal or astral impediment, they do not allow it to have any triumph; however, if the next day he tries again, they might succeed. As it may also be the case that the answer is obtained on the first attempt.

These elements that we have just mentioned are considered models of triumph, which are achieved instantly by lighting and melting the candle to proceed with the reading.

Candle Language

When you start reading candles , you must keep in mind that candles have their own language, which means that you have to learn to interpret each of its elements:

  • How the sperm or wax drips and the way it does it.
  • Observe if the smoke is thick or clear, or if on the contrary the candle expels absolutely nothing.
  • See how the flame is held, that is, if it is moving, if it is prolonged, if it has any other shape and colors.
  • Be attentive to the sound that the candle emits once it is lit or if, on the contrary, there was only silence.
  • In the wick it is possible that they create knots, make carbon or that it deteriorates and splits.
  • The rest that is formed from the sperm or from the wax of the candle once consumed, creates different forms that must be deciphered or interpreted as if it were any emblem.

Now, the main thing to do with the candle is to pay close attention to the rise or evolution of the flame, how it moves or how it dances, if its size increases or decreases and if it causes sparks considered unusual, if it changes of color or if, on the contrary, it emanates heat that does not correspond to its size.

You must immediately relax and make your query or request out loud, even if it is to your liking in your mind, but in whatever way, you must be as precise as possible, so that you can get an answer as quickly as possible. precise.

You must always keep in mind that the Candle Reading will be concerted or composed of flame, smoke, sperm or wax and all the elements that come out of it, such as crackles, spirals and writings that are the signs to get the answer you are looking for. inquiring

In some moments it is possible to decipher through the “yes or no” of the closed questions asked, with the most natural procedure or technique for these matters. You just have to place on the right side of your candle a “yes” and in the same way create it on the left side with a “no”. It is important to be very aware of the fall of the wax, since the side where it drips will be its response.

How to read a Candle?

Although countless people may see Candle Reading as something insignificant and meaningless, this, according to the sages, is an art that very few people master; and not only because mastering it is not easy, but also because it demands countless perceptions in order to be consistent in the interpretation of this reading and of the flames.

One of the many factors that makes Candle Reading so difficult is that it is achieved by means of the flames, the wick, the smoke and the sounds it causes when it is heated or lit, in addition to the representation that the wax acquires. when it melts and the one that forms at the base when it is turned off.

If you are one of those people who is extremely interested in learning how to perform Candle Reading, you are in the right place, since with this article you will be able to know everything that is required to master and efficiently interpret this topic.

How to Interpret the Candle Reading?

When you are doing the Candle Reading and it goes out, it indicates a bad omen, since this tells us that some person, enemy or powerful rival is working against you, so that your spell or petition rite has no result.

To the extent that the candle dissipates or goes out faster, its rival is more effective, that is, the lock is stronger. It is usually more difficult when the candle is extinguished or extinguished at the beginning of the ritual, because it shows that his combatant is on guard.

If the candle is dissipated in the middle of the ritual or when it is about to end, it is more likely that it will end successfully. When this happens, you can use the same candle, relight it, but it should not be done more than three times, since the most advisable thing would be to change it or stop performing the ritual.

Some sages in this matter choose to discard the candle once it goes out, since they believe that this event revokes the ritual in its entirety, so it is better for them to start with another candle.

When the candle goes out, a bad signal is being sent, it does not matter what rite is being carried out or with what intention it was lit, since this is interpreted as a bad sign.

If, on the other hand, this rite is being performed to cleanse, this means that at that moment it is full of great negative energy.

In the event that the rite is being performed to know about your destiny in love and money and the candle is extinguished, this is very bad news, and not only for the future, but because the present is full of negative energy. that creates an obstacle to the possibility of achieving a propitious future.

In this argument, it is recommended that a thorough energetic cleaning be carried out first, so that you can succeed in the ritual that you long to do for love and money.

However, it is always the duty to choose if you want to continue with the same candle once it goes out, however, the wise advise not to do so. It is preferable to use a new candle and together add elements such as stones or herbs that can fortify it and make prayers while the ritual is being performed.

If the candle falls

If with the above it is already bad that the candle goes out, that it falls during the reading is even worse.

In this case it is necessary to discard the candle and once you choose the other one, it is recommended that you use images, herbs, stones and everything that is within reach to reinforce the ritual that is being performed, since negative energies are considerably strong and manage to end their request or spell.

When a Candle Reading is carried out and it falls, it will always indicate that it is a bad omen or bad sign, along with the fact that if its flame remains lit it could cause an accident in a few minutes and even if it remains lit when it falls, it also reflects that evil is not so dangerous, however, it is best to discard the candle completely.

Whatever the reason for which the reading is being done, whenever the candles fall they represent the negative and even faster when a cleaning, breaking or uncrossing work is being carried out, since when the candle falls it shows that a force The adversary does not want this to take effect and is therefore working against it to destroy the ritual.

