Prayer for an Urgent Miracle for my Sick Husband

Prayer for an Urgent Miracle , is a kind of prayer that is made in order to ask God and the Saints for their help to obtain something, or a healing for our loved ones. In the following article we will know some of the prayers and to whom they are prayed.

Powerful Prayer for a Desperate, Difficult and Urgent Request

This is a powerful and very effective prayer, designed to provide solutions to everyday cases that cause despair and anguish, it is a prayer that is used for all kinds of emergencies and complicated situations, for this reason this prayer is addressed to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that he is the one who takes control of everything.

Next, I will teach you the prayer for an urgent request

Oh, Jesus Christ, only you are the truth, today we approach your presence to ask you to

 Illuminate with your power, we know that, in you, we are safe and that your mercy is forever,

Lord Jesus, your word teaches us that for you nothing is impossible.

“In your word it says: Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you”, for this reason we cry out with faith before your presence, so that you bring a solution to each of our needs and allow us to receive the miracle that we long for so much”.

Lord give us what we ask you with so much faith and devotion. (At this time you are going to say what you want for the healing you want for your husband).

Then you are going to pray about 3 Hail Marys, about 3 Glories and about 3 Our Fathers.

Oh, Jesus Christ, you who are the only begotten son of our creator God, you who are the great justification of God in the world, you are the God among all the multitude, Jesus, King of Kings, who came to say:

“Whatever you ask of the father in my name, it will be conceived”

through the intervention of your holy mother, Mary, with my heart in hand and my simple soul I ask your heavenly Father with great faith in your name so that you fulfill my request through this prayer that is almost unattainable to obtain by my hands weak. Amen.

Prayer to the Lord of Miracles to Solve Difficult and Urgent Problems

Generally, at some point in our lives we come across difficult and very urgent problems that deserve our full attention in order to find a solution. In these cases we simply analyze the problem to be able to see what those options are, the time it will take for the problem to end. This is a powerful and miraculous prayer .

In this sense, the mind, the spirit and the conscience think that only 1 will be able to solve the problem, however, always and at every moment 1 invokes God, a miraculous saint or the Blessed Virgin for them to help us solve it, faith and that is why I invoke the Lord of Miracles to intercede for me. So you can perform this prayer for an urgent miracle. Here the prayer for a petition

Prayer to the Lord of Miracles

Oh great Lord of Miracles, on this day I ask you to listen to my voice, my pleas, my prayers, please I ask you to solve these difficult and urgent problems that I have, please grant us the request that I am making of you on this day . You, Lord of Miracles, who have come to carry our suffering and know very well the problem I am in, please help me. Amen.

Do you need something urgently? Pray to Saint Expeditus

The cult of this saint is found among myths and legends. San Expedito becomes one of the most popular saints in various countries, such as:

  • Austria
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chili
  • Colombia
  • Filipina
  • France
  • Italy (especially in Sicily, Campania and Lombardy)
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • United States of America

Its existence has been questioned many times. According to Hipólito Delehaye, a renowned Jesuit historian and also a hagiographer, the name of Expeditus is the one that comes from an erroneous reading of Elipidio, a martyr who died in Melitene together with his companion named Ermogene, however, they are only some theses that indicate that all of them, together with this Expeditus, came to belong to the same group of martyrs until they came to identify him with only 1 person.

And the name of “Expeditus” would become rather a type of adjective that in Latin means “free of charges” that in military language would indicate the members of the light infantry, however, everything is quite indicative because it is a very old saint from the era of Diocletian’s persecutions.

This play on words was what made him become the patron saint of merchants (who had to make agreements quickly) and also of navigators for the same reason they also pray for those who are subjected to tests and the success of these processes.

Several legends came to be born around his figure, the best known being that of the “miracle of water” in the time of Marcus Aurelius. Saint Expeditus became a commander of the XII Roman legion, called “La Fulminante”, which was fighting against the barbarians in the region of Germany (which is now Armenia and Turkey).

Expeditus knew very well what the story of Jesus was and was moved by his teachings and also by his attitude towards death, however, as he was a Roman Division General and one of his tasks was to have to persecute the Christians, he always put off his conversion for the next day.

If you need a favor for a strong urgent cause, you can even ask Saint Expedite to act as an intermediary with the Virgin Mary by praying the following prayer for an urgent miracle:

Lord Jesus, at this moment I come to your help!

Holy Virgin help me!

Saint Expeditus, you who are full of courage who opened your heart to the grace of God and did not let yourself be carried away by the temptation to postpone your delivery, please help me not to leave for tomorrow what I can and should do today for the love of Christ.

Help me from heaven to be able to renounce all kinds of vice and temptation with the power that Jesus gives me. May I be diligent, courageous and disciplined in the service of the Lord, and not cower in the face of trials. You who are the great saint of urgent causes, I present to you my need or intention. But above all I ask you to please intercede for me so that I persevere in faith, and in this way I can reach the joy of heaven with Christ. Amen.

This is a  prayer asking God for urgent help for urgent things that are needed.

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