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Are you looking for a prayer to be able to ask Jesus Christ or a Saint for something urgent, then read on and discover here the Petition Prayer for something very Urgent.

Strong Prayer for a Desperate and Urgent Request

To carry out this petition prayer, one must have a great devotion to Jesus Christ so that the petition is heard and thus he can guide us along the path of harmony and tranquility so that with this we can remain very firm and without detours so that he can help us in such a difficult task that we must carry out. This is for the simple fact that the almighty father can do it and we leave our faith in him and with the request in his hands to cover us with his mantle. The prayer to be performed is as follows:

“Oh, Jesus Christ, you who are the philosophy of walking life,
you are the universal truth, illumination,
you are our path to travel,
Lord, dear Jesus, who said:
“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you”,
through the intervention of the Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary,
I request, I find, I beg with great faith and trust
that you grant me what I have been desperately seeking for a long time:

(Pronounce what you need urgently).

O Jesus Christ, you who are the only begotten of our creator God,

you who are the justification of God in the world,

you are the God among the crowd,

Jesus, King of Kings, who said:

“Whatever you ask of the father in my name, it will be conceived”

by the intervention of your Most Holy Mother, Mary,

with my heart in hand and my simple soul

I ask you with great faith to your heavenly Father in your name

for you to fulfill my request

which is almost unattainable by my weak hands:

(Repeat again what you need).

Pray three Glories, three Hail Marys, three Our Fathers.

O Jesus Christ, you who come from the holy mother Mary,

you, who overthrew evil and defeated death,

you, who are the meaning of the beginning and the end,

Jesus, Lord of Lords, who said:

“Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my word will never pass away”

by the intervention of the Most Holy Mother the Virgin Mary,

I have full confidence that my hard-pressed request will be heard:

(Again mention the urgent request with great faith)

O Jesus Christ, who said: “Come, follow me”

be my faithful companion and be my map and compass to guide me along the way

that I have taken to go with God

and let me learn to always be together with my brothers.

So be it Amen.”

Keep in mind that after praying this prayer it is advisable to also pray three Glorias, three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys, not to mention that it is helpful to pray this prayer three times a day, mainly in the morning, afternoon and at night before leaving. to sleep, it is usually carried out for three days in a row, but if the request is of great urgency, it must be carried out for nine days.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for Difficult and Impossible Requests

With this prayer that is made to the Holy Spirit, it should only be done in very extreme and complicated cases that for a normal person can see completely impossible to do. When making this prayer we must entrust ourselves to the Holy Spirit so that he becomes our reinforcement in any circumstance that may happen to us.

You must be very straight when praying the prayer, since this way the Holy Spirit will be able to help you in a heavenly way, as long as you have faith and a great devotion towards him, he will not let you fall into what you need, the prayer that should be done is :

“Holy Spirit, divine Spirit,

today, I come to your arms for your help,

to help me in the difficult circumstances in which I find myself,

that for me become impossible to carry out, I place all my faith and hope in you, and I trust correctly that you will listen to my pleas,

and you will give me a quick solution to my problems, I ask you, give me the blessing to achieve what I need Holy Spirit, I love you and I bless you,

infinite consolation of God and Jesus, full of virtues and gifts, heal me in these complicated situations, illuminate and trace a path in my life,

bless me today, tomorrow and always, and I will glorify you and thank you forever.

Come to us, Holy Spirit, surround yourself with our people,

be their light, their strength, their consolation, their impenetrable defense, protect them, fill their hearts with joy,

and burns the bad feelings of his heart, so that only the flames of your love, your passion and your healing power inhabit.

Give me the help I need, give me your miraculous hand,

and so I can achieve what I set out to do, because you and the Almighty Lord are one.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


Prayer to the Lord of Miracles to Solve Difficult and Urgent Problems

This prayer to ask for an urgent miracle is used at some point in a person’s life due to the fact that there will always be an extremely difficult and very urgent moment that leads us to give it a lot of importance and attention to think and analyze and discover what are the options for a solution.

That is why our belief and mind always ends up looking for prayer to relieve our stress and thus achieve a very easy way to solve everything, so the prayer that is usually used is:

“O Lord of Miracles,

listen to my voice, my pleas, my prayers, solve these difficult problems for me

and urgent that I have, grant us the request that I am making of you.

You, Lord of Miracles, who have carried our suffering

and you know the problem I’m in, help me.

I know that your heart is moved to see me so afflicted and disoriented,

That is why I have come to implore you, to become my faithful ally.

With your miraculous help, the problems will pass,

you have the solution and that’s how you’re going to help us.

I am a man of faith, humble, devoted, I am your faithful believer,

I feel strengthened by your presence in my life,

Thank you for giving solution to the requests made.

In these moments of intense agitation I come to you to say that you forgive the faults

that I have committed, direct all your energy towards me, to come out strengthened

And so much worry disappears.

Lord of miracles, do not forsake me,  do not leave me alone,

listen to my pleas, I thank you very much for your valuable intervention,

with your help and protection, protect us against envy,

against all evil intent, give us your blessing. Amen.”

