The young Jesus lost in the temple

Fifth mystery: The young Jesus lost in the temple

Jesus Lost in the Temple is an episode from what is known as the secret life of Jesus, in which, when he was young, he was considered lost and after three days they found him surrounded by doctors, who listened to him with great interest. If you want to know everything about this episode, we invite you to read this article until the end.

Jesus lost in the temple

Jesus lost in the temple is the fifth joyful mystery for the Catholic Church, which tells us about an episode about the secret life of Jesus. The short version is that his parents, Mary and Joseph, attended the Easter feast every year.

However, that year, when they returned from the temple, they realized that Jesus was lost in the temple , how could they have forgotten him in that place? After three days they found him surrounded by teachers who listened to him amazed at his intelligence, words and wisdom.

Next, we will explain in more detail everything that happened during this episode of Jesus lost in the temple , which corresponds to the life of Jesus in his youth.

This episode seems to be the only moment in which the Holy Bible freely and publicly reveals a moment of the secret life of the young Jesus and his life.

ascent to jerusalem

When Jesus was twelve years old, his parents, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, decided that Jesus should accompany them to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter, which was held in the city of Jerusalem every year.

Since he was very young, he accompanied them to this celebration, however, at twelve years old, a young man became an adolescent or “son of the Law”, so it was a very important year for the family.

Jesus lost in the temple : I don’t doubt for a moment that he would accept responsibly the new obligations that he obtained by going through a new stage in his life, what he did not know is that this step would have great repercussions in his life.

The lost Boy

After that festivity, his parents were excited by the entrance to the boy’s youth, however, they did not notice Jesus lost in the temple and they did not worry because they assumed that he was among the crowd.

Realizing that he was not with them, nor among that crowd, they began to ask acquaintances and relatives if they had not seen him, but no one had heard of him, so they undertook a new journey to find Jesus lost in the temple .

After three long days, they finally found their son Jesus, quietly among doctors and teachers, surrounded by each other, conversing and expressing great wisdom, for which these men were completely fascinated by such wisdom from this seemingly simple young man.

The answers that the young Jesus gave were simply amazing and those men could not explain how such wise words and teachings could come from that young man.

The Virgin Mary, obviously worried, asks the young Jesus why he had worried them that way? To which the young man simply replied that why were they looking for him, because he was fulfilling the mission that his father had entrusted to him.

Of course, at the time, they did not understand what he was talking about and were only glad to have found him safe and sound.

Before the doctors of the law

Before the eyes of the Law, the young Jesus, like the rest of the young people, upon turning twelve of those years, automatically became an “adult” and because of the mission entrusted to him by his Father (God), he had to fulfill this task without their parents being present, since it was a divine task.

This task was to talk and share certain teachings with the doctors before the law, and with his newly acquired spiritual adulthood, he listens, questions and expresses his opinion on profound issues and amazes those men.

Although there are no records or stories that describe the subject of those conversations, something is clear, that God the Father wanted his only-begotten son to share certain information with those intellectual men, certain information just at that important moment in his life.

The Anguish and Joy of Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph, after realizing that they had forgotten their son in that temple, began to search tirelessly day and night, anguished, not knowing who else to ask about their son, but with faith that they would find him safe and sound.

Without knowing what to do or where to look, they decide to go to the temple once again, where they finally find the young Jesus, surrounded by those men, talking, asking questions and sharing experiences and profound knowledge.

Saint Joseph, the Father, is speechless, so he decides to remain silent, however, Mary, like his Mother, does express the anguish and despair that has made them live for several days, to which Jesus replies that he was simply fulfilling the commands of his father.

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