If this happens, it is advised that you exclude or discard not only the candle, but also all the elements that have been used to perform this ritual. Before starting a new ritual, it is preferable to do an energy cleansing first, to get rid of and expel any negative charge and thus guarantee success.

The candle melts too fast

Perhaps it is possible to speculate or think that when performing the Candle Reading and it melts cleanly, without the presence of stain, carbon or heavy smoke, as if it were intended to melt in a hurry.

This manages to show that things are going to turn out very well and it is very possible that you are somewhat right, and well, if they are going to turn out as you wish, but your satisfaction will not last for long, because if you are certainly going to get success, but this will be very temporary.

This reading prototype is very suitable for when you want a quick response regardless of how long it lasts.

Usually when the candle melts quickly it means that you are on the right track, however; if it burns too quickly it symbolizes that what is being asked for will be achieved, but you will not enjoy it for a long time.

So that it can be perceived even better, two examples will be given: if you want to separate a person or achieve someone’s love, it is possible that through the Reading of Candles the spell is made, but when the candle melts easily it is more likely to get what is proposed, but it will not be for long. Possibly you will get a position or a job, but in a short time you will be forced to get another one. In this way it happens with all the rites where the candle wears out hastily.

Among other precepts of opinions, if several candles are lit for numerous reasons or people, the vertiginous consumption of some of them will make a faithful indication, which means that the candle will show who is the person who is being investigated to remove or what circumstance requires more effort to correct.

Likewise, the Reading of Candles that burn quickly is ideal to know things of the present, past and future; where using three of these elements, each of them represents a time; on the left the past, the central one is the present, and on the right the future.

You can also make a format on a three-line sheet to perform the reading, in order to indicate that the closest or in this case the first is the past, the central or second is the present and the furthest or third is the future, always keeping in mind that the one that dissipates the fastest among the three will indicate which is the main problem.

It is an excellent indication that the candle is consumed quickly in the reading, this is said by some wise men of the matter, although sometimes it exposes a negative part.

Mostly this occurs in cases of sorcery in the breaking part, where it shows that the ritual being performed is effectively providing an effect.

However, it can also be observed that the rite that is being performed has great energy or that it is presenting an obstacle, due to which the candle is consumed quickly and it is very possible that it is convenient to use several to be able to achieve what you want.

The candle burns too slowly

When a Candle Reading is done without inconvenience, that is to say, that no stain or carbon originates and that it also does not emit sound, it can be assumed that the events are going wonderfully.

But if it is consumed very slowly, this tells us that more persuasion is needed to perform the ceremony or that the person who is performing it lacks control.

According to other experts in the field, it indicates that it can be perceived that the enchantment shows a certain obstacle for what is being requested and that causes it to take a little longer to achieve said desire.

In general, it is recommended that during this ceremony the candles remain lit for a long time, instead of being consumed quickly. Since, the longer the candle burns out, the more energy will be working to ensure that what is being requested in the ritual has a greater result.

You should always keep in mind the size of the candle, to know if it is being absorbed as it should be. For example, if a candle is used that lasts approximately four hours, it should be burned within that time frame. If, on the other hand, it is consumed in two hours, this tells us that the process took place very quickly and we already know what this means.

Now if it takes six hours to spend, this also tells us that the process is too slow for the purpose of the ritual.

It should be noted that a slow burn usually represents a concern, because in the end it does not matter what the impulse of the Candle Reading is, as long as it burns slowly the message it projects will be negative.

The Colors of the Candles, Days and Moons

Candles tend to make or are of different colors; and this is because each of them has a purpose or purpose in Candle Reading . Due to the above, special care must be taken with the choice of color, since each of these candles are used for a different ritual or ceremony, in addition to knowing which are the indicated days and the phases of the moon that can favor success. is being searched

The Flame in Candle Reading

As we have been saying throughout this article, when the Candle Reading is carried out, special attention should be paid to the flame, because it manages to provide enough signals or clues to make an excellent interpretation of the message.

  • strong flame:

    Bright and intense, it indicates that your power can achieve many things and that the request you have made is very likely to have an excellent result.

  • weak flame:

    It means that his ceremony does not have the power required to carry it out, either because he does not have the persuasion or because the enemy’s obstacle is even stronger than his own. In such a case that it is decided to continue with this ritual, it is possible to obtain what is being sought, but the effects will be very late.

  • unusual flame:

    To know the behavior of the candle flame, it is recommended that when you do the ritual you light other candles that do not participate in it, but serve as a guide and illumination. In this way you will be able to demonstrate that the movement of the flame is not produced by the wind or any other natural fact.

  • Dancing Flame:

    It always indicates an excellent signal, it usually moves from one side to another and even forms a spiral, revealing that the ritual that is being carried out is well accepted by the person, that is to say that it is working. This is very positive for the ceremony, as long as the flame does not drastically change size.

  • Large and small flame:

    It usually happens on some occasions and even almost to the point of turning off, which teaches us that someone is resisting. For example, when a binding spell is performed, it is very likely that the opponent is performing a ritual to prevent this from happening, for this reason the llama communicates to take action on the matter.

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