Powerful Prayers to Ask for the Most Difficult Causes

These prayers are used for those moments when we no longer have an idea of ​​how to overcome or achieve something in our lives that we see as difficult, so we need God’s help and give us the necessary strength to move forward. These prayers can be dedicated to Jesus Christ at any time of the day, either when we wake up lying in bed, during the morning or afternoon, while working or when it is time to sleep, within the prayers the most prayed is:

“Come, Creator Spirit, visit the souls of your faithful and fill the hearts of divine grace, which you yourself created.

You are our Comforter, gift of God Most High, living source, fire, charity and spiritual anointing.

You pour out on us the seven gifts; the finger of God’s hand; the promised of the Father; You, who put on our lips the treasures of your word.

Light up our senses with your light; pour your love into our hearts; and, with your perpetual help, strengthen our weak flesh, keep the enemy away from us, give us peace soon, be yourself our guide, and placed under your direction, we will avoid everything harmful.

Through You let us know the Father, and also the Son; and that in You, Spirit of both, we believe at all times.,

Glory to God the Father, and to the Son who resurrected, and to the Comforting Spirit, for infinite centuries. Amen.”

Prayer to Saint Clare of Assisi for an Urgent and Difficult Request

For many devotees they did not know that said Saint is also very strong to be able to ask for some difficulty, this usually helps the most noble and devoted to religion and to herself, so praying to her with great confidence and faith is of good help so that she is listened to. the petition. The corresponding sentence is:

“Glorious Virgin

and worthy Mother Saint Clare of Assisi, very clear mirror of holiness and purity, firm base of the most lively faith,

flare of perfect clarity and rich treasury of all the virtues.

For all these favors with which the Divine Spouse showered you, and for the special prerogative of having made your soul the throne of his infinite greatness, reach us with your immense mercy, which cleanses our souls from stains and faults, and  removes them from all earthly effects, may they be a temple worthy of their abode.

We also beg you for the peace and tranquility of the Church, so that it may always be preserved in the unity of faith, holiness and customs, which make it invincible to the efforts of its enemies.

And if it were for the greater glory of God and my spiritual good , grant me , I beg you what I ask for in this prayer, and the special favor that I need so much:

(make the request that is needed).

Take pity on me and get me a quick and favorable solution to this urgent and pressing request, which overwhelms and saddens my heart.

You, as Mother and protector, do not abandon me in this difficult moment, present my wishes before the Throne of God, because I trust in infinite goodness, which by your merits I will achieve,

For the greater honor and glory of Our Lord, who lives and reigns forever and ever, Amen.

Prayer of the Holy Trinity for Difficult and Urgent Cases

Another very allegorical Saint that usually helps in extremely difficult and urgent requests is the Holy Trinity, but to perform this prayer you must have three white candles next to a letter with the request that you want to make, despite this very few people usually be devoted to this Saint but in the same way the prayer that is used is:

“Most Holy Trinity, Triune God and One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our beginning and end, prostrated before You

I pay you homage. Blessed and praised be the Most Holy Trinity! To you, Holy Trinity be all honor,

glory and praise for all eternity, with all my heart I believe in You and your faithful devotee I wish to be, I (say your name)

I come to You with complete confidence to ask You to see me always free from evil as well as from all adversities and dangers,

and in my needs, I beg you, grant me your favor.

Heavenly Father, Jesus Good Shepherd, Holy Spirit, I beg you for the intercession and merit

of the Blessed Virgin Mary, give me your help, guidance and protection in all matters and concerns of my life.

Glory to You God the Father, source of goodness and eternal wisdom, life comes from you, love comes from you,

make every moment work with righteousness and prudence to enjoy the goods and consolations that you send me;

remember that I am your son, and take pity on my sufferings, on my needs

and grant me assistance in this difficult situation. Thank you merciful Father for being there.

Glory to You God Son of the Heavenly Father in whose Sacred Heart my soul finds refuge,

teach me to faithfully imitate your life and your virtues, give me firmness and perseverance to comply with your teachings and make me practice more often works of charity,

do not abandon me in the daily struggles, free me from the ties that the enemy has for me,

keep me away and protect me from all adversity that disturbs me and grant me your miraculous help in this problem

Thank you my good Jesus for being by my side in times of despair and anguish.

Glory to You Holy Spirit, clarity that illuminates everything, and that you are the joy, harmony and joy of creation, make it always docile to your divine inspirations.

give me peace, give me help in my shortcomings and problems and grant me your help so that I can achieve what I need so much right now.

Thank you Divine Spirit of Love for helping me when everything is dark and I need Light.

My Mother and Queen, Lady of Heaven, you must be so close to the Most Holy Trinity

pray for me and my current problems and shortcomings, be my lawyer and a half so that my plea is answered, make me obtain the miracle that I need so much in my life.

Thank you my beloved Mother, blessed Virgin Mary, for being so understanding and always meeting our demands.

Divine Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, grant me your clemency, grant me your goodness

and give me a quick solution in my sadness and anguish. Amen.”

What is the purpose of the Petition Prayer for something very Urgent and Difficult?

Most people see powerful prayers as endless words which do not help at all, but for the most devout and religiously educated, these prayers have many meanings, since it is known that in life it is usually seen as a mountain. Russian for the simple fact that at times we can be upstairs enjoying all the good things and the next day we can find ourselves at the bottom going through the most difficult circumstances.

However, it is known that if one has faith in God, he makes us ways to emerge from everything difficult and thus be able to improve ourselves day by day while we pray to him, either not every day but frequently so that he is with us in each moment.

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