Prayer of the meek little lamb for the loved one

Prayer of the meek little lamb for the loved one

In this article we will describe the prayer of the meek little lamb for the loved one, you will also find prayers to the meek little lamb to dominate and tame that person that you want so much, and manage to conquer that man or that woman that you long to have by your side. Do not stop reading the article as it contains information that may be of your total interest.

Prayer of the Meek Little Lamb for the loved one

If you want to dominate that person that you want so much to have by your side, nothing is more effective than a prayer of the meek little lamb , so that you can see how that person comes to you more meek than ever, bowed and meek at your feet, to surrender completely to you.

With this prayer you will see how their paths completely cross, how you achieve, tie, knead and dominate that man or that woman, who will allow himself to be conquered and loved by you, and will correspond to you in the same way. Next, we are going to describe this effective prayer. Do it with great faith and confidence of what you want:

Meek little lamb, meek little lamb of God, you who are the best protection for those who suffer for love, the sweet consolation of those who cry for love, in these moments that I feel disconsolate-or and I need your support and convenient help, come to me as soon as possible Please give me what I ask for.

I conjure you (name of the person you want to tame) in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. With these words I conjure you again to come to me as a meek lamb and full of love, fidelity and attention towards me, creature of God I require you (repeat his name)
so that you only think of me and make it full -a of love

I (your name) conjure you my man (or woman), so that you return to me meek and loving
so that you return to my side and never want to leave.

In the name of the spirit of dominion, I (say your name) forcefully command your five senses,

your judgment, your thought, and your will:

so that you (repeat his name) remain perfectly dominated,
remain meek at my feet and totally tied to me,

both in the present and in the future.

That when I ……. see him (or her) ……. she looks at me lovingly.
When I……. hear him (or her) ……. he listen to me carefully.
When I……. look at him (or her) ……. look at me passionately.
When I ……. touch him (or her) ……. touch me with ardor.
And when I ……. sigh he (or she) ,,,,,,, sigh from the heart.

Thus his five senses, his mind, feeling and heart, will be tied to me forever in the same love, in the same feeling and in the same thought,
in the same heart the person I love and I will be united today and always, tomorrow and past, nothing and no one will interfere in our relationship no one and nothing will bother us in our union or achieve, no matter how hard I try, that we separate again, for the meek little lamb, for the meek little lamb of God, our love will be will strengthen, our lives will come back together.

By God I ask it and by nature itself I require it, with deep and unshakeable faith I
know that my request will soon be fulfilled.

Prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate your love

You want to tie that loved one that with all your strength you want and want him to arrive bowed before you to fully fulfill your will, and only have eyes for you, that the love you profess and give him is always well reciprocated.

Below we will find a prayer to tie up that loved one, you just have to recite this prayer of the meek little lamb with great faith and fervor and you will see how effective it can be:

You who are the meek little lamb that are always at the altar are powerful, I ask you to be you defeating all my enemies and you can free me from all of them as you always do, you have the power to do it, let it be my heart reborn, blooming again, you are the meek little lamb who helps me in this period that I am going through.

That through this prayer to the meek little lamb for the loved one, may I be happy with my love, that we may find together what we needed, we ask you Lord to guide us on this path, you are holy and worthy powerful, blessed by always sir, without you we are nobody without your love, without your warmth, you are victorious and we along with you on this road to go.

Blessed and holy you are forever God of Israel who put us in heavenly places, who helped us, who sustains us and is always there ready to help, you are great and powerful, without you we are nobody, without you we could not breathe, nor feel , nor smell, thank you for the daily bread, for the life you give us and because every day we can live fully.

Today through the prayer of the meek little lamb for the loved one we give you infinite thanks for your sacrifice, the one you made for all of us on the cross of Calvary, they took you carrying a cross with a crown of thorns, and they gave you lashes for everything the way the virgin Mary your mother suffered all that torture to which you were subjected, I thank you for everything you did for us, you are a good and merciful God, without you we are nobody, you are goodness and sweetness.

You are a good God and full of love, you help us and I know that you will achieve the request that I make today, for being a good and just father I thank you my God.Amen.

To attract a person you love

My beloved Meek Little Lamb, I am writing to you to ask you for a great favor; I have made a mistake and I have alienated the person I love from my side, so I ask you to tame his thoughts and attitudes with your great power and come back to me.

I ask you so that my beloved (Say the name of the person) returns loving me once again (Say his name).

May our relationship be loving and last over time, I wish that my great love does not stop thinking about the wonderful moments we have lived together.
You who are the consolation of those who suffer for love, I ask you for consolation in this moment of my life where I am desperate for my great love, that is why I ask you to miss me every day that passes without being by my side.

Oh my dear Little Meek Lamb fill us with your most beautiful virtues to love us and be happy always.

I humbly ask you to fulfill my requests in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.Amen.

To dominate enemies

Glorious meek little lamb that you find at the altar, help me to dominate and defeat every enemy that is against me, that strongly incarnates my heart in his, as our beloved Jesus Christ incarnated, as he commanded Saint Lazarus who won, as I wish I defeat my treacherous enemy, in this sacred moment I look at you, I grab you and tie you, And for the blood shed by our Lord Jesus Christ, I break his heart.

My dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You who are one true God, allow my enemy to come to me submissive and quiet, just like your dearest son went to the tree.

I see my enemy coming, With his weak arms and his blindfolded eyes, And if he asks for your blessed blood, I will never give it to him.

I ask my great Lord that he come to me, with repentance and surrendered at my feet, dominated, defeated and tamed, to be able to overcome him through your great strength.

If my enemy comes to try something against me, dominate him my lord and do not allow it, if he wants to bring me to justice, deny him any defender he might have. My most beloved Jesus Christ, as a lamb you will be in me, for when my enemy sees my presence, all the evil that he wishes me, will return to him.Amen.

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