Prayer to holy death for impossible love

Prayer to holy death for impossible love

Love is an important feeling for every human being, it can even be considered essential for each one of us, however, not all of us are lucky enough to be reciprocated, so here you will find a prayer to the holy death for impossible love . Do not stop reading the post.

Prayer to holy death for impossible love

It can happen to us at some point in our journey, we run into an impossible love to conquer, for this we have for you prayers to holy death for impossible loves, perform these prayers with great faith and you will see that it is very effective and that the person who you consider your impossible love arrives totally surrendered at your feet and totally in love with you as well.

Next, we are going to describe one of the prayers to Santa Muerte for impossible loves , very effective for that impossible love in your life, you only need a lot of faith when praying it and also a lot of devotion and fervor to Santa Muerte and you will see that she listen to your pleas and will grant you the favor you ask of him:

Oh, Santísima Muerte, love has knocked on my door, but dear Santa Muerte, she has behaved capriciously with me, I find myself dejected (o) because I love and I am not reciprocated (o). The suffering of impotence seizes me when I see that I do not have in my hands the solution to my problem.

I beg you with great sadness to listen to my prayer, I hope you listen and feel how my being beats when my white girl is speaking, the person I want is an impossible love, but I want the miracle of having her by my side to happen, that becomes possible that’s why I come to you, who are kind and miraculous.

I want that person to become my partner and be reciprocated (or) with all his love, I will be grateful to you and with him or her I am a faithful believer of your creed. I will beg you for the necessary time so that my request is fulfilled while I wait, I will prove my loyalty by giving my offerings for a long time for you my dear Santísima Muerte.

Oh, White Sister, I trust you and I put all my faith in you, I hope you listen to me and fulfill my wish. So be it.Ameen

Prayer of the holy death to dominate a man

You want to dominate your man and that he only has eyes for you, that any woman who approaches him is totally invisible to him and does not feel any type of interest and desire towards her, then we are going to see a very good and effective prayer for have totally dominated that man:

Blessed death with these prayers of love, pour affection and burning passion for me (say your name, about (say his name). What I feel for you is true and very strong and from this moment only I will dwell in your mind.

I ask that each of this man’s thoughts and feelings be totally dominated by me, that his mind and all the actions he performs be subject to the influence of the Holy Death.

I call you (name of the man who wants to dominate)
I need you (say the name again)
Come find me (repeat the name of the man who wants to dominate)
And you will bow before me (Repeat the name one more time)
Show me everything your love (Say the name of the man to dominate again)
Blessed death I implore you because that man comes surrendered at my feet, I ask you to please fulfill everything I ask of you.

Lady of the night, dominant lady of the universe, and its earthly energies; She influences and dominates the mind, actions and heart of her (name of the man you want to dominate).

Dominant lady you my Holy Death, bring me (name of that man) tamed before me. May his steps come to me, may his heart spill love for me, may his body only need me, may his passion be the passion I give him.

My dear, that man does not get a single minute of pleasure, or tranquility, if he is not by my side, do not allow him to approach any woman, and if they approach him, he should definitely keep them away from his life. with total decision.

If that man is not for me, he will not be for any other woman at all. Blessed death, powerful lady, I ask you with all my devotion to give (name of the man you want) happiness with me.

May your heart, each of your thoughts and your whole body from this moment only belong to me and it will always be so. In the name of the Holy Death I ask you.

Dominant lady bring me (say your man’s name again) intoxicated with love for me and surrendered at my feet, who is totally willing to comply and show me all the love he feels for me.

You who are in charge of moving the densest and most difficult energies of the universe bend to (name the man) I come to you this time that you bring him to me whatever and wherever he is.

So he is found in the most remote places, that I came to my side, put him to (name of the man) and that his path crosses with mine forever.

Blessed death you who can be a thousand, you who can be a million bring me (name of man) in love with me. I ask that your horse bring it in front of me, that your spear throw it towards me, powerful lady, make that, even if I am not with him, that he smell me, that he remind me that I feel present with whomever he is with and in the place where he is. .

Lady of the night, lady of the day I ask you that the spirit of (once again to the man), that he be with me all the time, that he only loves me that he only has eyes for me. Santísima Muerte binds (name of person) to my heart and to my body, body, mind and soul of (name of man again) come to me.

At night and during the day you will be with me, please I ask you in the name of the Holy Death. Blessed death give me the strength of the heart and the total domain of (say her name). Blessed death, I beg you to be my protector and fulfill all the favors that I ask of you, until the last day and hour that her divine majesty orders to take me before her presence.

I call you Santísima Muerte, don’t forsake me Santísima Muerte, don’t ignore me Santísima Muerte.

Santísima Muerte bring me to (name of the person)

Santísima Muerte bring me to (name of the person)

Santísima Muerte bring me to (name of the person)

So be it, so it will be and so be it. Amen

holy death love mooring

If you are looking for a love tie, to be able to tie that man and that woman that you want so much to have by your side, this time you will find a love tie to holy death. But before beginning to describe the step by step of the mooring, that the favors requested from Santa Muerte must be done with great care and great respect if something is offered in exchange for the favors received.

The materials to use 

  • two red candles
  • A red rose
  • A sheet of paper
  • Ballpoint

Step by Step

To start with this mooring, the first thing to do is to take the sheet of paper, in it you will write a letter to Santa Muerte where you will ask for it, what you want so much is to tie or in giving case so that your partner returns or that he is unfaithful to you always and if someone gets in his way he or she keeps them away.

Then proceed to light both candles and you will proceed to place the letter you just wrote in the middle and on it you will also proceed to place the rose.

You are going to let the candle burn out completely, after it, proceed to take the letter, the rose still in the middle, and you are going to fold it completely and keep it under your pillow, there you are going to talk about it until the tie has its effect .

Prayer to return to holy death

Blessed death I trusted you completely and for this reason I come to you to ask you for this favor that I need so much, I ask you because my loved one (say his name), that if he is not by my side that he may not have life day or night .

May each of your thoughts always be me, that no one else can be in your mind (say your name) only me and only me (say your name).

I ask you because her body only wants to have mine close and that no matter how much more anyone has this uncontrollable desire to be by her side. May you not find peace and quiet if I am not by your side. I am completely sure that he/she is for me and only for me

That is why I ask that our true love can overcome any obstacle that we are going through and I beg you, beloved Santa Muerte, intercede for me, so that love returns to our relationship with the same intensity and depth that we had in our beginning.

So be it, so be it. So shall. Amen.

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